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Indeed, there is no end to innovation.The year 2013 marked the drastic change wherein a new segment termed Hyper carstook the market by storm and have now become the pinnacle of the automotive industry. Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, etc. are continuouslyinvesting thousands of dollars in R&D to launchvarious Hyper cars in the market.In 2016, nearly seven different Hyper cars were launched, each, not less than a million dollars (Supercar World, n.d). In addition, due to theirstrong brand values and reputed racing genes, these automotive giants have taken over a large part of the market...


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The First gulf bank is one of the leading banks, operating in the United States of Emirates, as it is a corporate bank it follows some information system in the organization to run its business or providing services to ultimate customer. The First Gulf Bank follows management information system as a tool to formulate its policies, strategies to operate the operation of the organization (Leidner, 2014). Management information system mainly solve the which arise on day-today working on the basis of which monthly reports are prepared by the manager...

Unit-10 Financial Accounting Assignment

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NET01 Networking principles Assignment Help

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You are employed as a Network Engineer by BRISSLE(Net) and have been asked to investigate and explain networking principles, protocols and devices. You will need to produce a report for the CEO, Principal, and IT team of the local college, Bristol Brabazon College (BBC).BBC is planning a network upgrade as student numbers are set to double in the next 3 years. Currently the college has 600 students, 100 staff and 400 PCs for both. An estimated 700 desktop PCs will be required on campus, comprising a single Local Area Network (LAN), split between two main areas (East and West bu...

SITXCCS007 Customer Service Assignment_C Help

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Your assessor will do the following. • Observe you in a hospitality workplace using a range of skills/tasks. • Use the checklist to observe you using a range of skills/tasks. • Observe you over a period of time while you learn and use various skills/tasks. • Ensure that you can consistently perform all tasks multiple times satisfactorily. • Decide when you are competent at all tasks. You are required to do the following. • You must answer all verbal questions. • You can ask your assessor for further clarification of any question, if necessary. • Provide all necessary i...

Unit 2 Principles of Health & Social Care Practice

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Learner’s Declaration: I declare that all the work submitted for this assignment is my own work or, in the case of group work, the work of myself and other members of the group in which I worked, and that no part of it has been copied from any source. I understand that if any part of the work submitted for this assignment is found to be plagiarised, none of the work submitted will be allowed to count towards the assessment of the assignment. Signature______________________________ Date_________________________ Learning Outcomes:...

Project Specification Document

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Project Survey ( Questionnaire – Customers, Artists , Management ) Time Schedule (Work Breakdown Structure and Gantt chart) Resource Plan (Work Breakdown Structure) Organizational Chart (Project Development Team) Project Budget 1 Project Business Direction 1.1 Project Goals Formulate the project goal. The project goal includes a time limit (ready date), estimated costs and a general description of the project outcome. 1.2 Purpose Describe the purpose of the project in concise terms, that is, the long-term effects of the project and its outcome. The purpose is a description of ...


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The team of analysts were chosen by the company, RLAM (Royal London Asset Management) to carry out an investigation of the SAS Enterprise systems could be used to effect the front ends operations of the company’s GUI (Graphical user interface). The project charter that the team were to create would pitch the idea of integrated business intelligence for the company and would provide an understanding of several advantageous scenarios that could be derived through a use of the same. Business and customer intelligence are key properties of the innovation that can lead to a more effective...


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Financial statement analysis facilitates the financial managers to make the decision regarding investment and therefore financial statement analysis is to be found as one of the most crucial of financial management. In this context, it is to mention that the financial statement analysis considers the ratios to identify the trends of the financial positions of a company ( ). Therefore, the researcher shall consider ratio analysis for identifying the trend of the performance of the company. In the initial part of the study, the researcher shall consider the business...

The Principles of Finance

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Companies are required to have records of the details of each and every report so that they can show it to its shareholders, its managers and to the investors. The principles of finance determine that with these information what the investors, shareholders and mangers are going to do. In broader term we can say that finance works for decision making for the organization based on the details and information gathered by it. The financial principles used for the decision making for the investment and for the decisions related to finance. The decisions are taken on the basis of operating, ...

Unit 5 Management Accounting

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Important Points: 1. Carefully check the hand in date and the instructions given in the assignment. Late submissions will not be accepted. 2. Ensure that you give yourself enough time to complete the assignment by the due date. 3. Excuses of any nature will not be accepted for failure to hand in the work on time. 4. You must take responsibility for managing your own time effectively. 5. If you are unable to hand in your assignment on time and have valid reasons such as illness, you may apply (in writing) for an extension. 6. Failure to achieve at least PASS criteria will result in...

Management Accounting Assignment Help

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The Penguin has its manufacturing set up near Biyagama where they produce number of sportswear that they sell under their brand names mentioned above. This manufacturing set up was started in January 2011 with a small manufacturing plant but over the years the production has increased by many folds. There is no proper management accounting system and Mr. Roy Perera is the manufacturing manager who is in charge of the accounting department of the manufacturing unit, who does not have any background of management accounting. He prepares all management accounting reports on MS excel....

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