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Event Research Report

  • Price : £100.00 Rating:

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CHCECE007 Develop positive and respectful relationships with children

  • Price : £120.00 Rating:

The assessment tasks in this booklet have been designed to allow you to provide evidence that demonstrates your competence in the unit CHCECE007 Develop positive and respectful relationships with children. Your trainer will: • answer any questions that you might have about the assessment • assess your competence as required by the unit of competency, by making judgments about the evidence you have presented in line with the rules of evidence: validity, authenticity, currency and sufficiency • provide feedback on the outcomes of the assessment process....

Web Application Development Assignment

  • Price : £89.00 Rating:

The internet has emerged as a dominating area of IT development. The ever-expanding applications within the global community that communicates, trades and exchanges information (seamlessly) has meant that the Internet and its associated technologies is a rapidly growing and changing area that requires in-depth knowledge as well as a wide range of skills. These web technologies have also been used to develop e-Commerce, intranet, extranet and social networking systems to meet the needs of modern businesses and associations....

FNS50615 Statement of Advice Case Study

  • Price : £220.00 Rating:

This case study is applicable to the Diploma of Financial Planning (FNS50615) Statement of Advice series of tasks. You are an authorised representative of a full-service licensed dealer group, Mentor Financial Planning Pty Ltd. Dennis and Donna Barker have come in to see you to ask for your assistance to plan out their next seven years and then help them settle into retirement....

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

  • Price : £350.00 Rating:

Holistic care can be defined as a comprehensive model of caring. When it comes to the philosophy of holistic care, it can be found that the whole concept is based on the idea of holism which emphasizes the fact that human beings as a whole are greater than the sum of their parts, and that mind and spirit do affect the body(Berg and Sarvimäki, 2003). In this regard, holistic care is regarded as a behavior that does recognize an individual as a whole in its entirety in terms of acknowledging the interdependence amongst one’s biological, social, psychological and spiritual aspects. A...

Software Defined Storage (SDS) Administration

  • Price : £0.00 Rating:

Network administration is made of lots of administrative tasks, processes and procedures followed and executed by a person or a scheduled job. These procedures and processes are executed in a sequence to achieve a common network goal or objective and resolve any associated issues while configuring the network. Network administration can be of multiple types and applied to both physical and virtual networks and these networks share equal importance in terms of network administration (Rowstron & Druschel, 2001)....

Unit 33 Data Analysis and Design

  • Price : £120.00 Rating:

Copyright Statement: Copyright © - All rights reserved - UK College of Business and Computing This document is the product and property of the UK College of Business and Computing and therefore may not be: shared with any external third party; reproduced in full or in part; or used in any other related manner whatsoever, without prior expressed written permission. This statement is for the attention of students, staff and external parties. In the case of copyright infringement, legal action will be exercised...

Navigating transitions

  • Price : £120.00 Rating:

I had my clinical placement at Sydney children’s hospital. I choose to focus on clinical skills of burns wound management. I choose to focus on this area, as I have not much experience with wound management, therefore a placement of the Sydney children’s burn ward was a perfect place for me to practice these skills. Here in this ward I was exposing to many different type of burns including thermal chemical and electrical burns and had many opportunity to practice burn wound dressing. I also learnt much about assessment of wound. I feel that my learning goals experience to practice ...

Object Oriented and Web Programming

  • Price : £60.00 Rating:

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Design analysis assignment help

  • Price : £52.00 Rating:

Functional requirements are the requirements in which features and functions of the system are described. Non-functional requirements are the requirements in which system general characteristics are discussed.The group of specified discrete stakeholders is required to obtain the solution....

Unit 5 Working in Partnership in Health & Social Care

  • Price : £220.00 Rating:

Learner’s Declaration: I declare that all the work submitted for this assignment is my own work or, in the case of group work, the work of myself and other members of the group in which I worked, and that no part of it has been copied from any source. I understand that if any part of the work submitted for this assignment is found to be plagiarised, none of the work submitted will be allowed to count towards the assessment of the assignment....

Employee Relations

  • Price : £320.00 Rating:

Legislative requirements denotes legal obligations which must be maintained by the business personnel, from the top level to the grass-root level in terms of effective legalized management of business and legalized employee activities(Wilson, 1988). Practical knowledge and skills are essential in business management. Business personnel within each department should be well acquainted with business dealings, organizational knowledge and basic skill sets i.e. communication, interpersonal, technical etc. to deal with the business problems. WHS requirements denote certain codes of practic...

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