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Robotics Assignment Help

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In this project you propose the design of a robotics system and build a mock-up demonstrator of it. The system will be able to play the game of Connect Four against a person. This project will be realized using the Robot Operating System (ROS) with Python and/or C++.Mock testing can be done in a standard Ubuntu 16 / ROS Kinetic environment, without any dependency to the physical robotics lab machines. Instructions how to set up a Virtual Machine on you own device and configure it are available on moodle....


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FNSACC504 PREPARE FINANCIAL REPORTS FOR CORPORATE ENTITIES Instructions You are advised to commence work on your assessment from week 1 and all tasks must be submitted by the due dates provided. 1. All assessments must be completed and delivered individually. Where an assessment involves group discussions, you should consider the input of your group but submit an individual assessment to your trainer. 2. Please read all instructions on completing each assessment. Instructions for completion are provided at the beginning of each assessment....

Marketing Management: Cosmetic Industry

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Adorn Cosmetics is an Australian privately owned company, which thrives on making business on the Australian soil solely. In 2009, Adorn Cosmetics was set up by Briony Kennedy, a passionate environmental advocate, former model and beauty industry veteran based in Melbourne. The company is found to be dedicated towards sourcing and manufacturing its cosmetic products from natural elements and minerals i.e. organic ingredients. Adorn Cosmetics was solely launched for meeting the demand for a truly natural as well as environmentally conscious brand with a high end luxe feel (www.adorncosm...

Concept of Business Environment

  • Price : £0.00 Rating:

Business environment suggest the entire external and internal factor that influences the business. All the external factors and internal factors can work together or make a positive impact over the business. Business environment of a particular organization is dependent in four parameters and that are customer behaviour, competitor strategy, government policy and regulatory and also public opinion. Apart from that some external factors is beyond the control therefore it can be considered as the external constraints....


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This database can run on large node and is capable of achieving numbers of features that was not possible with RDBMs. There won’t be conflict on reading and writing of data at once. The data are distributed over thousands of machines and are in the form of clusters and access by nodes or routers.In this paper the comparison of both the database is done in terms of performance, storage, retrieval time, scalability, reliability and security. The database model of these database varies in terms where MangoDB is used for document store and Cassandra is used for Wide column store....

Enviromental Scan Australia

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The business environment within which firms operate constantly changes; driven by factors such as politics, economic, social and technology. In order to for companies to remain profitable and sustainable in long-term it is vital that scans over the business environment is undertaken on a regular basis. This discussion will apply the PESTLE frame upon a chosen Australian firm operating within the Commonwealth. Company Background Boost Juice is a retail outlet specialising in smoothies and juices, originally set up in Adelaide back in 2000. Nearly eighteen years on, the firm is now...

Unit06 Managing a Successful Business Project Assignment 01

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Equality is relevant in all workplaces, regardless of whether the business employs two people or two hundred people, irrespective of whether they work remotely, in an office, a warehouse or on a shop floor. It is about ensuring that everybody has the same access to the same opportunities without any discrimination. Diversity takes...

Australian assignment smart nation plan help

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The Internet of Things is a developing technology in the period of smart technology which can revolutionize as well as synergize the current system. With the assistance of the IOT the home is transformed into a smart home, a city is converted into a smart city as well as nation is transformed into a smart nation to be sure about the synergies among the variable methods (Shelton et al., 2015). The establishment of communication among the variant systems is the chief aim of this technology....

SITXCCS007 Customer Service Assignment Help

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Q1: List five principles of enhanced customer service experience. What common characteristics represent quality service to customers? Q2: Identify six different customer service needs and expectations that you could determine and anticipate throughout service delivery. Q3: You work waiting tables in a crowded, busy restaurant. The maître d’ has just informed you that a regular customer with a sight impairment is on table 4. Explain five ways you would look after this customer. Q4: You work at reception in a large hotel. A customer is checking in....

HRMT11011 Human Resource Management

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The quality and number of citations will demonstrate the breadth and depth of the literature used to formulate your argument. It is not only about the number of references, but also it is about the relevance and quality of the articles, and then how you use the content from your research. You can cite the textbook, and any of your journal articles more than once as appropriate to develop your argument. Keep your key research (from 2011 onwards), unless you are using the primary source articles of theories and/or models. You may need to have additional material from pre 2011 to fully e...

Network Security Assessment

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Main problem noticed across the e-sales business based on the given case study is that, system performance is very low and killing a lot of time to accomplish the purchasing process and thus placing the required orders. From the basic analysis done by Peter, Network Security Manager identified that the entire system is under the attack of intruder or anomalies and thus the traffic over the organization is affected a lot in this context. Now the respective anomaly traffic over the web servers can be identified using the Wireshark and the required evidence can be gathered from various so...

Inventory Management System

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The inventory Management system is based on computer which keeps track of orders, deliveries, inventory levels and sales. The production and manufacturing company uses this system for efficient work. This system helps in organizing the data in remote databases (Dolinsky, 2010). The success of any business is mostly dependent on its key components where the inventory management system plays vital role. The supply chain management system with inventory management system as its element gives easy ordering and storing of goods.There has to be always right inventory at right place with righ...

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