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Individual Reflective Portfolio

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Q 1 Does Leadership has an important role to play in change management in an organisation Yes, leadership has an important role to play in change management in an organisation because successful change, in society cannot be made without leadership. The leader is important because he/she has influence and the ability to manage people and to overcome people’s fear. Organisational change is about reviewing and modifying management structures and business processes. Organisational change and transformation have become regular features of the business landscape. Huge new markets and la...


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Employees of the organization play vital role in managing all the practices in effective way and they also contribute in enhancing organizational performance and productivity. Thus, despite of exploiting them, there should be appropriate treatment for them as this will also encourage business performance values (Fill & Turnbull, 2016). In order to focus on the same issue, the present study has been made on 7-Eleven which is an American Japanese international chain of convenience retail stores in Texas and which has more than 56,000 stores in around 18 countries....


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They see opportunities opening up in new markets and would like to become further involved in the business. They want the family business to be in a form that would allow it to expand as necessary and also make it easier to raise the capital required for this expansion. They have also heard that there are tax benefits in operating a business through a company structure rather than as a sole trader or partnership. They persuade their father to take advice on turning the family business into a family-run company. There is some contention regarding the naming of the company....


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The term tourism can be significantly defined or expressed as the cultural, economic and social phenomenon that significantly entails the overall movement of people of individuals from one place to another which is outside their habitual environment. With the advent of globalization, it has now become a necessity to effectively manage and develop tourism. The overall management and development is required to be done in a well integrated, controlled and sustainable way which can be said to be based upon a sound planning and strategy. This overall approach can significantly result in gen...


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By clicking the SUBMIT button I certify that this assignment is my own work, based on my own personal study and research, and that I have acknowledged all material and sources in the preparation of this assignment, whether they be books, articles reports, lecture notes, images, videos, any other kind of document or personal communication. I also certify that this assignment has not previously been submitted for assessment in any other course or at any other time in the same course (except as a DRAFT submission) and that I have not copied in part or whole or otherwise plagiarised ...

Unit 24 Networking Technologies

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To enable learners to understand computer networking concepts, how they work, how they operate and the protocols, standards and the models associated with networking technology. Unit abstract Understanding of the underlying principles of networking is of vital importance to all IT professionals in an environment that is increasingly complex and under continuous development. The aim of this unit is to provide a background to the basic components of networked systems from which all networking operations derive. It also includes the evaluation of networks and network applications. Le...

Case study assignment help

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This finance provided to the employees in return of their services is called wages. Wages play a key role in the economy of the country, as it is interlinked and is a part of rotating the finance of a country. Any country that lacks working people will face economic crisis and the more the people employed and drawing wages the better is the economical position of that country. For this purpose the government and the governing body focuses on the minimum wages policy. Minimum wages policy is the base salary that the employees are to be paid by the employer....

ACC506 Account Assignment Help

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This part of your assignment is also individual work, so it must be your own work; i.e. it is nota group assignment. If it is believed that you have copied material from another student or anyother source without appropriate referencing, the necessary action will be taken under theUniversity’s Student Academic Misconduct Policy: (http://www.usc.edu.au/ explore/ policies -and- procedures/ student- academic misconduct -academic-policy). You have to submit the assignment electronically via Safe Assignment on the course Blackboard site....

Effective Leadership In Health Assignment Help

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A good leader is made and not born. Leadership is noted as the most influential factor in the healthcare sector. An effective leader in the health service makes sure that there is continuity in terms of safety as well as high-quality service to the service users. The leadership task makes sure that there are proper commitments within the team. In addition to that, the leaders ensure that the voice of service user is heard properly in the health care. In this study, it is briefly discussed regarding personal experience in terms of leadership. Moreover, with the help of leadership develo...


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In the present scenario, the competition among businesses in almost every industry has become so intense that it is no longer easy for companies to attract new customers and retail the old ones. At present, management focuses on making a company cost effective so that the overall performance can be enhanced in the long run. It can be stated that cost efficient businesses can enhance their overall margin of profits....

System Administration

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This assignment is to be discussed every week about half-an-hour during lab hours with the tutors. Students are required to configure server using Windows Server 2012 or Windows Server 2016 by following all the requirements specifies in the below mentioned case study. A user documentation report has to be submitted on Moodle, which should contain the important steps of the configuration with respective screenshots. Also, there will be demonstration for the whole scenario in Week-11 lab class. The presence of all group members is mandatory....


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BizOps Enterprises wants to manage their customer service area for the purpose of new product launch. Under this report, the various marketing areas which need to undertake for increasing the online presence of this organisation for selling this new product will be discussed. This organisation has secured a deal with an overseas supplier of stylish and colour work boots. For increasing the customer number and developing the customer areas, the organisation is going to develop a plan and implement it for selling this working boots. This colour boots will be stopped into five different c...

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