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Executive Summary The report is being prepared in order to analyse the importance and the use of the current Conceptual Framework of Accounting. The application of the rules, standards, theories, and concepts present in the existing system are tested by comparing it to the general purpose financial statement issued by Santos Limited, one of the Top 100 companies listed on the ASX. Issued related to the reasons behind the disparity present during the preparation of the financial statements are analysed along with the discussion made on the concept of Prudence and its inclusion in the C...

SITXFIN004 Prepare Budgets Assignment_C

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Observe you in an operational tourism, travel, hospitality or events business operation or activity,preparing and monitoring budgets using a range of skills/tasks.Use the checklist to observe you using a range of skills/tasks.Observe you over a period of time while you learn and use various skills/tasks.Ensure that you can consistently perform all tasks multiple times satisfactorily.Decide when you are competent at all tasks.You are required to do the following.Youmust answer all verbal questions.You can ask your assessor for further clarification of any question, if nece...

Strategy Planning

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Introduction This report will outline the strategic planning of an organization within the context of Myanmar. It will provide the study on external environment affecting the organization along with the examination of appropriate tools to examine the effects of current business plans. The study will then will be able to develop choices for the strategic planning of an organization. At last the study will present the factors that affect the organizational strategy plan along with the plan for the implementation of a strategy plan....

CLWM4000 Business & Corporations Law

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A duty of care was first formulated by Lord Atkin in Donoghue v. Stevenson and is a question of law for the judge to decide. – The elements of the duty of care - often referred to as ‘the neighbour test’ - may be summarised as follows:...

Microprocessors and PLCs

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In everyday life, we have been using electronic scales or weighing machines. In every grocery store, vegetable shop or a jewellery shop, weight measurement system is used. The weight of chemicals can be measured in laboratory and these items are weighed using electronic weighing machines. Electronic weighing technology presents management with rapid, timely and accurate information that provides quick turnaround times for customers. Its popularity can be attested by its use in all the sectors of the industry. In fact, its spectrum of use spans from the traditional retail industry,...

UK’s Entrepreneurs’ Wellbeing

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The beginning of Europe merging into one power was that of Winston Churchill and dates back to as early as 1946 when he in a speech to youngsters in Zurich spoke of the need of a united Europe for the security, peace, and freedom of the land. The dream moved closer to reality when the Council of Europe was formed in 1949 with ten countries: Belgium, Denmark, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom with the objective of fostering the values of freedom, peace, and democracy across Europe (Staab, 2013). In 1957, Belgium, France, Italy...

Taxation Law

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Money won in the lottery is regarded as annual income and is subject to taxation. As per Heavy’s statement (1978), if a person wins a considerable amount of prize money, he can or she can collect it in any of the two ways- lumpsum or annual instalments. Suppose the winner goes for the second option. The scenario will be something like this: immediately after the name of the winner is revealed, the first $50000 is paid, with the remaining amount being paid on the first anniversary of the first payment. Both methods of payment have their own advantages when it comes to paying taxes. Wh...

ACC703 Accounting Information

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King’s Own Institute ACC703 Accounting Information Trimester 2, 2017 Individual Assignment (30% in total) A major component of the ACC703 course is the MYOB assignment that is an individual assignment. Your individual assignment will be assessed on three aspects of the assignment: • MYOB Assignment: 18%; • MYOB Work Activity Report: 800 words plus or minus 20% (5%); • Prepare Job Claim Statement and Resume (5%); and • Individual presentation based on MYOB assignment: (2%). Students should report the progress of their MYOB assignment to the tutor by showing the completed...

Prioritising Service Assignment Help

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Generally managers do not perform the actual primary data collection, or market research. However, they do frequently commission and oversee business research projects, as well as interpret data and to make informed decisions on the basis of research findings. This assignment requires you to consider research and decision making associated with a satisfaction survey of PASSENGERS OF AN AUSTRALIAN AIRLINE - using the importance performance / gap analysis approach covered in the unit. This is a very relevant topic since quantitative satisfaction evaluation is conducted by many organisa...

SITXFIN004 Prepare Budgets Assignment_D

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You’ve been appointed the project manager for organising and running a charity ball. The ball will be held in the local town hall, a beautiful historic building in the centre of the shopping and business district. The not-for-profit(NFP) organisation running the ball want a black tie, gala event with a three- or four-course meal, music, dancing and entertainment. They plan to hold a charity auction throughout the evening to raise more money for their cause.As part of the planning process, you must prepare a number of budgets to help achieve these goals. The first stage of your planni...

Project Management Assignment Help for MBA Students

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Scenario You are the principal consultant for a community based Charity. The Charity is involved in locating and providing accommodation, mental health services, training and support services to disadvantaged people in the community. The Charity currently runs a small data centre that has some 50 x86 64 bit servers running mainly Windows Server 2008 R2 for desktop services, database and file services. It also has 10 Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 servers to service public facing Web pages, Web services and support....

HI6026 Individual Assignment T2 2018 (002)

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“The IAASB’s new auditor reporting requirements commenced in December 2016. Standard setters in many jurisdictions, including Australia and New Zealand, have issued the new requirements with the same effective date, whilst others have committed to issue the standards but have not yet done so. The UK have had similar requirements in place since 2013 and some firms in other countries have early adopted the IAASB’s requirements. Jim Sylph, Cochairman of the IAASB’s Auditor Reporting Implementation Working Group, and MerranKelsall, IAASB member and AUASB Chairman spoke to CPA Aus...

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