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NIT6120Mobile Application Assignment

  • Price : £176.00 Rating:

The Martial Arts School trains students in martial arts and grades the students to award different belts following an examination. These examinations run at different times depending upon the level. During the examination each student is assigned an examiner. The Martial Arts School wants you to develop a grading app for their Yellow foundation Belt program. The Yellow belt has 4 degrees viz, 1st degree, 2nd degree, 3rd degree and 4th degree. A Degree is awarded based on the scores achieved as below....

SITXMGT002 Case Study Assignment Australia

  • Price : £90.00 Rating:

Any written component of the assessment must be written using an industry standard software package such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.Name the file using the assessment task number and then save your file.Ensure your submission identifies the unit code and title, the assessment task number and the name of the assessment at the top of the page. Alternatively, you may place this information in the document header.Add your name and student number to the headeror footer on every page.On completion, submit your assessment to your assessor via the LMS....

MGMT6019 Engineering Risk Management

  • Price : £250.00 Rating:

How the Assessment fits into the subject/course: The context of the subject is engineering; however the content is applicable across a range of other contexts and is relevant to industry. The assessment focus is on risk management, risk assessment and risk mitigation plans. Assessment Linkages of Assessment 1 and Assessment 2: Assessment is used to inform and build knowledge for Assessment 2 allowing students to examine concepts and in detail throughout the delivery of the subject. Instructions: In the first part of this assessment, students will complete a disaster analys...

BSBLDR402 Lead Effective Workplace Relationships

  • Price : £350.00 Rating:

Dan is a Corporate Service Manager for a government agency. He oversees the Human Resources, IT, Accounting customer services departments. Three staff members report directly to him. He holds regular divisional meetings where he invites his team to provide updates on work in progress and to raise issues interest or concern. In this way, the various departments are kept informed of each other’s activities. The department heads then report to their own staff on what has been raised at each meeting. Dan also uses these meetings to report on the outcomes of the board and to encourage his m...


  • Price : £0.00 Rating:

Diseases associated with kidney have become a leading health problem both in the United States and globally (Levey , Atkins , and Coresh, 2007). End stage-kidney or renal disease is characterized by a reduced functionality of the kidney which is prevalent in approximately 10% of the population (mainly adults) and damage to the kidney affecting almost 5% of the adult population. (Grams, Juraschek, Selvin, Foster, Inker, Eckfeldt, 2013). Prevention, early diagnosis and management of the condition are crucial for patients with end stage kidney disease....


  • Price : £320.00 Rating:

The ethic systems and their implementation to the different accounting purposes get built by the usage of the trust and proper knowledge. Some of the strong ethical behavior and the further projection cater the best symmetrical structure so that the interest can project in a proper way. The economical progression and their further projection create the best possibilities for the accounting purposes so that the capital markets can state for the best earning. The accounting profession and the proper implementation of the same work in accordance to the economy can accept the responsib...

BSBWOR502B – Ensure team effectiveness

  • Price : £100.00 Rating:

A team of 3 has been charged with the task of identifying an ecommerce opportunity for Sink Brands and developing a proposal to put to the board of directors. As an Australian company they have offices in three states. Each of the team members is located in 3 different states, you are located in Queensland and the other 2 members are in Victoria and Tasmania.For this task, the team has decided to propose setting up an online business in which customers select:...


  • Price : £60.00 Rating:

Word count • 1600 words – this means the maximum you can write is 1760 words (10% above) – this figure does NOT include in- text references • The minimum you should write is 1440 words (10% below) – this figure does NOT include in-text references • If you write less than this it is likely that you have not provided enough details in your answers and will be at risk of failing this assessment task • I have not provided a guide to word counts per section as this will vary per case – however use the marks allocated per section to guide you...

Information Technology Assignment

  • Price : £78.00 Rating:

· Explain about the topic and define the keywords and terminology · Explain why the area or field of your research is interesting and important for the other researches · Explain the history of the topic and trend of the researches · What will be your contribution to the human knowledge, enterprise, society, business, environment? · What makes your research different from other research?...

SITXMGT002 Practical Demonstration Assignment help

  • Price : £90.00 Rating:

Conducts formal negotiations in line with professional and organisational protocols to maximise benefits of relationship for all parties.For at least two of the business relationships listed in the performance evidence.Conducts negotiations in the context of current organisational goals.Demonstrates high-level communication skills and relationship building skills necessary to conduct negotiations that may be of significant commercial value.Makes adjustments to agreements in consultation with customer or supplier and shares information with appropriate colleagues....

e-Technologies Have Changed Modern Social Life

  • Price : £220.00 Rating:

e-Technologies Essay Week 3 Friday 22ndDecember, 2017 by 5:00PM Moodle, Turnitin Submission 20% (20 marks) This assessment task relates to the following course objectives: . a) DescribeanddiscusshowtheInternetande-technologieshaveinfluenced organisational practices and how they assist business decision making and can help build competitive advantage 
 . b) Describe and discuss how particular e-technologies and infrastructures are employed by business 
 . c) Identify and evaluate threats and risks specifically associated with e-business and the strategies for how these are...

British HIV Association guidelines for the management of HIV infection in pregnant women 2018

  • Price : £350.00 Rating:

The British HIV Association (BHIVA) revised and updated the Association’s guideline development manual in 2011 (www.bhiva.org/GuidelineDevelopmentManual.aspx; see also Appendix 1). BHIVA has adopted the modified GRADE system for the assessment, evaluation and grading of evidence and the development of recommendations. Full details of the guideline development process including selection of the Writing Group and the conflict of interest policy are outlined in the manual. The guidelines were commissioned by the BHIVA Guidelines subcommittee who nominated the Chair and Vice Chair of the W...

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