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Cloud Computing assignment help

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Cloud Computing forms an attractive research field and there have been a tremendous growth in the number of educational institutions all over the world which have either adopted or are considering migration to cloud computing. However, there have been many concerns and reservations about undertaking conventional or public cloud based solutions....

HND Computing Assignment Help

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The company is a PC manufacturer company with renowned brand name in the PC market and substantial market share. They build and sell PCs for different industries. You have applied for a senior job to be a member of the products development team in the company and you have to proof that your skills are suitable for the new post. To be a member of product development team, you were requested by the Chairman to design a prototype Gaming PC for the young users market to compete in the gaming market where by it will serve as pc for the family as well....

ACC305 Auditing and Professional Practice

  • Price : £220.00 Rating:

ACC305 Auditing and Professional Practice,You are required to finish each of these questions, total 40 marks. Please give the solutions in detail, show calculations and submit the solutions to Moodle using a single file, it can be Word format or PDF format, no requirement on word limits, if use any references, please refer to Harvard style. Question 1 (20 marks), Question 2 (10 Marks), Question 3 (10 Marks)....


  • Price : £0.00 Rating:

The Mortdale Accounting firm had carried out several audits of public companies in the last year. It now provided the working papers to the Penshurst Accountants who were carrying out a preview of the audits by Mortdale Accounting. Jan Dungog,a CPA, applies to a local public accounting firm of Chartered Accountants, for a position ,but asks the local public accounting firm not to contact her current employer.The local public accounting firm do not contact her contact her current employer but hire her without contacting them or her other referees....

Managing Food And Beverage Operations

  • Price : £320.00 Rating:

Food and beverage industry plays an important for providing good food products for the people (Valta, Kosanovic, Malamis, Moustakas and Loizidou, 2015). It involves all those activity which make great impact on the operational planning and growth of a business. This report described the case of Leura Campus food and beverage. This report described the various factors which are related to the analysis of performance matrix done by the manager. It also explains the various factors and strategies which make great impact on the performance of the employees...


  • Price : £350.00 Rating:

Human resource is one of the critical and most important resources for any organization. Human resource management is the structured policy to manage people in any organization that starts from the hunting of resources towards the selection, recruitment and retaining those resources for efficient productivity. Every organisation has objectives and goals to achieve. Thus, these objectives and goals could be achieved when we have right people for the right job in the organization. This could be possible by aligning people policies with the goals and objectives of the management....

Migrant Women in Australia

  • Price : £70.00 Rating:

Migrant Women in Australia,The purpose of this study was to get a better understanding on how women experiencing Intimate Partner Violence are socially constructed through media representation. It was conducted by analyzing the way the Intimate partner violence is projected in Australia newspapers and news media namely the conversation, The Special Broadcasting Service (SBS), The American Broadcasting Company (ABC). My study concentrated on heterosexual relationships of migrant women in Australia...

National Park Assignment Help

  • Price : £190.00 Rating:

One of the biggest National Parks in Madhya Pradesh is the Kanha National Park. This is also a tiger reserve situated in the districts of Balaghat and Mandla. This national park was established in June1, 1955 and in the 1930’s it was divided into two sanctuaries namely Banjar and Hallon. At present this National Park stretches over an area of 940 sq. km. It was also known that the lush meadows, the bamboo and shal forests inspired the famous writer Rudyard Kipling to pen down his immortal novel “Jungle Book”....

Case study TESCO PLC

  • Price : £95.00 Rating:

Every company involves in a strategic planning which is a very long and complex process. These strategic planning of company makes sure that company will face success or failure in future. Many kinds of theories and models are used while preparing these strategies. In case of TESCO, company is expanding a big time in international market which requires strategic planning on large and international level....

Management Case Studies Assignment Help

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The management relationship refers to the strategy where continuous engagement is to be maintained between a company and its consumers. It deals with the relationship between a company and other companies and also the employees and also the management who are working within the business. The task deals with the concept of management relationship regarding policies, principles, procedures, contact, and networking....


  • Price : £220.00 Rating:

INTERIM ASSESSMENT,Some of these technologies are formally defined as social media, which are a set of technologies and channels targeted at forming and enabling a potentially massive community of participants to productively collaborate (Bradley 2010, cited in Thomas &Akdere 2013, pp. 330–331). Social media, the world of blogs, wikis, Twitter, instant messaging (IM) and Facebook, are not strictly social in purpose; corporations and other large organisations have begun to utilise social media not only for branding efforts but also as a means to improve learning within their organisat...

Group Assignment

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The group coursework assessment requires you to write up a report based on four tasks. In the report, you need to analyse given stock data and to make some suggestions on portfolio composition. Your answer for each question should be supported by your group data analysis. The report’s format requires a professional setting with title, contents, page numbers, sections- subsections and references. Each member of your group is expected to contribute equally to the whole project....

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