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92448 Assessment 2 Reflection

92448 Assessment 2 Reflection

92448 Assessment 2 – Reflection – the Leader in You 

As a newly graduated nurse you will be expected to work independently and as part of a team. It is important for you to understand yourself in order to understand where you fit within the team to ensure not only your patients' safety but also for your own wellbeing. This assessment will help you self-reflect in order to learn techniques for effective communication, collaboration and self-care when you commence your nursing career. 

This assessment task addresses subject learning objective(s): A, D, E and F 

Worth 40% of total grade 

In Week 5 you will complete a short online test to determine your personality type. You will then analyse this information using the SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) technique. You will then apply the results of the analysis to a case study related to nursing leadership and use the Gibb's Model of Reflection to reflect upon the application. Finally, you will discuss how this exercise has contributed to your ability to build personal resilience and identify self-care strategies. These exercises will help you build information you could use in your essay. 

Due: Sunday 6 October 2019 


1.    Read the assessment guidelines, case study, essay question and rubric


2.    Set goals to manage your time so you are able to upload your assessment early


3.    Refer to the UTS Library ‘HeadsUp’ Academic Writing module if you need help writing an essay – remember correct sentence, paragraph and paper structure


4.    Seek assistance from HELPS or UPASS if you need help with academic writing or written English language


5.    Research your ideas


6.    Use activities completed in tutorials to assist in putting your information together (eg personality testing, SWOT analysis, useful trigger questions)


7.    Write draft essay


8.    Review your draft and edit


9.    Finalise your paper


10.  Seek assistance from HELPS or UPASS if you need help with academic writing or written English language


11.  Upload your paper as a word document UTSOnline (before 6 October 2019)


12.  Don’t leave it until the last minute – one minute late means late penalties apply 

Assessment Guidelines 

       2000 words (+/- 10%) – marks will be lost if above or below 

       1.5 or double line spaced 

       Essay format – introduction, body and conclusion (academic writing, first person where appropriate)

       UTS Harvard Referencing (12-15 peer reviewed nursing references appropriate to support your argument with most dated after 2014 unless a seminal paper)

       Support your opinion

Essay Question 

Using the case study as a starting point, analyse and evaluate the issues and factors that impact on nursing leaders and professional practice; explain clinical leadership expectations for beginning new graduate nurses and reflect on strategies to develop personal and professional resilience that are important to your role as a leader.

Case Study 

Kim, a Registered Nurse, graduated from the University of Technology Sydney in 2018. She is now undertaking a Transition to Practice (TTP) program at a tertiary hospital in western Sydney. Halfway through her program, she was involved in a cardiac arrest on the ward. Fortunately, the patient was successfully resuscitated and transferred to the Intensive Care Unit. The resuscitation went smoothly apart from an incident where the attending Registrar shouted at Kim, admonishing her for not knowing which equipment to provide for the intubation. Up until that point, Kim had felt that she was “getting on top of things” and coping quite well with the demands of ward work. Kim left the arrest feeling “hopeless” and “useless” and incompetent as a nurse. These thoughts and feelings are causing her ongoing distress and embarrassment, damaging her confidence and affecting her ability to conduct everyday nursing tasks. For the first time in her career, she is considering leaving. 

The following day, Kim’s Nursing Unit Manager (NUM) approaches her on the floor during the busy morning shift (surrounded by colleagues and patients). She says “I hear you were really upset and might need some counselling after what happened during the arrest the other day. I am free now, come into my office”. Kim follows the NUM into her office, feeling embarrassed that the issue was raised in front of her colleagues and other patients. Kim also feels uneasy about burdening her colleagues with her workload while she is in the office. Kim sits down and begins to listen to the NUM


Trigger questions you could ask yourself to put this paper together


Issues and factors that impact on nursing leaders and professional practice

How would you approach the situation if you were the Nurse Unit Manager (NUM)? How would the RN Standards of Practice apply in the NUM’s case?

Clinical leadership expectations for beginning new graduate nurses: scope of practice, legal and ethical boundaries 

Did Kim meet her obligations as a new graduate nurse? How would the RN Standards of Practice apply in Kim’s case?

Gibbs model of reflection: strategies to develop personal and professional resilience 

How you would have felt in Kim’s situation. What strategies would you recommend to develop personal and professional resilience?

Supportive elements in effective leadership: knowledge, evidence, communication and networks



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