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9015SHRD Strategic Human Resource Development

9015SHRD Strategic Human Resource Development

9015SHRD Strategic Human Resource Development


1. Introduction

The workforce of an organisation is the most significant component that keeps it moving forward. The group of employees is the bundle of energy, which needs to be directed in a right way. The Human Resource Management is responsible to tackle the workforce so that the company can derive maximum output for minimum expense for them. In order to do this, the HRM applies certain strategies that go with the vision and objectives of the organisation. Some of the decisions are taken to fulfil the short-term objectives and some of them are directed to achieve long-term objectives. The following assignment will review the human resource management strategies applied by the selected organisation named BECA Group.

The organisation is a service provider to various client company in the sector of Engineering and related activities. The narrative will also evaluate and compare the strategies adopted by some other organisations, such as, Costa Coffee, Logitech and PepsiCo.

2. Use of social media in structured learning

According to Cascio 2018, social media is the newest rage and is turning out to be the most strategically effective tool for the organisations. The organisations that are much involved in creating a visibly appreciable presence in the social media are found to enjoy the fruits of lower rates of investment but better results (Knies et al. 2015). Similarly, the social media provides a structured learning procedure that helps the organisation to provide relevant data or updates of the works or progress of the organisation.

2.1 Critical discussion

Structured learning in case of the development of human resources confesses of using a planned, distinct and a designed framework for the learning skills (Albrecht et al. 2015). Such learning skills are usually presented within a given frame of time prior to its development and testing that usually occurs within the workplace. However, these procedures are more applicable in case of corporate management and therefore usually sold to them. As such it helps the organisations and specifically the leaders to avail finite timelines as well as measured metrics of the progress of the learning process. Therefore it helps in easy understanding as well as comprehension of the details. However, with the advent of technological advances and creeping prominence of social media, the importance of structured learning has been slowly fading away and giving way to unstructured learning. Thus the structured learning has been in use in case of corporate learning prospects but again with the use of social media, this has regained its importance. The implication of social media in structured learning has catered to its newfound dynamicity and much-required effectiveness to comply with the ever-changing and competitive market scenario (Taylor, Doherty & McGraw 2015).  On the contrary, using social media, the development of human resources has been possible using new terminologies and modified concepts which has facilitated to better strategic implication of developmental practices of human resources.

2.2 Application of SHRD practices

The social media has helped provide a structured way of presenting the data relevant to the BECA Group (BECA.com). As such the structure learning using social media has helped to extract relevant information of the organisation regarding specific requirements of human resources. These may be a vacancy of the employees pertaining to certain departments, requirements of specific skills regarding an ongoing project, and procedures for training of the employees. As such all these mentioned requirements are timely fulfilled with higher efficacy with the swiftness of data transfer communication and processing. This has been solely possible with the implication of social media in the BECA Group. The company has been previously suffering traumas of underperformance of the department of development of human resources. However, the application of social media facilitated structural learning has even helped the employees of the BECA Group to avail required training programmes that are provided by the company within a given time frame and also within the work hours. The implication of social media in structured learning reduces the consumption of time and does not hamper the flow of work (Albrecht et al.  2015).

Case examples

Logitech has been currently implementing structured learning by means of social media to cater to the various needs that help develop the human resources for the company (logitech.com, 2018). This has helped to build a socially work-based environment within the company. As the employees get socially connected and involve themselves in the process of learning about certain requirements of the project, it positively affects the performance. It has helped to improve the quality of the work and provide a sound environment within the workplace.    

3. Use of social media in semi-structured learning

With the changing era of advancement, the learning processes have also become a matter of improvement. Considering the process of learning for the growth of an organisation, social media has played a great role. In the social media marketing, the growth of any specific organisation is one of the easiest factors to mention. The use of social media has always been considered as an important medium to reach a greater number of people within no time. In the case of the company BECA Group they also have used the help of social media to expand their area of business while ensuring an effective learning process.

3.1 Critical discussion

Talking about the learning process through which people would be able to learn about any specific organisation, they need to follow a strategic process for the development of human resource. With the intention to achieve the expected telecast for the chosen organisation, the organisations need to choose a proper structure for the collaboration of the data (Albrecht et al. 2015). The application of structured and unstructured learning in the learning process has been practised in the last few decades. However, in order to generate a proper learning outcome, the collaboration of these two processes can be helpful. The structured data is the existing data that can be easily conveyed to the people. On the other hand, the unstructured data process is hard to access and convey the relative sense of communication. As a result of these, the collection of the unstructured data is not enough but it has also to be transferred into structured data. In order to resolve the issues occurred from the confusion of the uses of these data, the semi-structured data seems to be helpful. The engineering consultancy BECA Group has applied the semi-structured learning process to allow their employees to obtain required skill and knowledge for the improvement of the company.

3.2 Application of SHRD practices

In order to improve the marketing strategy to promote the organisation, the application of the semi-structured learning process to ensure the growth of the company is one of the effective solutions. The semi-structured learning process helps to maintain the marking and internal tags that can identify the separate elements of the data. The strategic human resources development practices mainly deal with the development of HRD plans and policies, organisational goals and missions, involvement and commitment expansion of the role of the trainer and emphasis on the evaluation of the learning process (Sikora & Ferris, 2014). The application of an effective learning process helps the organisation to exchange the information to allow the employees to get the necessary content for the improvement of their skill, knowledge and behaviour. Talking about the strategies of human resource development BECA Group has adopted the semi-structured method to generate an effective learning process for their organisational development. This learning process has helped the company to evaluate the need for further development regarding the vacancy, employment process, modification of new products or services etc. The application of this learning process into the human resource development has also driven the company to ensure a positive growth of the company.

Case examples

Concerning the issue of applying a learning process for the strategies of human resource development the example of the company Costa Coffee has to be mention. In order to incur a positive change in the structure of the company, the company has applied the semi-structured learning process. As a result of this, they have enjoyed a strategic development in the business while ensuring the growth of the company (costa.co.uk, 2018).



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