7117ENG 7003MSC Assignment Help

7117ENG 7003MSC Assignment Help

7117ENG 7003MSC Assignment Help

7117ENG 7003MSC Assignment Help

 Coursework Title:  Analysis of a Stiffened Access Panel 

  Dr G Rothwell Contact: If you have any issues with this coursework you may contact your lecturer. Contact details are: Email: g.rothwell@ljmu.ac.uk Room:  1.34b rd Hand-out Date: 23  November 2017  th Hand-in Date:  8  January 2018 Hand-in Method: Turnitin th Feedback Date: 29  January 2018 Feedback Method: Student feedback will be given on electronic submission of your report.  Feedback will be both written and verbal. Programmes:  MEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering    MEng (Hons) Mechanical and Marine Engineering MSc Mechanical Engineering MSc Marine and Offshore Engineering  

The panel is fabricated from 6mm thick 316L stainless steel with the following material properties: 

Young’s Modulus, E=200GPa

 Poisson’s Ratio, ν=0.3 3

Density, ρ=7800kg/m   Under normal operating conditions the panel is subjected to the following two loading conditions:  2

 A constant pressure on the non-stiffened side of 5kPa (5000N/m ) 2

 A pressure pulse on the non-stiffened side of 5kPa (5000N/m ) which varies with time according to figure 2                 


Figure 2 

 You are required to undertake a finite element analysis of the plate to assess its suitability by performing the following studies: 

A static study to determine the deflection of the centre of the plate and to examine the stresses in the plate due to the first loading condition

 A modal analysis (frequency analysis in ABAQUS) to determine the natural frequencies of vibration of the plate             

 Results – this section should contain a full description of the results obtained together with appropriate contour plots and graphs, for example, mode shapes and centre point displacement for each analysis procedure.

 Results verification – this section should contain an assessment of the accuracy of the results obtained by the application of robust validation checks.

 Discussion – this section should contain a full discussion of the results obtained.

Conclusions  Marking Scheme/Assessment Criteria     

The marking scheme matrix for this assignment is available on Blackboard, you should make sure that you are familiar with it. Recommended reading  Getting Started With ABAQUS  Extenuating Circumstances If something serious happens that means that you will not be able to complete this assignment, you need to contact the module leader as soon as possible.  There are a number of things that can be done to help, such as extensions, waivers and alternative assessments, but we can only arrange this if you tell us.  To ensure that the system is not abused, you will need to provide some evidence of the problem.   Any coursework submitted late without the prior agreement of the module leader will receive 0 marks. Academic Misconduct The University defines Academic Misconduct as ‘any case of deliberate, premeditated cheating, collusion, plagiarism or falsification of information, in an attempt to deceive and gain an unfair advantage in assessment’.  This includes attempting to gain marks as part of a team without making a contribution.  The Faculty takes Academic Misconduct very seriously and any suspected cases will be investigated through the University’s standard policy.  If you are found guilty, you may be expelled from theIntroduction  This coursework is to be carried out individually and is designed to meet the Learning Outcomes of this module, as presented in the module specification, i.e.  Learning Outcome to be assessed  LO2 Set up and validate an efficient and accurate FE model of a complex engineering component, assembly or structure under non-linear and/or dynamic loading.  LO3 Critically evaluate the output from non-linear and general dynamics FE analysis.  Detail of the task  Figure 1 shows details of a stiffened access panel. The panel forms part of a large pressure containment and is used to provide access to load components into the containment. When closed it can be considered to be firmly clamped all around its outer circumference.    University with no award. It is your responsibility to ensure that you understand what constitutes Academic Misconduct and to ensure that you do not break the rules.  If you are unclear about what is required, please ask.  

 A linear dynamics study (modal dynamics in ABAQUS) to determine the motion of the centre of the plate and examine the stresses in the plate due to the second loading condition

 A general implicit dynamics study to determine the motion of the centre of the plate and examine the stresses in the plate due to the second loading condition  For the two dynamic analyses you should consider first the undamped behaviour of the plate and then assuming a damping coefficient (direct modal in ABAQUS for linear dynamics) of 0.05, you will need to convert this into Rayleigh damping for the general dynamics study, in this case you should assume only mass proportional damping, i.e. that β=0. An analysis duration of 0.5s will be sufficient.  In addition to the normal operating conditions defined above you also need to consider a potential fault condition where the pulse pressure defined in figure 2 increases from 5kPa to 100kPa 2 (100,000N/m ). In order to do this you should perform an explicit dynamics analysis for the damped case (using the Rayleigh damping defined above) to determine the motion of the centre of the plate and examine the stresses in the plate. For this analysis you may assume the following plastic material properties:    You should consider carefully how you can check that your answers are reasonable, this is an essential part of the analysis process. It is essential that you present evidence of results checking as part of your submission.   What you should hand in  You should submit a report which is between 1000 words and 1500 words in length together with appropriate hand calculations, diagrams, contour plots, graphs etc. Note your report should be no more than 1500 words in length. The structure of the report should be as follows: 

Finite element modelling –

this section should describe the modelling strategy adopted to determine the static and dynamic performance of the plate, i.e. element type, loading, boundary conditions, definition of solution controls for each analysis procedure       

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