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7009V1 Strategic project management

7009V1 Strategic project management

In your role as project manager, you are asked to assess the purpose of project planning and project management within the organisation. Analyse how project management principles impact the strategic objectives of the organisation.

Guideline word count: 800 - 900 words 

A.C. 1.1 - Assess the purpose of project planning and management 

A.C. 1.2 - Analyse how projects impact on the strategic objectives of an organisation     T

Refer to a project you have managed (or are currently managing). 

Discuss the key phases in the construction of a project plan, and explain the need to scope and identify specifications required in the development of the plan, ensuring the scope is clear. Discuss the roles of the project sponsor(s) and key stakeholders involved in the project and describe their input. 

Guideline word count: 1,100 - 1,300 words 

A.C. 2.3 - Discuss the phases necessary in the construction of a project plan 

A.C. 2.2 - Explain the need to scope and identify specification to develop a project plan

A.C. 2.1 - Discuss the roles of a project sponsor and other project stakeholders»           TASK 3

 Refer to a project you have managed (or are currently managing). This can be the same project as used in Task 2. 

Explain the process by which you gained approval for the implementation of the project. 

Assess the methods that you used in order to gain support from stakeholders and operations teams for the project implementation. 

Explain the evaluation process put in place to measure project performance in meeting organisational objectives and assess its effectiveness in meeting both project and strategic objectives. 


Guideline word count: 1,100 - 1,300 words 

A.C. 3.1 - Explain the process of gaining project implementation agreement 

A.C. 3.2 - Assess the methods for securing stakeholder support for project implementation and operations 

A.C. 3.3 - Explain the evaluation process to measure project performance to meet strategic objectives

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