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5MK510 Digital And Social Media Assessment Brief

5MK510 Digital And Social Media Assessment Brief

5MK510 Digital And Social Media Assessment Brief 

Students will provide an individual report which covers both theoretical understanding of digital marketing supported by practical application of the theories including the development of an audit and recommendations. You are expected to demonstrate the use of digital marketing models and to support claims with academic references.  

During seminars, learning activities will be provided for students to demonstrate their learning to date, these will include identifying and evaluating the key elements of the digital marketing audit, there will also be opportunities for one to one discussions regarding assessment progress. 

The coursework is based around a digital marketing audit and recommendations on improving the digital marketing effectiveness of an organisation through the creation of a digital marketing strategy and plan. 

This will be a live project or student selected case study, requiring investigation, analysis, demonstration and application of key concepts and the student’s recommendations to improve an organisation’s current digital and social media activity.

 The format for this task is a report. Students are expected to adopt professional presentation, tone and style. 

Students should demonstrate academic theory, use of digital marketing models and evaluation, rather than description and anecdotal stories. 

The reading list provides guidance on relevant material. 

Assessment brief

Mode: 100% Practical (Covers all Learning Outcomes) 

The assessment is in one part, all coursework, as described here. 

You are required to produce a professional 3,500 word report which comprises a digital marketing audit, a digital marketing strategy and a digital marketing plan. 

This task is worth (100%) of the total marks. This is a single professional report and there are three parts to this assessment, all must be completed and in this order:

1. Digital Marketing Audit (40% weighting)

The digital marketing audit is a picture of where the organisation is now. It is research work to inform future decisions and should be supported by academic underpinning. 

·         SWOT on the organisation’s current use of social media.

·         Evaluation (advantages and disadvantages) of two competitors using social media.

·         Identification of two key customer groups and development of personas.

·         Customer journey flowchart or graphic. 

The digital marketing audit is likely to include a range of digital marketing tools, frameworks and models. 

2. Digital Marketing Strategy (30% weighting)

The digital marketing strategy is the next stage in the plan. It is based on the digital marketing audit.


This will include:

·         TOWS matrix and commentary on the analysis.

·         Recommended digital marketing strategy based on the audit and TOWS.

·         Your SMART objectives. 

The digital marketing strategy is likely to include a digital marketing model (e.g. RACE, Forrester's 5Is, Lauterborn’s 4Cs, the Ten C’s of marketing or the 6Cs of customer motivationor acquire, convert, retain) and should be supported by academic underpinning. 

3. Digital Marketing Plan (30% weighting)

The plan shows how the strategy will be achieved and is based on the strategy and objectives. The plan needs to be realistic and will reflect the organisation’s size and capabilities.   

This will include:

·         Consideration of resources required, including staffing and a budget.

·         An outline tactical plan, created in Excel or other spreadsheet with no more than 40 strategic activities, and inserted into the Word (or other document processing system) report. 

Word count

·         The total word count allowed is 3,500 words.

·         Students must comply with the recommended word count, within a margin of -/+ 10%.

·         You should balance the word count with the marks available. 

The report can include:

·         Screengrabs of websites.

·         Relevant images.

·         Clear headings. 

What is included within the word count

·         Headings.

·         Body text (main content).

·         All tables not specified below. 

What is excluded from the word count

·         Cover page.

·         Contents sheet.

·         Executive summary (no more than 1 page).

·         SWOT table.

·         TOWs Matrix.

·         The budget table.

·         The outline tactical plan.

·         All references (textbooks and journals; quotes and referencing information) inside the body content.

·         Bibliography.

·         References. 

The assignment should:

·         Prove your theoretical understanding of issues in the digital environment.

·         Be appropriate for the target audience.

·         Provide examples of best practice.


In completing the tasks, you need to demonstrate all of the following skills:

·         Critical awareness and analysis of the ideas that you explore.

·         Synthesis and presentation of key ideas.

·         Evaluation of complex matters.

·         Clear presentation of key concepts / ideas.

·         Demonstration of academic research.

·         Correct use of Harvard referencing.

·         Professional presentation.

·         Professional tone and style.



·         This is a professional report (not an essay) and should be written in the third person.

·         The language should be professional and you should avoid abbreviations and ‘text speak’.

·         Pages must be numbered for ease of reference.

·         A minimum 11 point font should be used.

·         Spacing should be 1.5 spacing throughout.




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