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55880 – 55881 Network Security Assignment

55880 – 55881 Network Security Assignment

55880 – 55881 Network Security Assignment

Assessment task details and instructions:-

You have been appointed as a new network security engineer of company X. This company’s network infrastructure is composed of an Intranet and an Extranet. The company’s headquarters is in London with an extranet in Manchester (employees will need to access the main office’s resources remotely). The company has implemented a poor network design that has no security consideraXons, such that all the network devices are connected to each other, there is no segmentaXon or isolaXon of the network devices. There are several components in the network, such as print server, file server, wireless access point and external web server which require security consideraXons in place. This network is so insecure that any adversary has a clear route up to the web server and from there to the internal network; for example the adversary can upload a malicious so[ware and take control of the company network.

This assignment is composed of three parts:

 (1) As a security engineer, you are required to redesign this network to make it more secure

and implement all the required security measures. You are required to implement various

security policies to ensure the security of the company’s network, including:- 

a. Implement proper user password policies.

b. Regulate work-Xme behaviour by blocking web browsing of certain websites and

using certain apps, such as Facebook and Youtube. However, you should provide

proper access to different websites for employees of different departments, e.g.,

sale or adverXsement.

c. The network has wireless access points. Due to security risks of ad hoc wireless

services, such as AirDrop or hotspot, it is very difficult to manage wireless devices.

You are required to regulate the wireless access to the network

As for this part of the assignment, you are required to draw a sketch or use your

favourite tool (e.g., Visio) to design the network and include this design in your report.

You need to explain different components that you have considered in your design

and jusXfy the usage of these components and the policies that you will use. You are

required to explain the role of TCP/IP in secure transmission of data, e.g., a client in

Company X wants to send an HTML file from the source to the desXnaXon. Explain the

connecXon establishment, security of the packet and the transportaXon

Network Security


Note that you will lose marks for just drawing and not justfying.

This part of the assignment has 70% of the whole mark of this assignment.

(2) Based on what you have designed in the first step to secure company’s network, in this

stage you are required to explain how you will implement the security devices and policies

in real world and provide a proof of concept (PoC) for your design. PoC means that you

need to consider a small-scale scenario, e.g., a couple of employees and clients and show

how they can communicate with each other and how their access to specific resources are

restricted. This part of the assignment is very similar to (i.e., and extended version of)

what you carried out in the lab. Note that you will lose marks for not providing

screenshots and implementa6on details.

This part of the assignment has 20% of the whole mark of this assignment.

 (3) Provide a criXcal evaluaXon and reflecXon on the lessons learnt during performing this

assignment, if you were going to carry out the assignment again what would you do

differently and provide suggesXons for someone who might want to perform this


This part of the assignment has 10% of the whole mark of this assignment.

Before preparing your report, read the prac6cal assignment brief carefully and provide

requested informaXon.

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