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20016J Management Principles And Application

20016J Management Principles And Application

 Unit Code :20016J

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20016J Management Principles And Application

For Construction And The Built Environment

Assignment 1 


Development of team work to achieve best performance of employees in construction 

Background of Study:

This concept of ‘teamwork’ is very much related to construction settings and is an issue of international relevance. For example, in the UK, influential government reports on construction, such as those by Latham (1994) and Egan (1998), identify that many of the problems with regard to construction projects could be overcome by better teamworking and collaborative arrangements such as partnering and supply chain management. According to Constructing Excellence (2008), ‘construction is a collaborative activity – only by pooling the knowledge and experience of many people can buildings meet the needs of today, let alone tomorrow’. Thus, teamwork in construction is not a choice but a necessity.

This necessity has been substantiated in several studies. For example, in a survey of AEC (architectural /engineering/construction) companies in the US, Arditi and Gunaydin (1998) identify that collaboration among parties in the design team was ranked first among the many factors that affect quality in design phase. Furthermore, Albanse (1994) proves that teambuilding approaches in construction projects results in a reduction of many common problems. In addition, Chan et al

(2001) reveal how improved teamwork in construction projects leads to more job satisfaction for the project’s participants. 

Since teams offer numerous benefits, knowledge about how teams develop is of paramount importance for team leaders. Over the years, many researchers have tried to identify how teams develop and offered different models to represent this process. However, team development models that have been developed in a general organization perspective cannot be applied to construction without a clear understanding of how project teams work in a construction setting. If construction team leaders are knowledgeable about the issues relating to the nature of construction teams and their development, they will be in a better position to determine what types of resources and support will be most helpful to the team, based on the specific challenges they are facing in each stage. Thus, this research aimed to explore the nature of construction project teams and their development process. 


STAR construction and Consultancy Ltd is one of the established construction and consultancy firms in Western Province of Sri Lanka. This company has been a part of number of successful medium and large scale construction projects in the country. However, recent past company is experiencing to get the fullest corporation and support from employees to meet the deadline in the project. Preliminary investigation for the problem was revealed that the conflict among project members and professionals in their roles prioritising is the reason for the problem. Company is investigating the suitable ways to develop teamwork in the company to overcome the current problem.  Assume you have been appointed as the Management consultantto the company. You have to advice the company suitable practices to develop team work and motivate employees. 

You are required to prepare a report on suitable practices for the company by using principals of management to submit to Board of Directors. 

Part (a)

Tasks 1

Definitions of Managementare the key to understanding the basics of Principles of management. Define the functions of management and POLC concept of using examples for management process to achieve goals and objectives. 

Task 2

Discuss the growth of management theory and concepts over the years by using different theories of authors (Explain three schools of management theories of authors).  Your explanations should be properly cited.


Part (b)

Task 3

Forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning are the key stages of team building.Explain how the STAR construction and consultancy Ltd coulddevelop teamwork of using the team development stages to solve the problems and motivate employees to achieve the goals of the company.(LO1-1.1) 

Task 4

For this organisation to be successful, it is important that the management identify the suitable motivational factors and encourage employees to achieve the organizational goals. 

Explain the importance of motivating individuals and groups in a firm. Use the suitable motivation theory to analyse the motivational factors for a construction firm. 

Task 5

Discuss the way how suitable communication network and organizational structure can help to achieve the organizational goals.(LO1-1.2) 


Students shall work individually and submit an individual report. The report shall be in the form of a word processed report comprising the main elements of introduction, body, and summary. The student may use referencing material and referencing will be according to the Harvard referencing system.



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