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Understanding Arithmetic

Arithmetic is one of the main parts of mathematics like writing spelling. Referring to the calculation in relation to the properties of regular lives on the basis of arithmetic fragments as well as whole numbers etc. There are separate operations for calculation of problems like addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (* or x) and division (÷ / /). It is an essential branch of mathematics that helps people to calculate the level of advancement associated with science and occupations in a simple calculation from day to day. Whether this branch of mathematics is educated or uneducated by most people of the world? Arithmetic can be considered as part of science, but we can say formal science. It is considered a formal science because the sources and laws of this subject are completely unquestionable in any forum, while other laws of science can be debated in Can be replaced with cases or a new invention. Therefore, arithmetic is considered part of formal science and any calculative activity is considered to be fundamental.

What are the main elements of arithmetic?

There are several elements in this topic that help users easily solve problems. However, the main elements are divided into three parts: primary arithmetic, decimal system, and number system.

  • Elementary Arithmetic

Refers to simple calculations about primary arithmetic digits or natural numbers. Calculations are performed on operations such as operating, subtraction, multiplication, and division. There is a multiplication table to help users calculate and calculate the sequence of calculations, to determine which one should be calculated first.The sequence of calculation process is presented by the small name as Bodamas. This means that users first need to calculate within the 'bracket' and then proceed with 'or'. After considering these, users will go for 'division', 'multiplication' and 'addition' and finally 'subtraction'. In this primary arithmetic, it also considers negative numbers and differences and represents the number line.

  • Decimal System

It is a part of arithmetic which includes numerical system with the base of ten. It is now used in modern mathematics to compute the decimal calculators.

  • Number System

Another element in this subject is called the number system. There are various numbers like real numbers, rational numbers, integer, irrational numbers, odd numbers, even numbers, positive numbers,