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Task 1

Part A





1. Is the WHS Management System appropriate for the company? Give reason for the answer.


WHS is implemented across Australia and is useful to protect and safeguard all employees working in an organisation. However, workplace health and safety management system is not at all appropriate for VTI Group Mining and Minerals because a safety standard is slipping somewhere. As opined by Ackermann et al. (2014), this is leading to the concern of various types of injuries like the workers of VTI Group Mining and Minerals are lifting heavy bulk blocks of coal manually from the mine and lifting those blocks to the conveyor belt. Even the crane and truck drivers along with other staff are handling hazardous materials that are injurious to health.

VTI Group Mining and Minerals also failed to keep systematic Workplace health and safety records that mean the company is not fully sure about the health and safety performance neither the company is sure about the workplace health and safety compliance.

2. Define and explain relevant legislation for Workplace health and safety.


Legislation for Workplace and health safety is model Work Health and Safety Act 2011 & Work Health and Safety Regulation 2017. All the business must comply with both the laws in order to ensure that the health and safety of the workers are maintained within the organisation. As stated by Xiang, Pisaniello & Hansen (2014), the main aim of this act is to provide protection to the workers and all the persons within the organisation from getting harm or hurt by hiring duty holders who will be eliminating or minimizing the risk. This act also helps to provide effective and fair representations, cooperation and consultation.

The model WHS act encourages the employers and unions of the organisation to adopt a constructive role in order to promote improved WHs practices. Model WHs laws contain model WHS regulations and model Codes of Practice. All the three elements set out the principles for how Workplace health and safety management regulations must monitors and enforces the compliance with the jurisdictions of WHS laws.

3. State 4 changes that need to be made in the existing policy and procedure related to WHS


Four changes that need to be brought in the existing policy and procedure related to WHS are:

 Development in the WHS policies and related procedures

Development of the policies will help to provide commitment to safety and health to the workers. As a result the employees will feel encouraged to work cooperatively.

 Consultation with the workers in order to resolve the issues that are related to WHS

Management should consult with the workers about the workplace health and safety

The management of the company must monitor the workplace conditions and health of the workers

 Providing training and information The company should provide training on the first aid to their employees

The employees must be taught how to operate the equipments of the workplace

 Implementations of strategies to control risk

Implementing risk control strategy will help to remove the hazards or can substitutes the hazards with less or very low hazardous materials.

4. Identify individuals responsible for WHS and define their responsibilities


Duties and Responsibilities for Workplace Health and Safety are legislated in Work Health and Safety Act of 2011.

All the employees working in each organisation has certain roles and certain responsibilities that they need to perform in order to deliver health and safety workplace.

Worker/HSR: This people directly faces job hazards and thus have valuable information and knowledge, expertise along with have the motivation to bring or improve the existing health and safety. They along with their colleague works together to promote the workplace health and safety (Schulte et al. 2014)

WHS Advisor/ Practitioner: They are responsible to ensure that all the managers, workers, leaders, representatives of health and safety are well educated and have the ability to understand all their responsibilities. They also ensure that safety and health if all the employees within the organisation.

Middle Manager: The main role of the middle managers is like a guide, he/she acts as a role model as well as a leader in an organisation. The main responsibility of middle managers is to motivate the employees to perform & achieve all the challenges & rewards. They are the real motivators who drive the engagement, commitment and performances of the employees.

Senior/ Executive Manager: They give directions of incorporating WHS laws in the existing business channels in order to develop strategic planning, resource and financial planning and also to measure the performances.

CEO: They are responsible to create mentally healthy workplace by ensuring that proper diligence framework so employed as well as embedded within the organisation. They are also responsible to ensure that WHS laws are strictly integrated and maintained in the organisation.

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