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1. Needs Analysis

1.1. Description

In the era of this modern world, personnel websites receives tangible benefits for maintaining and creating. As similar to every website, this website is also having a clear vision as well as a proper mission in order to build personnel brand and to attract new opportunities. The name of the website taken here is My personnel websites a title provided for the same is “your brand our services” which infers that the customers should get attracted to their brands and make a choice which will be readily available to the My personnel websites”. This website lets the visitor to know about my personnel skills and hobbies and also makes aware of some of my personnel activities and interest.

1.2. Purpose

The main purpose of the My personnel websites is to give an awesome details about my personal experience in the real life in regard to my skills. Moreover, it will be able to attract new investors also by giving advertisements in the website (Al-Qeisi et al. 2014, p.2283). With the aim in serving millions of people across the globe, it will be tough to reach every individuals but it will be rather a challenging one. The website of the My personnel websites will now earn money from the nation as well as from the overseas too. Moreover, it will assist me in getting in touch with the existing customers as well as also attract a lot many more new users. As a result, my websites visitor base will also be increased.. This will also create a uniqueness based on which I can get a great exposure from the outside countries.

2. Target Audience Analysis

2.1. Demographics

This website will help me to attract the new businesspersons as well as will help me to also glance at the markets of the competitors to gauge the progress of My personnel websites. Moreover, the personal websites and blogs across the world are leading in their business (Bordbar and Treanor, 2016, p.21). This will be a tough competition for me to lead in the upcoming days. However, there will be a huge collection of the diverse age groups starting from the teenagers until the old aged people; moreover, there will not be any preferences for the collection according to the gender also.

2.2. Justification

This website has linked with other services like Web design, graphic design, mobile web, SEO, E-commerce and professional video. This provides the website visitor a brief description in regard to my personnel interest that in turn creates career opportunity in my near future. My gallery page has inserted where various images has been displayed. Navigating the gallery page the user can be able to get much kind of helps.   

In the designed website there will also be a twenty percent discount coupon available for the first time shopping users across the globe (Cyr et al. 2018, p.13). This offer will also make a great attraction for the customers as well as the new users. The user will be redirected to the products and service available in the companies while clicking on the E-commerce link in the My product service section. This will directly increase the customer base too. In general, this website is designed in such a way that it will be user friendly; hence, it will be easier for the people to access, irrespective of the age.

3. Site Content & Structure

3.2. Featured Content

My website has unique features that can be used for competitive analysis compared to other personal websites. This e-commerce website provides a variety of products to the customers. Some of the features of the designed website are listed below.

  •   A navigation bar is designed in the header section, which will redirect the head section to the destination page.

  • The onhover script is used to enlarge the objects and images (Valdez et al. 2018, P.70).

  • The image gallery will show all kind of available products in the designed e-commerce website. The images are displayed in the slideshow manner. Where the user can touch the image to pause it go for the products details.

  • Most of the hyperlinks are activated to link each of the details that in turn redirect the user to the next tab or side window, where the user can get details about the specific data in a detailed manner.

  • There are two cascade styles has been used and among them, one is for the gallery and other is for icons and footers.

  • Social media platforms are like Facebook and Twitter and YouTube are listed in the footer section that will get redirect once clicked on the button.

3.3. Site Map

This designed My personnel website is very clear and user friendly to navigate. The users can find quickly and easily the navigated page. Important links are easy to find the local and simple to understand the labels. The search box is going to be inserted soon such that the user can search the required item in easy manner.

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