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This assignment is regarding how the tourist attraction management is done with respect to the visitor attraction, tourist type, visitor motivation and current trends. There are also important factors that affects the process of development as well as new strategies of management. Proper skills and experience are required to understand the scope as well as importance of visitors attraction, learning tourist types and strategies of tourist motivation. Analyzing the market trends and development of the staragis that influence tourists. Training the employees according to the attraction place so that the quality of the services which is delivered to the tourists increases.  


1.1 Discuss the overlap of visitor attractions in relation to particular types of attraction

Visitor’s attractions are considered as the characteristics, man made construction and natural location that give special attraction for the tourists and the local residents. The tourist destination ensures in incorporating special attractions that will attract the tourist in selecting the destination (Boley et al. 2017). Hence, the different agencies are putting some extra details in the tourist destination which motivates the trips for tourist towards the destination. As a Tourism Consultant for VisitBritain the visiting destination are the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich Park and The Queen’s House.

 National Maritime Museum: This is in Greenwich, London which is a fun place for both kids and elderly people. The spots are really attractive for the visitors as it has got historic building showing the rich culture and heritage of the place. Another intrusting object is the Nelson’s ship in a Bottle. However, both the historic building overlaps in few aspects because the information regarding the vintage art, instruments are not given any details regarding the historic information.

Greenwich Park: The Park is set out on the side of the hill and is a great mix of garden, historic features and green space. It is interesting as the viewers are able to get a panoramic view across London and can also get the scope in visiting the Prime Meridian. The children and the old aged people get full enjoyment on the flower park, orchard and herb garden. Besides, the visitors are enjoys in halting near the tea garden. Instead of having such a beautiful overview the visitors overlap few panoramic views as the curator fails in giving proper direction to the visitors (Dwyer et al. 2016). Moreover, the place is not having proper signboard or a map at the beginning of the entrance. Therefore, with a map at the starting of the destination will be beneficial in finding the way.

The Queen’s House: It is the royal residence which is loved by most of the visitors due to its reflection of royal culture of London. The destination shows art of ages done by the leading artists. If the visitor does not get an expert tour guide the will fail in understanding the significance of those painting as there is no special instruction written near the paintings.

1.2 Analysis of the importance of different visitor attractions

For analyzing visitor’s attraction, the above three destination discussed are taken into consideration. There are several ways discussed below by which the destination can benefit from the visitors attraction. National Maritime Museum is one of the important contributions towards enriching the rich culture and heritage of London. The entire three destinations are the core places that can attract new businesses to the destination. The blog writer and the photographers and even the travel channels often visit the places to write their blog and take beautiful photographs for their book. The travel channels are able to show the world about the suitable locations. The Greenwich Park is best as a revitalizing area as both local people and visits come and visit the place for getting refreshment. In addition, the more visitors will be visiting the place there will be a need of more travel and tourism industry that will be giving employment opportunity to local people. Henceforth, this will contribute in generating Government revenue due to which there will be improvement in economical condition. The more the tourist will be attracted it will enhance the local heritage and culture (Lundberg, 2017).

Task 2

2.1 Evaluating the needs and motivations of various visitor types

There are many different kind of tourists coming from different places to UK. The requirement of every tourist is different as well as motivation for visiting a tourist spot. There are many different types of tourist places for many types of tourists like Coca Cola London Eye, Sea Life London Aquarium, Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, St. Paul’s Cathedral, British Museum, Royal Museum Greenwich, Hampton Court Palace and many more (Williams et al. 2016).

Westminster Abbey: it is a very popular tourist spot for the tourists that are motivated by the seven hundred years old culture. The visitors that are very much interested in knowing the culture and history westminster abbey is an ideal place.

Hampton Court Palace: tourists who are motivated for knowing the history of Henry VIII. It is his royal residence where many paranormal activity have been heard. So it is a very attractive place for the tourist who love mysteries.  

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