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Tourism has a direct impact on the economy of the country. In this report detailed snapshot of the tourist destinations is given for understanding the opportunities for expanding the income is available to TUI group. The report further focuses on the cultural, physical and social factors that are affecting the popularity of the tourist spots. Overall synopsis of the key aspects that are required for developing better and customer friendly tourist destination is reviewed from this report.

Task 1





LO 1: Understanding scope of UK and worldwide tourist destinations





1.1 Analysing the tourist generators and destinations in terms of income and visitor numbers

The analysis of the top 10 tourist destinations of UK, Europe and worldwide review are provided.  As per the list showing the top five tourist destination it is seen that UK is ranked as the fifth competitive market in tourism industry. The list of top five tourist destination can be ranked as follows: 

As per the report highest number of visitors in seen in Thailand and other countries are ranked accordingly as per the income generating efficiency of the country in attracting larger group of tourist. Best places of holidaying can be segregated as per the data given above. The country with highest tourist destination shows that number of visiting as per the night stay is higher in Thailand. London is ranked second, Paris is placed in third position Dubai and Europe is placed in the fourth and fifth position accordingly. Similarly, as per the ranking of the top five tourist destination it is seen that highest amount has been spent in improving the facilities and making the policies flexible that can act as the source for attracting more tourist (travelandleisure.com, 2016). The main purpose of spending is to provide better facilities to the tourist in terms of better accommodation that are helping the country in attracting larger group of tourist.  The countries with larger number of tourist destinations attracts large group of people, therefore, by introducing flexible policies that can be proved beneficial to the tourist helps in creating larger tourist \base. Creation of larger tourist base helps in increasing the income or revenue turnover of the country. Based on the ranking and the income generation capability the changes in 2016 and 2015 reports is analysed below.

1.2 analysing the statistical trends for predicting the trends of the future

In 2016 the report of income generating capacity shows that Thailand has generated income of 2.23 Billion baht in 2016. London has generated income of about 10.7 million pound in 2016. Paris has generated income of 846.1 million dollar in 2016. Dubai has generated income of 7.5 billion in 2016 and Europe has generated income of 6.5 billion in 2016. Comparison report with 2015 further shows that tourism industry of Thailand has improved and the country has generated higher revenue in 2016. Revenue of tourism industry in London has deteriorated from 12.5 to 10.7 million. Huge increase in the revenue related to tourism industry is seen in 2016 as the country has reported increasing revenue from 170.30 billion to 846.1 billion (business.vic.gov.au, 2016). Reducing revenue and turnover in Dubai shows that improvement and more attractive facilities to the visitors can make the country more appealing towards the tourist. The tourism sector of Europe has improved as compared to the previous year which shows that the flexible policies to the tourist have helped i attracting larger group of tourist.  The visitors list shows that in Paris, Dubai and in Europe the number of tourist has been compared with 2015. In London and in Thailand the number of visitors has reduced as compared to the previous year. Therefore, introduction of flexible policies and better infrastructural facilities can improve the position of the country and can make the country appealing to the tourists. 
As per the report it is seen that in 2016 highest number of visitors has been attracted by Thailand. London is ranked second with 19.88 million visitors. France is placed in third position with 18.03 visitors (visitbritain.org, 2016). Dubai is placed at fourth position with 15.27 visitors.  Europe is placed in top fifth position with visitors list of 499 Million in 2016.

The number of expenditure in respect of tourist in Thailand is segregated as follows:

Domestic spending in 2016 is seen to be 3.5 Thai Baht and in leisure spending the estimates is seen to be about 8.0 Thai Baht.

As per the market report it is seen that the UK has published a report where it is seen that upto 2025 the country is likely to make income of 257 Billion pounds. The country is going to increase the inbound visitors limit to 53%. Therefore, as per the marker report it is seen that tourism industry is going to thrive in the future years.

 Market report of London and Paris shows that 10% increase in tourism industry is seen that can increase inbound visitors by 50%. The market report of Dubai and Europe shows that there will be an increase of 15% in revenue as the inbound tourist list will increase by 55% in both the countries.

Therefore, it is seen that all the countries are going to improve their position in terms of global tourism industry.

LO2: understanding the social, cultural, physical features of the tourist destinations

2.1 Analysing the social, cultural and physical features explaining the appeal of the company to their tourist

In this segment most attractive tourist destination that is UK and Thailand are to be taken for understanding the attractive features that are making the place most attractive and appealing towards the tourists.  London is one of the most attractive tourist spot that has attracted 19.88 visitors in 2016. It is placed in the second position in terms of tourist popular spot for holidaying.

Thailand is placed in the first position and has attracted nearly 21.47 million visitors in 2016. According to the popularity record Bangkok and London occupies the top two positions in attracting highest number of tourist. The cultural, social and the physical aspects of the tourist is reviewed for understanding the key features that can be the source of attraction for the tourists.

Social features

According to Zhang et al. (2014, p.123), improvisation of medical facilities for tourists in both London and in Thailand attracts large group of tourists. Friendly and cooperative community groups and the sustainability in government helps in making London and Thailand as an attractive tourist spot appealing to tourists. Social life driven by different sports events also adds resource to tourism industry. Moreover, income from tourism helps in economic development of both London and Thailand. Arrangement of sports and social services provided to the community is considered as the appealing feature for tourism industry (Pedersen, 2016, p. 47).

Cultural features

 According to Wyss et al. (2014, p. 69), the cultural heritage plays an important role in selecting the spot for holidaying and the heritage of the place  plays an concomitant role in visiting the site. In London the monuments like, tower of London, Buckingham palace and the Trafalgar square is considered as the most famous spot for attracting tourist. Magnificent crown made of jewels and the celebrations at the time of Patrick’s day attracts larger number of tourists. Better and improved provisions of restaurants attracting tourists of different cultures show the popularity of the London as a tourist spot. Galleries, art places and the music carnivals are the source of attraction in Thailand. Grand palace, Wat Arun and Wat Pho attracts large number of Buddhist followers. Festivals like, Songkran and Loy Krathong festivals attracts large number of tourist. The tourist attraction can be enhanced by the combination of cheaper accommodation facilities found in Thailand.

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