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Chapter 1: Introduction

1. Introduction

1.0: Introduction


In the digitized world, it has become quite easy to assess the world news. The internet provides a medium for outsourcing data and makes it available to the user in general. Due to the availability of all, false or misleading information is natural to take place. This needs to be worked on and systems should be framed keeping a check over the information and news being processed through the internet.

1.1: Background

Previous researches have focused on the false news being spread over the country or world, has been affecting the future of the information security more drastically. The research spread of false news by the Pew Research Centre, in December 2016, that about 23% of the U.K population knowingly or unknowingly has shared the false news, all over U.K. During the elections of 2016 in U.K, the internet has been flooded with false writings and recorded segmentations, which misled the crowd to some extent (Journalistsresource.org, 2018).  News on Weibo consisted of about ⅓ rd of rumors and the rest were believed to be true news. The research will highlight the important facts that will make the communication confusion free thereby gaining the user's credibility as a whole. 

1.2 Research Aim

To investigate the impact of false news dissemination over the user's credibility forms the main aim of the proposal. The aim of the research will be to identify the popularity of the true news dissemination system among the user's credibility maintenance. 

1.3 Research Objectives  

Objective 1: To identify the concept of news dissemination over the user's credibility

1.4 Research questions

1. What is the concept of news dissemination?

2. How to investigate the impact of users credibility over the popularity of social media?

3. What are the challenges faced while maintaining the users credibility?

4. What improved steps could be introduced for maintaining the user’s credibility more effectively?

1.5 Research Rationale

The issue relates to the spread of false news in the world through the Internet. It is important to check the news being processed through internets because as the internet is being used by every age group and by almost every class of people (Pheme. EU, 2018). This could lead to the spread of false news could affecting the trustworthiness among the users altogether (Lewis, et al. 2015, p.475). The growing problems of hacking and phishing have made this as the issue now. The research would shed light on the significance and need for new systems that would help in detecting the false news from the lot and this would be beneficial for the world. Accuracy will be maintained because of the credibility criteria.

Chapter 2: Literature Review and Recommendations

2. Literature Review

2.1 Concepts of internet users for true news


Internet system is a process that mobilises and reorganises the day-to-day operation of users and bring flexibility within the community. It creates an environment, which fosters the economic growth and benefits among the users with vast information. According to Gill and Conway, (2015, p.45), the online communication via social media like the telegram, face book, and YouTube helps in sharing the values and beliefs of the community and culture. The development in the society of information, news is suggestive for providing recent information to the internet user. The information available online is consist of video, sound, and text. The internet credibility means the trustworthiness and plausibility associated with the features and information provided online via internet (Toffler, et al. 2016, p. 10). It is predicted that the internet has started generating the well-diversified news resulting in false dissemination among the users. As per Hynan and Murray, (2015, p.340), the internet provides a mode of communication which raises an objection to speech online which a user wants to speak out in the real world. With the increase in the speed of the internet, the users are more interested in the usage of internet for explicit websites and markings on the wrong information provided.

2.2 The concept of user credibility with facts and logic

As per Cha and Cha, (2014, p.129), this concept guides the researcher on the credibility of communication and psychology, which will lead to focus on credibility source. It is a concept where the people believe typically to the information provided by the speaker and online reviews. The concept of credibility is based on the virtue of observance and verified credentials. The concept of screening false information online force many users and organisation into the step of self-harm. The wrong information also affects the users' private life. The internet  used previously as a mean of communication and getting information of facts helping the users for their personal beliefs and economic benefits, which is now damaged due to providing false dissemination.

2.3 Factors influencing the user's credibility due to false news dissemination

The internet has landed the concept of news media online, which keep the user engaged dramatically with the information through the sources of technology. Due to the internet system the journalism, public engagement, and social media have increased tremendously. The searching of news and information and keeping oneself update has become ubiquitous with the help of smart phones alert and applications on mobile. As per Hynan and Murray, (2015, p.1559), the user's shows their interest more in the entertainment rather than the factor credibility of the provided information. The illusory behaviour and character of user led the media in providing misinformation online. It increased their rating and views of users online. The update of news brings development to the economy and the user's instantly around the world. The factors that raise the misinformation online is unintentional and unavoidable during the event of involvement. The sources from where the misinformation arises as given below

  1. Rumours and fiction- the works of fiction and rumours of the people of society is one of the factors that provide misinformation. It designs the information primarily and dominates the people's mind with misconception.

  2. The media- Although the media is the main factor of providing true information to the people, however, it is notified that media is much prone to providing misinformation for the reason that the information is worth to fact and analysis. The fact of the information increases the illusory of the people in a fictional manner; it led the user to assume that they had the true information.

  3. Accessibility- The online information serves as a source of communication and builds up relation among public and stakeholders. The accessibility defines the usage of internet and its information by users in the vast range. The issue of misinformation is the vital obstacle, which is recognized by both inexperienced and regular internet users. 

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