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The Developing Manager


 The Developing Manager


This report will implement the principles of management to compare between the Churchill and the Stafford Hotel. Then it will review my personal skills for a managerial position in the Clayton Crown Hotel. The third report will utilise the managerial skills to manage the roles and responsibilities in the Clayton Crown Hotel. Finally, the last task will demonstrate how I will assess and develop my career development plan in the future.

Task 1

AC 1.1 Compare different management styles

The Churchill is a five-star hotel and provides contemporary British Ambience with bespoke tailoring, subtle nods and refined décor with the life of Sir. Churchill(The Hyatt, 2017). To maintain the traditional culture and aura, the management styles are more autocratic in nature. The Autocraticmanagementstyle rests all the power of decision making with the top management. The flow of information is downward rather than being both ways. This allows for more control over the business processes and helps to weed out ambiguity and confusion over individual responsibilities(Al-Ababneh, 2013). The policies and processes are developed and meticulously framed so that the employees can implement the processes as per the defined regulations. This type of management style is stiffer and process oriented. The room for innovation and creativity is limited. Further, the employees can suffer from discomfort from time to time.

On the other hand, The Stafford is a hotel that provides a classic cross-over between the contemporary and the classic English elegance. Their appeal requires the staff to provide acustomised solution to a number of requests from the diverse elite customers from around the world. Hence, the Human resource department emphasises a democraticmanagementstyle. In this style, all the members of the team engage in some sort of participative decision-making. This allows for amore diverse portfolio of ideas. (Stafford-Hotels, 2017). The employees are encouraged to engage in an innovative organisational culture. The participative nature of decision-making is however controlled to restrict ambiguity and confusion. Unlike the Autocratic style of management, in this case, the communication flows both ways(Goleman, 2017). However, the team manager is the communicator between the top management and the team. This type of management is less stiff and more flexible. However, time may be consumed to come to a conclusion. The lack of directive nature may lead to ineffective control of any crisis in the service delivery.

AC 1.2 Discuss leadership characteristics

In these two organisations, the leaders follow different management and leadership styles. Both of them requires some specific set of characteristics to allow effective operations. The critical characteristics of both the leadership style are discussed below:

· Decision Making: In the case of The Churchill, an autocratic leader is the one who has the tendency to make the decisions themselves without consultation with the team. Further, they also take responsibility for the actions(Northouse, 2015). This means that there is limited collaboration in terms of decision-making. However, in the case of The Stafford, a democratic leader considers the collaboration of the team in terms of decision making. For a democratic leader hence genuinely seeks the opinion of the others. This means that unlike the autocratic leaders they respect the opinions of other and strive towards developing their own skills.

· Delegation: The delegation of thetask is defined by the job responsibility and the job role in the Autocratic style of management. They hold each of the individual member responsible for their individual task. Delegation is more systematic and process oriented(Fairhurst & Connaughton, 2014). However, in the case of ademocratic leader, they are able to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each team member and delegates the work according to their strengths. The aim of a democratic leader is to bring the best out of an employee. Whereas the autocratic leader aims to delegates according to the job role and does not concern themselves with the strengths or weakness.

· Ability to influence: The Autocratic leader has the characteristics of being strict and employs coercion to influence the team. Whereas a democratic leader uses trust and faith as a tool for motivation. The autocratic leaders favour those who follow orders. Whereas a democratic leader is actively followed as a role model by the employees.

· Flexibility: An autocratic leader is the one who is not flexible towards changing or developing their management style. A democratic leader on the other actively engages to develop their management style(Fairhurst & Connaughton, 2014). Unlike autocratic leaders, the democratic leaders of the Stafford hotel are more open to suggestion and also actively offers guidance and suggestions to the team in need.


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