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1.0 Introduction

This project will highlight the changes, which reflect in the total check-up process of Ballarat Dentistry. This project will highlight the typical condition of a dentistry, which follows several models & processes in order to make everything under control. The whole process involves some methods for which a patient's checkup time is reduced to a shorter period as compared to the previous processes & models, which was followed by them.

2.0 Business Process Modeling Report for Ballarat Dentistry

Documenting a model for the business processes is much valuable for any organisation as it guides a path to be followed, which includes:

       Programmes & processes improvements

       Enhances in the increase of the efficiency on a daily basis

       Enhances to give proper knowledge to the staffs & also helps to advance the underst&ings of the business

2.1 Process categorisation model

Porter’s Five Value Model describes the following:

       Bargaining Power of the suppliers

It suggests the ability of the suppliers to boost up the prices of the services & goods.

       Bargaining Power of the Customers

It suggests the ability of the customers to drive the prices down of any product (t&fonline.com, 2018).

       Threats of New Entrants

The strength of a company may be altered with the new entrants in the competition.

       Threats of Substitute Products

The substitute products of the competitors, if used, can pose a threat to the organisation.

       Competition with rival Industry

The total numbers of company pose a threat to the organisation as large number of competitors serves large services to the customers.

2.2 Capability Maturity Model

The development process of the software of a company depends on a certain model. The Capability Maturity Model helps in refining the same by maintaining the process of software development of the organization (de Oca et al. 2015). This model enhances the track of a five-level process, which helps the organisations to advance in the methodologies of software processes.

The application of the above model involves the following in several stages, which include:

       Initial Level

In the beginning, these processes are chaotic & are more disorganised. However, the overall success depends on the effort of an individual (Stavrou et al. 2014).

       Repeatable Level

On the following level, some basic techniques pertaining to the project management are built.

       Defined Level

This consists of a defined level where an organisation usually develops the st&ard software through integration, st&ardisation, & documentation.

       Managed Level

In the following level, an organisation controls & monitors the several processes through analysis & collection (Jeston, 2014).

       Optimising Level

This level enhances in the improvements through monitoring & feedback processes.

2.3 Case function matrix

According to Dijkman et al. (2011), it is obvious for any organisation to maintain a large repository for future purposes. This enhances in documenting & in improving their mode of operations throughout. Upon consideration of these types of repositories, it assists in retrieving those types of problems, which are much closer to the given fragment & to the given model (Rosa et al. 2017). This paper will highlight on the three metrics of the process repositories, which are similar for the model adopted by the Ballarat Dentistry. The repositories include the following:

       The comparison of the attributes & the labels which are linked to the model elements process with the similarity of node matching

       The comparison of the label elements with the process models of topology for the similar structure of the model.

       The comparison of the element labels for capturing the causal relations, which are much similar to the behavior.

The below-given Case Function Matrix is calculated based on precision & recall. This matrix yields a comparable result.


2.6 7PGM discussion for 7PMG Mendling process

According to Mendling et al. (2010), 7PMG refers to the recommendations of creating a process model from the very base & enhances in improving the same. Therefore, it ensures to create that process which improves the previous models too. These guidelines, however, make a research, which is totally based on this model (Braun et al. 2015). This also set some guidelines based on which the research is built. The 7PMG also makes that insight where there is are various ways to demonstrate the usual same behavior that had already been used in the process model. These models are also similar to the dissimulation, which is already researched from the perspective of verifying the same (Fan et al. 2016). The 7PMG model also clarifies the most important properties, which are used in changing the processes of the model with the help of the following guidelines:

G1: It includes the usage of a very few models. The model size also has an undesirable effect, which is based on error underst&ability & likelihood too (Zhu et al. 2016). However, these huge models have a critical effect & hard to underst& too which has a high risk of errors too.

G2: It helps in minimising the whole route for every element. The more the degree of total elements, hence, the total number of the outputs & inputs taken together helps in the further underst&ing of the model (Berg et al. 2014). As a result, it becomes quite difficult in underst&ing the same model too. However, there is always a good bonding in between the maximum or average degree of the elements & the errors of modeling too.


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