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Systems Analysis & Design



Importance of system analysis and design in business


The branch of study that deals with analysis of a system and provides appropriate design for the development of the system is an essential component when it comes to development of software of any kind. Specifically, in case of a business organisation, the software is built in a way that caters to the needs of the organisations. Hence the system software that is built for a business organisation is usually customised according to the immediate needs of the organisation and not usually a generalised. System software prepared for businesses are such that it provides easier access, management as well as retrieval of data across various departments of the organisations. It can generally be said that system analysis and the further design is an application of the concept of Information technology and its practices in business. Thus, it can be said that system analysis and design facilitates Information Technology in business and help perform operations of an organisation.



This assignment is directed at providing the prerequisites of system software and its development. The educational institution which is considered for the study has problem-related to maintaining as well as managing all the data and the tasks related to the administration as well as finances of the organisation. In order to solve the issue for providing better management through an integrated system for all the processes, a system is to be built. The system is also developed so as to reduce the cost of maintaining an individual administrative officer. As such the software will help all the associated personnel to manage the operations and reduce the cost of employee for the maintaining the data related to business operations. The design is therefore required to build the system. In this process, the analysis of the current scenario as well as the existing system is required to design the software.

Report structure


The report is presented in a way that reflects the objectives of the project. The aims and objectives of the assignment are studied and clearly stated. The assigned task is the analysis of the system and further provision of the design thereafter. This includes the various phases of software development which are in accordance with the entire SDLC or the lifecycle of software development. The assignment provides for the scope of the system to be built, sources from where all the relevant is collected, all the requirements of the software to be built which are both the functionalities as well as the non-functionalities. The requirements of the system are pertaining to all the aspects of software that determines its supportability, usability, performance as well as its reliability. Moreover, all the peripheral attributes that determine the non-functional aspects of the software are also mentioned. These are the political, legal, operational, technical, contractual, operational as well as economic importance.

Source of data collection


The data related to the organisation that is the entire procedure of the business operations in the organisation have been collected from the various departments of the organisation. Moreover, an interview with the executive director has helped to decide on the scope and the objectives of the project. This was followed by interview with the senior personnel in the organisation, the questions for which were all related to the business operations and relevant to the software development. However, all these interviews were conducted after a clear official approval from the head authority of the organisation.

 Background of organization  

Business operation, services or products


The organisation that is considered for the given assignment is the Holmes School. It is a small privately managed non-profit organisation based in the Midwest of United States. The organisation is found to provide educational services to the students from the preschool to the sixth grade. It has been providing educational services for around twenty years. However, the organisation has been providing the care to the students after school which is usually referred to as the aftercare. The aftercare is not provided only to the students of Holmes School but also to the students of other schools in the locality.

Key problem in the business

The organisation has been facing problems related to management of the various processes of business owing to the fact that the organisation has been managing the normal school as well as the after-school facilities. The organisation is believed to run on a shoestring budget and to the fact that it is a non-profit organisation; a separate administrative officer could not be maintained to cater to the purpose. The problems are such that the employees like the executive director, principal, vice principal, teachers as well as the parents are not able to manage their respective tasks. For example, the executive director has problems in managing the data related to the policies and the tasks of managing the finances, human resource, and payroll. Therefore, the management software or a system is the best solution to all the problems related to management f business operations.

FURPS, System   requirements, Project Feasibility

FURPS is an acronym which is used to represent a model that helps specify and classify the system on the basis of the quality of its attributes (Dennis et al. 2015, p.112). The components are namely functionality, usability, reliability, performance and supportability. The functionality aspects include the capability, reusability, and security provided by the system (Azar and Vaidyanathan, 2015, p.456). The capability of the system is the set of features and the corresponding size of the system (Montgomery, 2017, p. 234). The usability aspect is in relation to the factors related to human, consistency, responsiveness, aesthetics and documentation. The reliability of the system is the factors that defines the availability of the system that is the frequency of failures in the system, the extent of failure, stability as well as the accuracy of the system operations (Dong et al. 2015, p.3450). The performance of the system of the system is relative to the issues of the speed, capability, scalability, capacity, resource consumption and efficiency of the system (Chitchyan et al. 2015, p.643).  The supportability of the system is relevant to its testability, adaptability, adaptability, modifiability, modularity, complexity, installability, flexibility as well as localizability of the system of the software (Wang, 2015, p.342). 

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