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Systems Analysis


Systems Analysis


TASK 1: What is a System


1. Components

Aggregation or irreversible part of part for constructing any system is referred as components. As sted by Valacich, George & Hoffer (2015), components are designed in a well-organised manner to form a system. For any system, common components that are precedents are outputs, inputs, processors and control device.

2. Inter-related components

Interrelation among system is referred as the process in which subsystem is dependent on another subsystem (Wasson, 2015). For example, it can be stated that parts of a computer are interrelated with each other. In any system input device is attached to an output device and their coordination leads to better outputs. Input components are designed to collect information and instructions from users. Output components are used to yield results that are understandable to users. In this aspect, it can be stated that processor is used to processing the instructions and made it simple and understandable to the system.  

3. Purpose:

Overall goal as well, as a function of a system, is to manage different programs within the system through maintaining proper coordination among input-output device and processor. As per Azar & Vaidyanathan (2015), in this aspect, it can be stated that purpose of a system is to read and understand the user's instruction properly and then coordinate with all components to yield proper outputs.

4. Environment:

As stated by Tang & Zhang (2013), in case of any system, an environment is external which make proper interaction with the system. As any objects or programs that interact with system comes from the external world, it is important to make proper processing of these instructions to make them understandable to a system.

5. Interfaces:

According to Shao et al. (2013), an interface is referred as the point of contact at which a system meet with its external environment or the moment in which subsystems meet with each other. For example, in case of computer-human interface, users interact with the subsystems of a computer via an interface. 

6. Constraints:

It is referred as the limits or restrictions to the system up to which it performs its accomplishment. As stated by Moon et al. (2014), each system has its own limits of performing any work, beyond which it can not be operated.

7. Input:

For fulfilling the purpose, whatever database or instructions can be taken by a system from its external environment is referred as inputs. The instruction or massage provided by a human to a computer is used as inputs for this system which it processes through CPU to represent understandable outputs.

8. Output

Outputs are the message or data that are returns to the external environment by a system (Kollimalla, Mishra & Narasamma, 2014). Outputs are directly related with input device and processor who receives and process the message that is provided to the system from the external world.

Task 2:



Decomposition of a system is also referred as functional decomposition, which is associated with revolving of different functional relationship with different system components. Functional decomposition in many cases is performed to identify the ability of constituent parts of a system to reflect the proper physical method of interest. As stated by Jaco, Jose & Jose (2016), compressed representation of the global functioning of a system is demonstrated by functional decomposition. In many cases, it can be seen that functional decomposition of system’s functions into non interacting components could permit highly economic representation of any function.  


This is a process which is associated with the breaking up of any system into different modules or chunks with uniform size. As stated by Hsiao, Neuhold & Sacks-Davis (2014).  this process is effective methods of separation ass well as recombining of a system element to enhance its functionality. Modularity in programming is stated as the separation of function naming programs into interchangeable and independent modules and provides useful advantages to a module to independently with great efficacy. 


It is the extent or degree, to which a module of any system relies or depends on another module. In simple words, a coupling is referred as the connection among different system modules and components (Jaco, Jose & Jose, 2016). Coupling is the interdependence among different system modules that proves the strength and effectiveness of interconnectedness among different software modules.


Cohesion is referred as the intra dependency among different system modules. In this aspect Kollimalla, Mishra & Narasamma (2014), states that cohesion establishes the capability and as well as the responsibility of any single module of a particular system to perform task ass single unit. 

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