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The assignment constitutes the analysis of the internal and external conditions and development of a chosen organization. The organization chosen here for the analysis is a retail organization that operates in Australia, namely Woolworths. The aim of this analysis is to identify the organizational development the company has been able to achieve. The organizational analysis will be done through the employment of the analytical tool SWOT. An analysis in the case of the organization will be done in order to identify the capability of the organization in addressing and utilizing the external changes thatimpact any company. Further, recommendations with justifications as per the outcome of the analysis will be provided within the assignment. The assignment is going to include implications of the principles and the theories in relation to the organizationaldevelopment in order to recommend the best suit alternative for the company. In the contemporary business settings, the application of the change that is relevant to any organization as well as this company will also be implied within throughout this assignment.

Background of Woolworths


Woolworths is the largest Supermarket chain in Australia that was found in 1924 that with its revolutionary technology of advanced refrigerating and transport in the then time. The revenue of this organization in the financial year 2016 was AU$ 59 billion. Woolworths collectively with another supermarket chain that is ‘Coles’ owned 72 % of the $82 billion grocery store. As of now, the company is diversified in differenttypes of products that include products, services, food, liquor, fuel chemical, insurance and many more subsidies as well. The company owns dominant position within the industry along with issues in the recent years that are internal weaknesses as well as external threats. An analysis will help in the better understanding of the achievements anddevelopment of the organization as well its future scope by the proper utilization of the opportunities. As of now, the company operates with 202,000+ team members with 77, 000 young team members. The total sales of Woolworths are 2017, $55.5 billion with the implementation of several Corporate Social Responsibility strategies and commitments to the year 2020.

SWOT analysis of the company:


The SWOT analysis is a tool that is very crucial for any organization to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (Bull et al. 2016).  In the organizational as well as strategic analysis of any company, this tool is very helpful. The SWOT analysis is thus presented hereafter:


·         Strong brand value: The brand image and the brand value of the origination is highly established being the pioneer in bringing technology to the retail sector.

·         Goods rerun on expenditure: the revenue streams that have been built by Woolworths is very well established that hashelped the organization in achieving many projects successfully and thusgenerating high revenues form the different types of ventures it started and pioneered in.

·         Supply chain and distribution strong: The supplychain and the distribution network of this retail company is the very string that persists worldwide in different locations. Themajority of the potentialmarkets have been reached by Woolworths (Gunjal, 2017).

·         Highly skilled workforce: The trained and highly killed are is one of the very crucial strengththat is worth mentioning since, the collaboration and the huge number of teams as well team members as mentioned above plays a very significant role in the execution of the projects. In the training end development of the employees, Woolworths is seen to invest financial resources in order to achieve the most out of the human resources. The organization has been able to include in its workforce 50% of women has implemented Unconscious bias training that includes pilot training programs that are rolled out among groups (Woolworthsgroup.com.au.2018). The gender pay parity is also reduced within the organization to less than 0.5%. The organization aims at developing a workforce that is diverse enough to handle the diverse customers of the company which is why they keep a proportion of the indigenous workforce in every outlet of the company. 

·         Reliable suppliers:the suppliers of the organization are reliable owing to the management of the relationship of the company. Woolworths have been able to build community with the suppliers irrespective of being local and international(Woolworthsgroup.com.au.2018). The relationship with the dealer is also well developed that makes the whole community of external stakeholders of the company very strong.

·         Utilization and application of resources: The utilization of the all the types of resources within the organization is very strategic that includes waste management techniques, minimization of the carbon footprints and implementing cost-efficient ways of reducing thecost of packaging that is eco-friendly as well (Woolworthsgroup.com.au.2018).

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