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Sustainable Energy Resources



This report will shed light on the electricity generation process which is in use all over the world. This study will make discussion on the sources of the source of the energy generation. Classification will be done on the resources of the electrical energy. The discussion will be done on the sustainable energy resources of electricity. Classification will be done of the energy resources into renewable and non-renewable energy resources. This study will highlight all the energy sources. The discussion will be done on the energy generation process. Evaluation will be done on the coal as the energy source in the thermal power plant. A discussion will be done how coal is used in order to generate energy. Discussion on Advantages and disadvantages of this energy source will be done in this study. As a potential energy source discussion will be done on the nuclear energy sources. Energy generation process, advantages and disadvantages of using this source in producing electricity will be evaluated in this study. As renewable energy sources discussion will be done on the energy sources such as wind energy, solar energy, tidal, tidal, and geothermal and ocean energy. For all the energy sources the energy generation process will be discussed previously. Advantages, disadvantages of all the energy generation system and the energy sources will be included in the study. This study will shed light on the energy matrix in the Australia and the energy sources used in Australia to generate electrical energy. The comparison will be done on the current energy portfolio where the advantages and disadvantages of the current energy portfolio will be evaluated in this study. This study will highlight the feasibility of the economy related to the zero carbon policy in Australia.

1. Overview

Since then the invention of the electricity it has introduced a revolutionary change in the human life. The primary electricity generation was dependent on thermal power plant. The technique of converting mechanical energy into electrical energy is in use since the age of electricity invention. Coal was used only in the thermal power plant as the source of heat energy source. Different sources are in use in order to generate energy. In those power plants coal was used in order to burn and generate heat to generate large amount of vapor which was used to move the rotor of the large generators. But new invention of the sources has opened many energy generation sources which is making contribute in the electricity generation and distribution. The source of the electricity energy can be classified as sustainable and unsustainable source of energy. In Australia as a sustainable source of energy black coal, grey coal, geothermal energy, wind, solar, hydro energy is in use. But there are a number of issues regarding using some sustainable energy sources specially coal and gas. The use of coal in the thermal power plants produces a large amount of carbon dioxide and other toxic gases which affects the balance of the gases in the air and also makes pollution (Cicala, 2015, p. 432). Depending on the usability of the sources in electricity generation then sources can be categorised as renewable and non-renewable energy sources. The renewable sources are those sources which can be used multiple times in a process and no damage will be made to the sources. The renewable source of energy is solar, wind, hydro, and geothermal. The non-renewable source of generating energy is that source which cannot be used in order to generate electricity. The non renewable sources of generating electricity are coal, oil, gas, and radioactive materials (Sen, and Bhattacharyya, 2014, p. 389). It is seen that the electricity generation in Australia is mainly dependent on the thermal power plant whereas the source of material coal is used. In Australia black cola and brown coal is used in order to generate. The choice of coal is made depending on the calorific value of the coal as a coal with high calorific value will produce higher energy. 50% of the total generated electrical energy in the Australia comes from the black coal which provides higher calorific value where 22% electricity is produced from the brown coal (Originenergy.com.au, 2018). In order to generate electricity natural gas is also in use in Australia which provides 13% of the total electricity in this country. Hydropower provides 7% of the total electricity generated in Australia where wind makes a contribution of 4%. Rooftop solar PV system is used in Australia to generate electricity which produces 2% of the total generated electricity in Australia (Ketterer, 2014, p. 277).

In Recent Years the use of the Coal and the source of energy has decreased. Coal was the main source of generating energy in Australia (Lund et al. 2015, p. 793). Use of Oil and gas as the source of generating energy has increased radically since 1990. The government of Australia has always encouraged for using the renewable sources in order to generate electricity but it has not made any remarkable gain at present (industry.gov.au, 2018).

The statistics provided by the government of Australia total primary energy supplied from black coal is 1253.4 PJ. Where energy supplied by brown coal is 669.1PJ (industry.gov.au, 2018). Natural gas makes a contribution of 1431 PJ in the electricity generation.  Wind energy, solar energy and hydro energy make contribution 43.1PJ, 21.5PJ, and 48.4PJ.

In order to generate energy using different sources other countries in Asia, Europe and America are much ahead. Europe has reduced the dependency on the combustion of the fuels to 47% in order to decrease the pollution from the power plan due to combusting fuels (Nelson, 2018, p. 45). The use of nuclear power has increased as it does not make much pollution in comparison to the combustion of the fuels. Where still the countries in America the power supply is 61% of the combustion of fuel and in Asia it is still 78% (iea.org, 2018). The countries in Europe are leading in order to generate electricity from renewable sources.

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