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Supporting Significant Life Events



Significant life event is something that brings a drastic change in very individual is life. This disturbs an individual’s regular activities resulting in a huge change and adaptation. There is a person name Joe who was robbed few days before for a gold chain and that incident changed the life of Joe completely. Joe was injured severely by two young person on his head.. This life event brought huge stress and chronic disease in Joe’s life. There are different types of life event such as illness, injury, marriage and many more, which makes the every individual more strong and specific. Life event research has been done to observe the change that occur in a life and to find the important effect on health and psychological well-being.

Effect of life event on every person

Scheiner et al. (2015) has stated that there are various life events, which can bring either positive or negative changes in every individual. Positive life event such as birth of a child, going out for a vacation, getting a prize or a reward makes a person stronger, brings positive attitude and help that person to forget the negative life events. These positive life events bring motivation and reduce depression of every individual. It also changes the view of other events and moderates the effect of traumatic event that has occurred earlier in a person’s life.

However, most of the life event is based on negative and unwanted life events, such as when Joe went through an accident and got injured, he mentally became very weak and always that painful incident was flashing in his mind. He was not able to concentrate in any of his work and day by day, he was losing his self-confidence. Moreover, when people undergo severe accident, they breaks down mentally and physically both. These negative life events make a person very weak and leave a very bad memory in their individual life. Moreover, a person becomes very stressed after going through this negative life event.

Replies and responses of every individual towards significant life event

Harkins et al. (2015) has mentioned that life event has a constant effect on every individual, which can be calculated by life-changed units. The result and consequence of the life events depends on the nature and type of the events. For example, it has been found that when Joe meets an accident and became injured then his friends and relative were very encouraging and understanding. They were very sympathetic towards Joe.

Joe’s friends and family showed a supportive behaviour towards him. They respond in a motivated way so that Joe become strong and gain confidence to move on further in his life. Friends and relative have spent time with Joe and shared some positive views with that him. However, there are also some people or groups who started giving negative response when he suffered from that accident, so that’s why Joe became sicker and started thinking negative things.

According to Lee et al. (2013), individuals with insistent deficit in social support go through more stressful life events. It has been found that growing attention has to be paid to the detailed meaning of the events to that specific individual who is experiencing that event without focusing on the objective appearance of that event.

Atefeh et al. (2015) has commented that an evaluation of individual’s personal and social resource is very important to know the individual valances in modifying stressful life event. The group response for any life event depends on the type and situation of that specific event. However, the group may respond in a negative manner if any negative life event occurs because of that individual’s fault. For example, if a person goes through a divorce then different people react or reply in a different manner. Some group respond in a negative manner whereas some individual who have gone through a long-term controversial marriage says that it is a way of getting rid from stress and headache (Ordonez, 2013)

Effect for others in Health and social care when an individual experience life event

Scheiner et al. (2013) has commented that there is a great impact for others in health and social care when a person experience life event. For an example, when Joe suffered from an accident that time he was taken to the hospital immediately by an ambulance. The local people who were present at the scene have helped him as much as they can. They immediately called the ambulance and took him to the hospital. They also took care of him in every possible way until his family and friends arrived in the hospital. If the local people had not come forward to help Joe then his life might be at a risk. Virdun et al. (2015) has stated that a healthy and positive environment should be there when a person goes through any negative life event so that he can overcome all the fear and panic. His body and head were injured severely. Joe’s family and friends help him to overcome his fear that he was suffering from after the incident. They were supportive towards Joe and they help him to recover very quickly. They help Joe to be recovered from fatigue, pain, frustration and isolation. They never kept Joe alone so that he does not feel the loneliness. They also organize fitness session for Joe so that he can feel better and can overcome his fear. His friends also help him to reduce his mental stress by organizing fun activities. His family consulted with the health professional so that Joe gets the proper medicine. They also improved the nutrition for Joe.

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