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The success of an organisation lies in the operational management policy of the company including the logistics operations and supply chain. Logistic operations are generally conducted to fulfil the requirements of the customers and supply the goods to them according to their demand. Along with the logistics operations the supply chain system of a company ensures the process of marketing their goods. Nowadays, it has been the era of a competitive market and to match that level of competition and globalise their product every company is trying to get themselves accommodated to the modern technologies and policies. In order to generate a successful business chain, the company UNILEVER is aiming at strengthening its logistics operations and supply chain.






Background of the company

In this generation of the competitive market, UNILEVER has stepped into the business in the 1890's with a purpose of making the world a great place worth living. The major focus of a healthcare company has always been to provide healthily and tidiness to the people and make them able to look good while feeling good (Liberatore et al. 2014, p.11). The company has started its business in Victorian England and now has reached the broad globalised market. William Hesketh Lever who founded the Lever Brothers had come up with the Sunlight Soap to popularise their product and uplift hygiene and cleanliness in Victorian England in 1890’s (unilever.com, 2018).

Area of business and further scope

With an agenda of spreading their business worldwide, UNILEVER has introduced various kinds of home appliances and products related to the human resource. As their main agenda is to promote hygiene and cleanliness, the company focuses on the basic need of their consumers and produce every possible product to ensure the healthy and tidy state of their customers. UNILEVER provides its consumer with a large range of products starting from affordable soaps, shampoos to foods and ice creams along with 400 brands to choose from. The company targets to satisfy the everyday needs of people regarding their domestic area. UNILEVER has 400 companies that operate in 150 countries to meet that target of the organisation. In order to expand their business, UNILEVER follows the strategies to buy the local companies and creates a greenfield site in the country where the company is located (unilever.com, 2018). It also focuses on importing from external sources if it is possible and profitable for them. One of the major marketing policies is to categorise their products on the basis of the countries and their uses (Brandenburg et al. 2014, p.301). Among the various ways of entering the local market, UNILEVER prefers to purchase a local company to raise the standard of the product and to increase its market value. This Aggressive Globalisation Policy has helped to the company to be recognised as one of the leading global companies in the world.

Features of the company’s supply chain and logistics operations

The supply chain works as the most important instrument in the company’s growth (Hinkka et al. 2015, p.59). UNILEVER generates a supply chain containing 100,000 staffs who take good care of the services and ensures that the customers are being provided with all the required products. The supply chain of UNILEVER consists of a manufacturing team and a delivery department as well. Both of the sectors assure the company to promote the quality of the products while fulfilling the requirements of the consumers. The supply chain consists of some sectors like the first one being the raw material supplier (Christopher, 2016, p.121). The next step follows by the manufacturing department following the distribution sector. Through the above-mentioned stages, a product is delivered to the consumers (Ellram and Cooper, 2014, p.10). [Refer to Appendix 1].

Each department involved in the supply procedure has their respective duties to ensure the product quality and the consumers' comfort is up to the mark (Prajogo et al. 2016, p.221).

With an aim to reach the pinnacle of success a company needs to perform some logistic operations (Heckmann et al. 2015, p.129). According to Lai and Cheng (2016, p.21), the logistics operations have an important contribution to the supply chain and profit of the company. Logistic operations provide a company to maintain both the global partnership and minor partnerships with the local companies while providing an effective supply chain to process their goods in the market (Jaaron and Backhouse, 2016, p.949). Talking about UNILEVER, it produces a number of logistic operations to maintain its partnerships with the major leading companies as well as purchased small local companies. Through the logistics operations, a company becomes able to meet the requirements of the customers while bringing a change in the supply chain (Drucker and Garn, 2016, p.23). UNILEVER has decided to purchase the shares of the local companies to introduce a brand in that place while commenting an entry in the local market. The executives employed in the logistics operations needs to come up with the idea to simplify the process of delivering goods in order to make the appliances available to the consumers (Touboulic and Walker, 2015, p.17).

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