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structural assessment



Structural analysis is the effect of loads on the physical structures inclusive of their components. Analysis of structure is important as it deals with pointing out the suitability of the structure in resisting or withstanding certain type of internal and external stress arising from external loading. The basic principle of structural analysis is mainly to understand the load acting on the structure making necessary changes in dimensions as per the loading.

The primary aspects of the study are mainly to design the importance of structural considerations and necessary impacts upon building designing. In addition to it, it illustrates the importance of WHS procedures as well.

Task 1.1

Organization and Demolition of Existing Buildings

(a)  WH&s Issues


As per Australian Code of Practice for demolition works, construction and demolition works offer significant of work related risks. The Australian local and state government can incorporate different measures for safeguarding public safety. It is important for the local government to implement different policies and principles as per necessity to safeguard health safety requirements for both public and working personals. Safety for the local and work related practices is the major issue.

(b) Dangerous Materials


As per regulation number 49 of Australian Code for demolition, the concerned personal or authority undertaking or in charge of the work experiences complete responsibility related to safety of others. It bears complete responsibility that concerned personal to ensure that no personal gets exposed to substances in airborne concentration exceeding the exposure standards for that particular product or substance (safework.nsw.gov.au, 2018).



Demolition work can highly involve workplaces or structures which may contain hazardous material particles inclusive of chemicals. Hazardous materials may include products such as lead, asbestos, PCBs, contaminated materials and dust particles.

Prior starting the demolition or destruction works, the following points are necessary to be incorporated by the responsible personals:

       All areas of the workplace must be clearly examined to determine any items which may be directly responsible for causing fire and explosion risk.

       Clear investigation to determine any chances of toxic, radioactive or other hazardous materials.

       Investigation regarding decomposition of materials present in the construction site.

Clean facilities and necessary amenities are necessary to be provided for all construction workers to minimize the impacts of risks associated with presence of hazardous materials. Presence of any issues with respect to handling and management of dangerous materials must be addressed in an effective way as far as possible (worksafe.qld.gov.au, 2018).

(c) Requirements of the Local governments


As per the building regulation code, in cases where demolition works is adjacent to the public residences or buildings and risk of falling debris or falling objects. In such cases, the Government is important to conduct and devise appropriate protection strategies based upon the following:



       Strategies to be developed before commencement of the demolition works

       Regular inspection of the chemical hazards and presence of harmful chemical substances

       Control measures and security process are important to be developed and upgraded from time to time. For instances, installation of public traffic control barriers such as hoardings can provided such as security fencing,  containment sheeting along with specified exclusion zones

       Risk levels associated in any demolition works are important to be highlighted

       Overhead protection structures can be provided especially for public walkways in conjunction with public fencing

       Unauthorized entry or access to any specific areas can be restricted and prevented by application of strict laws

       Extending rightful to qualified personals for commencing the demolition work (worksafe.qld.gov.au, 2018)

(d)  Requirements of Plants and Equipments


Specific sets of equipments and plants play an important role in making important changes as per the nature of the work (Kibriya, 2018). The different sets of requirements essential for the work are illustrated below:



Power operated vehicles and mobile plants

       Small simple and manually operated plants such as cranes, bulldozers and soil excavators can be effectively provided  for commencing safe operations

       Olanrewaju et al. (2018) mentioned  that SWMS can be prepared before commencement of demolition assessment

       High risk work license obtained from the government of Australia to operate certain and  specific types of work plants inclusive of elevated work  platforms, forklifts and specific types of cranes

       Traffic management arrangements must be effectively undertaken to prevent any major chances of collision with any pedestrians or any other mobile units

       Crane operations effectively requires licensed operations with appropriate sets of experience and knowledge

       It may be necessary to incorporate different procedures on determination of appropriate weight per unit area of length. In such cases, the safe working and tolerance limit of the crane can be restricted to about 50% to promote enough space for miscalculations (worksafe.qld.gov.au, 2018). 


Results from the above indicates appropriate site layout plan. Bruno et al. (2017) illustrated that proper construction site layout play an important role in increasing overall feasibility of the construction process in getting access to materials.  As per the above figure, the illustration of the proposed construction site layout can be noted. Segmentation of different materials is properly conducted with different areas and sections for different materials such as bricks, aggregates and cement. In the southernmost directions near to the entrance, site office is located. The site office personals are largely responsible for maintaining proper command and authority over others. Satasivam and Bai (2016) propounded that majority of activities such as allocation as well as of construction materials are maintained on a regular basis. In addition to that, it is responsible for creation of appropriate records related to labour. On the north side portion of the site, important rooms for wash rooms and toilet are present. It also holds places of residences for labour housing and storage of aggregates.

The building under construction operation is mainly divided by two main roads separated from each other for easy accessibility. Hwang et al. (2016) illustrated that presence of roads and other open areas helps in offering better access.

Results and overall figures from the above indicate the structural analysis of buildings due to the impacts of structural loads. However, Pellicer et al. (2016) mentioned that the amount of load at the upper levels of any structure is significantly higher than load at intermediate and lower levels. 

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