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Nowadays, technology innovation is one of the most important aspects in case of a business. Especially, in case of a small and emerging business company, their competitive advantage entirely depends on the effective involvement of technologies. A huge amount of customer in a short period time can be acquired with the help of technology innovation. However, sometimes, it might cost a lot of financial support which is most of the time impossible for an SME company. Along with this, it might result in loss of employment opportunity in a company. Thus, in the current literature review, a systematic discussion can be conducted in order to know the effectiveness of technology and the process of its implication in the B.Box Company.

1. Organisational structure

B.Box Company is a manufacturing company for kid product. The company consists of 6 employees in Australia and has achieved the “Top Exporter” Award in 2017. The company was founded in 2007 and they were suffering from lack of innovation in their products. At the initial period of their business, due to low financial support, the company could not incorporate effective technology for product supply, delivery, and production. Later, the company successfully innovated "diaper wallet" products which increased their revenue up to 5.7 million AUD and reflected the 300.2% growth of the company (business.vic.gov.au, 2018). Thus, the company has started supplying these products in the international market with their online marketing strategy and their 50-80% revenue come from the global export. Along with the online retailing, the company has successfully incorporated 750 retailers including Chemist Warehouse stores and Baby Bunting shops (smartcompany.com.au, 2018). However, the main revenue of their production comes from their e-retailing.

2. Causes of inefficiency and error issues in the organisation

Previously, the company was dealing with the local market with few retailing shops. Along with this, the number of products was not enough and they did not have any innovation. According to Akhmetshin and Osadchy (2015, p.895), in order to increase the production and customer outcome, a company needs to incorporate strategies of innovation in technology and product type. However, after the innovation, the company had different issues with their technology. The accounting process of the company was ineffective. As opined by Andersson et al. (2016, p.153), a huge amount of data, financial calculation, cost budgeting, balance sheet maintenance have been hampered due to lack of human resource or technology support. Thus, it has become necessary to incorporate accounting software system in the business. On the other hand, after the E-retail business strategy implementation, the company required to involve automated accounting tool which could do the above-mentioned tasks along with customer data dealing, product sale maintenance, a demand of products, vacancy and other issues with an effective sort of software. It has been noticed that being an e-commerce retailer company, they are having issues in order to do such works and it is impacting the revenue.

3. Probable system acquisition method

The company can incorporate custom software system in order to customise them according to the needs of the company such as NolaPro Accounting software. In order to measure the financial performance and condition of the B.Box Company, the manager, owner and stakeholders need to have a proper accounting system in a company which is known as “the language of a business”. As opined by Brunswicker and Vanhaverbeke (2015, p.1241), in any business organisation, two major types of accounting process are conducted which are management accounting and financial accounting. In case of the B.Box Company, the management accounting process is necessary in order to strengthen the human resources, production and supply management. As for this reason, the NolaPro Accounting software can be implemented. More than 100 add-ons and over tons of setup choices are provided by the software system. On the other hand, it is effective to develop the financial accounting by its automated and web-based applications which can generate an instant financial management. According to Cassar et al. (2015, p.242), the instant online purchasing, reporting protection of customer data and recording can be done with the help of effective accounting software such as NolaPro. On the contrary, Dimitriu and Matei (2014, p.840) argued that, in order to incorporate new technology in a company, especially in a small company, the cost of the concerned technology needs to be evaluated.

4. Procedure of sales in B.Box Company

Being a B2C company, the B.Box is having a huge number of international direct sellers. According to Mian et al. (2016, p.1), the significance of a B2C business is the less involvement of third party, as a result, the sales revenue is huge. Love and Roper (2015, p.28) supported and commented that 85% manufacturing e-commerce companies are following the B2B business strategy. As the B. Box company does not have any intermediate business holders such as B2B companies, they have the responsibility to generate their own accounting process (business.vic.gov.au, 2018). Thus, NolaPro is effective for the company to handle customer's data with the help of their ‘go-between’ strategy. On the contrary Law (2016, p.366) argued that, in order to increase the accounting and sales process of a company, they need to develop their marketing strategy. In case of a B2C company, the marketing can be conducted by social media, tele-branding and other direct methods. Larrucea et al. (2016, p.85) supported and commented that kid product based companies can campaign and collaborate with hospitals and nursing homes for their product promotion. Thus, the company can collaborate with the local hospitals such as Oakleigh Family medical centre, Box Hill Hospital, and others. Along with this, they can use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others for increasing sales. 



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