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In contemporary business, most of the IT companies urge global expansion as they can acquire better skilled labour, more resources and better productivity through this. Modern concept of information system runs through electronic data and business institutions analyse and evaluate these certain data for betterment of their process. Strategic Information System (SIS) is a strategic way for this evaluation and analytical process through which companies can acquire a better knowledge regarding their business process. This study sheds lights on IBM’s current issues in business and importance of SIS is also stated properly. Certain challenges of implementing and using SIS process are also mentioned with certain examples of different companies and some mitigating steps for those issues are mentioned properly.

1. Identification and discussion of the chosen company’s structure, products and services under consideration


Structure of IBM UK:

In context of UK, the company is properly maintained by under the observation of the CEO of the company Bill Kelleher. The Teams of Marketing and Business security reports to the CEO of the company. On the other hand, The Marketing team properly observed different segments of the company like Digital Marketing Centres, Demand program regarding Marketing and Healthcare activities. This defines a proper matrix structure which is essentially important for the business processes of IBM. On the other hand, this type of business structure also helps the company to acquire a proper environment through which consumers can be served properly.

Product and Services

IBM is one of the major players in context of UK who provides proper cloud service to the clients. IBM has hybrid cloud storages through which the company provide a flexible system to the clients. Storage users have huge options through this process as they can get different platforms and also can specify their storage needs according to the workload of the company. On the other hand, this cloud storage service of the organization has different deployment services through which massive scalability can be achieved by different business entities. IBM also provides a proper security service to the clients. Company explains that partners of IBM security service can build a proper security process in e systems through which certain threats regarding cyber crime can be mitigated properly. This security service is also a flexible one which helps clients to change certain security strategies in order to mitigate new security challenges.

A new business process of IBM named IBM Mobile First supports different business organization with certain mobility solutions through which client companies can develop different apps (ibm.com, 2017). This process is essentially helpful for the companies who ask for a personalised and more secure business process. There are other service like big data analytics, Digital operations and Enterprise application which are handled by the company efficiently.

2. Operations and functionality: Identify and discuss


a. The current processes

In contemporary business process IBM uses personalised strategic system in the system in order to evaluate business strategies by using proper information technologies. Different new system processes are used in order to create new financial and operations strategies for the company. Main functional area of the company is the cloud service where they compete with big players like Amazon cloud service. Therefore, continuous changes in information strategies are needed for the company (ibm.com, 2017). Company’s information system is categorised in different divisions where certain important things like proper market research, financial aspects and market conditions are properly done and important information are kept in the database properly in order to create a proper decision according to the priority.

b. Gaps in working process of IBM

In contemporary period, it is seen that IBM is losing its Midas touch in Information Technology market as several reports shows that company’s earnings are decreasing. It is reported recently that the global business process of the company has been declined by 2 % which huge margin is comparing it with few years back. On the other hand, cloud and technology service of the company has also gone down which is alarming for the company as it can affect the competitive market of the cloud service with Amazon. Financing and operational issue of a company can be seen because of improper market research and decision making process which can jeopardise any kind of business condition (ibm.com, 2017).

c. Specific issues that the new system will fix

It is mentioned in earlier process that company is lacking in several aspects through which company’s global performance sis facing problematic situation. Company's performance analysis and information systems is in front of certain question regarding their inefficient market analysis and decision making process. New and proper strategic information system can introduce a better process through which proper information regarding market condition and financial condition can be acquired and certain decisions according to tat issue can be acquired for a better business process.

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