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1.0 [Introduction]


[Prefabrication, automation, mechanisation, modularisation, and computerisation of the manufacturing industries had brought a revolutionary change in the construction of the buildings. These typically depend on various manufacturing industries and these industries use the latest innovative techniques to improve the style and the quality such as the methodologies and concepts, which are being associated with the innovations and the technologies. This project will highlight the strategic plans required for the up gradation or the development of the company. The CSR Limited presents the management and engineering services at the project levels to bring the innovativeness in their work.]

2.0  [A brief description of CSR limited and choosing of the specific group or team]

[The chosen company here is the "CSR Limited" which is a leading company in building the products across Australia. They are keenly interested in maintaining proper rules and regulations for the growth of the organisation. Their main aim is to build knowledge; however, it is not their promotional tool for them too. The company not only builds knowledge but also builds solutions too. Building knowledge involves the design trends, building science, research, provides tips and solutions to any problems. Thus, it has a multi-dimensional feature on which it focuses and provides services to the customers too.]

The Human Resource Department of the company is interested in building a good relationship among all the workers and employees of the company (csr.com.au, 2018). Therefore, it always tries to maintain a good relation among all the employees of the company, which helps the organisation to lead among all other competitors across the world. The Human Resource Department is interested to build a strong bonding among its entire employee in the company in order to maintain a good bonding among all other resources of the company. This not only strengthens the efficiency and output of all the resources but also helps the company to lead across the nation. The Human Resource Department is much interested in solving the problems of the employees are the workers. As a result, all the resources and the employees are also happy at the end of the day as their problems are concerned on a priority basis and taken care of too.

The preparation of the evaluation strategies and training needs has been provided in this report. Lastly, the techniques that have influenced on the learning process of employees such as pedagogy and andragogy style of learning has been properly explained. Certain ways to analyse the characteristic of an employee’s has been enlightened. Lastly, the plan for inducing expert training program needed for further implementing in the company has been highlighted.

The employees of the organisation are also keenly interested in building good bonding among the colleagues as well as the clients too (csr.com.au, 2018). This company has been doing its business since the past couple of years in the department of building and maintaining the in-house equipment, which as a result helps the company to gain huge profit as well as its success across the nation. They always try to save their own employees by maintaining the strong bonding within the team; as a result, it not only allows them to lead in the near future but also but also to keep up this success around the globe too. The company is also maintaining properly all the various Human Resource Activities which are required by the organisation to grow more. It helps them to maintain proper decorum inside the company.]

3.0       [Providing an evaluation of the learners’ characteristics in this team or group]


[In CSR, employees from all over Australia come across to learn and gain experience in the construction sector. Many new technologies and work techniques are being implemented in such a big company every year. New employees find certain difficulties while learning the usage of these new technologies. Experienced professionals who have worked for several years can help the upcoming and current employees to learn in a more effective manner.]

3.1       [Evaluation of team learning Characteristics]


[Human resources development plays a major role in developing the skills of these new workforces in the organisation (Bratton, 2017). Human resources are the process of managing and directing the workforce in a right direction through right training and guidance. That means to provide relevant training to the employees by conducting relevant training programs that include their respective roles, duties, and responsibilities in an organisation. Such as technical skill development training, on boarding training, communication skill training and vice versa.]

3.1.1    [Certain strategies can be taken to make the learning process in building knowledge and design-oriented team more effectively, which is being described below:]


[First, the management should properly analyse the capabilities of employees in CSR. That means the management need to prepare the employee characteristics based on the compatibility of the workers. The management should go through their curriculum vitae to analyse their strength and weaknesses to perform in the organisation. The management should also conduct certain brainstorming sessions with both fresher’s and experienced staffs during work sessions of CSR to enhance the knowledge of new employees in the organisation. Overview of these management techniques should be approached towards the learning process (Ferreira, 2015). Several TNA (Training Needs Analysis) sessions should be conducted to measure the learning outcome of the employees in CSR.

 These learners always try to follow the rules that are being predefined in the books they do not want to come up with new and creative ideas. Hence, in these approaches, the learner's experience is bounded until their books. They do not want to explore other real-life alternatives that could help them to sort out problems in real life challenges. These learners are only encouraged to learn when they are forced by the teachers to get passed in these respective subjects. They follow subject-orientated approach just to teach their subjects to get good grades.]

3.2       [Characteristics based on the andragogy and pedagogy model as per Delehaye and Choy characteristics model]


[According to Delehaye and Choy learning characteristics, employee learning process can be divided into two models i.e. pedagogy model and andragogy model. The characteristics are:

  1. Self-centred, focused and curious to know the context of new technology: The employees should have keen desire to learn new technologies not only to get a good position in an organisation. However, this could also help them to tackle the job in a more realistic approach. They need to focus and must possess curiousness to learn new things in both the workplace and in the management process.

  2. The approach towards realistic learning process: Realistic in the sense whatever it is written in the book is a theoretical part. The employees not only need to go through their books or manuals provided by CSR. They should also approach towards practical demonstrations. As this will develop more creativity in them tackle real-life problem associated with a workplace. Andragogy model is the one that should be followed by every management to make the learning process more effective in terms of new employees in the organisation. CSR has approached towards better learning process to make the employees more productive. Several learning session, such as managing health and safety during the construction process, Environmental effectiveness and so forth will help employees to gain knowledge certain organizational standards.]



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