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Here the study will focus on the objective that will be done in this study.  The estimation of the project scope will be done through the study. The study will show here the impacts of social networking on business of Woolworths in Australia. The overview of social network on this company will be estimated. The impacts of social networking on this Australian company will be discussed through this study. On the basis of micro and macro the theory of the effects of the social networking will be presented here. The advantages and the disadvantages of the social networking in the branding of the organization will be discussed thoroughly. Through this study a concept of the effects of social networking in the business will be gained in the Australia.

Project Objective

       To examine the concept of social networking and its application in businesses

       To analyze the impacts of the social networking on Woolworths, Australia

       To identify the challenges that social networking poses on Woolworths, Australia

       To recommend some effective strategies that helps Woolworths to overcome the challenges in social networking

Project scope


The study will present the benefits and the downsides of social networking system in the business purposes. In recent days social networking is becoming a new trend to promote or spread the business. Here the study will point out the advantages of social networking as well as disadvantages. Through pointing out the disadvantages the study will conclude the solution to recover from these downsides. It will help to grow the business as well as start a new business. The study will represent some strategies that will help to run a business successfully. Social networking in the business marketing is an advantage for running a business that will be addressed through this study.  The study here will figure out the downsides of uses the social networking and benefits of the social networking for growing a successful business.  

Literature Review

Effectiveness of social networking in world’s business

Social media is one of the fastest ways to interact with the people across world in which people can create share and exchange ideas. The trending social media across the world are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap chat, YouTube. It also helps to promote various kind of business through social media by giving ads on it. Social media is the fastest way to reach the customer no matter how far the people are. As per world's data based on the use of social media, it has been seen that 95% of the social media usage is at North America, 85% in Europe, 68.9% figures in Australia as well as Oceania and in Asia, it counts to 48%  (digital360.com.au, 2018). Through use of social network, businesses gains ability to survey its customer to analyze the needs of the customer and also gather their perception about the businesses products. Social media helps new business organization to promote their brand and helps in seeking attention of the customer. There are various kinds of social media platforms across the world such as Facebook, twitter and Instagram through which helps organizations to promote their products. There are total 2167 million user of Facebook including owner of the organization and buyer which helps organization to initiate good relation with the customer. Social network is one of the easy ways to catch customer and promote their brand which help new company to expand their brand across the world by providing good services and product. Now-a-days, every second person in the world is enrolled with the internet and people like to search before going any places or buying any product (Wolfinbarger, 2015, p.).    

Use of social networking by Australian businesses

Trending users of internet across world is also followed by Australians and Facebook is the leading social media platform in Australia. There are about 13 million active users in Australia which takes small part of Facebook 1.44 billion active user across world. 60% of Australians comes under the age of 14 and rest is active on YouTube, 25% are active on instagram, 17.8% on LinkedIn and 14% on twitter. In last 5 years, Instagram has been popular among Australians and also growing day by day (digital360.com.au, 2018). Australians are more fascinated towards Instagram as compared to Facebook which is increasing among the teenager. For the organization in Australia, Facebook covers almost 93% of businesses which is active on social media. It means that it is easy to influence customer through Facebook as compared to other social media (Lin, 2016).Twitter is also popular in some region of Australia and it is the second most popular most popular social media platform in Australia’s market. Present data indicates businessman favorite social media after Facebook, YouTube and Instagram is the favorite choice for marketers to reach Australian people. Australian spent about 8.5 hour per week on social media platform where Pinterest is leading in regards to time spent on-site which is about 17.9 minutes per session. Social network also helps to acquire different business idea to make better business plan for future. Profit and loss graph of the company also shown in social media helps to implement effective plan for the company. 

Benefits of social networking among Australian business

Social networking has various advantages on Australian business in promoting brand of the organization. Social media decrease the costs of marketing which helps Australians business organization to grow and it also increased sales. Social media increased traffic on website that means large number of people influenced by social media which is better for the company in Australia to sale their product. It also improved ranking on search engine from which Australian company can figure it out whether people likes their product or service or not and also its a type of review system to known about the customer choices. Social networking gives opportunity to Australian company to grow their market all over the world. Through social media, company can ask for customer feedback which helps Australian organization to improve their product and services. Social media improved networking chances with people and other business in Australia. Through social media company can connect and interact with the customer on a more private level and if any Australian company already made their brand than social media is the best opportunity to develop brand and give business a voice. Social media also helps to see where the competitors are and what they are doing, and accordingly company can change their way to approach customer. Networking can be the effective way to exchange ideas with same-minded people to develop the business (Ho, 2015). Some organization use social media to advertise vacant positions. Sites like LinkedIn mostly used to attract skilled people all over the world.

Limitations faced by Australian business for social networking

Social media may good for the Australian organization that are not prepared and present their company without good planning; it might waste company’s valuable time and money. Organization should aware about the possible cons of social media such as if any Australian company have not proper knowledge about the marketing or wrong social media planning may result loss to the business. Extra resources may need to present company in online which need extra money to promote brand. Social media should be updated frequently and observed daily to compete with top company across globe. Company should manage their social media presence to get real profit from it. Inappropriate or unwanted action on social media can affect the business badly including bullying and harassment. Greater exposure of social media has the potential to attract negative feedback and information leaks which cause loss to the company. It also attracts some great hacker who has the potential to hack company’s confidential detail. Unwanted action on social media give bad impact on the customer or may loss them (Andzulis, 2014). Data explanation and misleading with false information can be the biggest disadvantage for the companies and eventually company has to bear big losses. Brand transparency is also the biggest disadvantage of social media as people like to search before getting the product so if any customer give bad feedback on the brand it eventually affect on brand. 

Strategies to overcome challenges in social networking

Social networking can be overcome by taking data informed approach and use the data collected to take action. Companies need to take complete data before marketing and also metrics enable companies to calculate success. Prevention of confidential details of company can be done when company has strong website and skilled software engineer who has good knowledge about hacking or how to deal with it. Clear marketing strategy and planning can give big profit to the company so it's important to have good knowledge about the business or who can execute the company. 

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