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Social Model of Health


Task 2: Understand the Models of Health Care

Question no. 4: Analyse the Links between Government Strategies and Health Promotion Models


Health inequalities can be defined as inadequate and unequal distribution of health facilities amid the people as well as the society. It seems that People those are situated within a lower socio economic status are effectively prone to several health issues and the characteristics of these health issues shove the individual towards an unhealthy situation regarding the health of the people (Ng et al. 2015). Within this context, it needs to describe that this kind of characteristics are the major reason that reduce the health inequality. On the basis of that, government has produce different strategies regarding the health of the people as well as diversified models or frameworks in order to promote health related information amid the people and the society those are stated below:

Behavioral Health promotion strategies are aimed to address the widely known model of increasing health risks that are use of alcohol, consummating high fat diet etc. Behavioural approaches to health promotion have drawn on theories of behavioural change and health behaviour stemming from social psychology, such as social cognitive theory (Bandura 2004), the health belief model.

Enlargement of Community: The basic responsibility for communicating with the local communities as well as engaging the entire community for the purpose of distribution of health related information, the role of primary trust care commissioner is effectively significant (Ogden et al. 2015). With the help of trust care commissioners, a massive number of communities can be gathered for promoting the health related issues. In that case, the primary trust care commissioners work with local agencies and several voluntaries in order to develop the health of local communities (Powell et al. 2013).

Health Promotion Strategic Framework: Health promotion structural framework is the most significant strategic framework in order to promote the health related issues amid the local community as well as each and every individual. In order to make an effective framework, the entire promotional strategy includes five major approaches (Turner et al. 2014). The significant roles of strategic framework are highlighted below:

      I.        To accomplish the objectives in relation with promotion, protection and improvement the health of society.

    II.        In order to ensure the practices regarding health promotion and distribution.

   III.        Helps to generate the capacity of the organizations in order to develop the health inside the social ascent.

  IV.        Develop several approaches in order to address the inequalities and social determinants regarding the health of both the people and the society.

Question no. 5: Role of Different Professionals in Health Care Organizations for Health Promotion


Several roles of professionals in Health Care Organizations have been stated in this following section those are stated below:

      I.        Basic Care Trust: The major role of primary care trust is to provide adequate basic health services amid the people. In order to promote the health related service, there are several dedicated teams are situated within this trust to take preventive measurements for health and social care promotion regarding the health of the people (Adair et al., 2013). Another significant role that is accomplished by this trust is to reduce the inequalities in relation with the health of the people within the local communities.

    II.        General Consultant: The role of general consultants are effectively significant in order to provide the health related services to the people as well as the general consultants play major role for promoting the health related consultant amid the people of the local community (Black et al. 2013).

   III.        NHS Centre: The roles of NHS centres are also significant in order to promote the health related issues amid the people. NHS centres offer to access to the local community as well as other people (Bray and Bouchard, 2014). In order to provide the best service regarding the health related consultation, there are almost 66 NHS centres in different locations as large number of people gets access to those centres from every location. On the other, people can get information regarding any health related issues through telecommunication system (Carson et al. 2016).

According to the case study, it can be described that to resolve diversified health related issues especially the unhealthy condition due to get over weight, government has set several planning as well as the role of diversified professionals within the centres may help both Daniel and Fatima to improve the current health situation in terms of impact of over weight to the health of the entire family.

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