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 Task 1



This assignment will centre on the canalization of the strategic and operational plan and policies in order to identify HR policies and objectives. It describes the steps in context to the legislation procedures. This study identifies the need for recruitment and stimulates the work environment. It further studies the advertisement procedures of the VTI group in accordance to the procedures and positions. This study further develops questions for the interview driven to each of the candidates.



Analysis of Strategic and operational plan Policies and procedures of requirement


As stated by Cowley and Domb (2012),in keeping up with the economic, social and legislative trends impact the HR sector. Strategic policies-



Basic Workplace Policies- Development of the basic workspace policy is important as this procures safety, scheduling and security. HR managers work with the institutional supervisors to develop these policies.

Retention- As stated by Ranson and Lissenden (2016), it refers to the assessment of the employees and attain best performance from them.

Compensation and benefits- the HR manager looks in for the benefits and remuneration policies in an institution which includes the regular pay checks, health benefit plans and other perks.

Training and Development- As commented by Handel (2012), hiring new people and training them is an HR recruitment strategy. Successful planning is carried by the responsible HR manager in this regard.

Regulatory issues- regulation of the employees and maintaining the rules of the institution are the strategic policies inherited by the institution.

Work Safety- keeping up to date with the employee’s health, issues related to employment falls on the strategic policies of the HRM department.

Operational plans are those which are reflected in supporting the business of the institution. Business or institutional decisions are generally derived by legal employment framework. The legal Employment Framework falls under the operational plan policy.

The day to day working operations of the employees also fall under the operational plan policy.

Furthermore, to evaluate a HR service and its plans and policies, the managers and members of the institution are regarded to take innate and effective responsibility of all the aforesaid plans.

Objectives of Strategic plans

Strategic Objectives are the long term goals that initiate a statement into an action plan. As commented by Brimberg et al. (2016), these plans set the benchmarks for measurable, successful and realistic procedures to guide the management. These objectives are mostly developed in a four year plan and initiate the weaknesses and strengths of the organization.

Objectives of the Operational plans

These objectives are mostly the short term goals that indicate daily or monthly project benchmarks. These objectives are also called tactical objectives.

Policies and procedures related to recruitment, selection and induction. Relevant legislation in order the policy to be compliant

Policies and procedures

· Advertise: Effective advertising can help the candidates to get proper information of the organisatio.

Merit: It is necessary for the company to maintain their selection process based on the merit of the candidate. Moreover, they need to focus on equal employment opportunities.

·  Confidentiality: There should not be any sort of collision between the management and candidates.


They need to follow Equality Act to offer equal opportunity to the employees. The organisation needs to follow Equal Remuneration Act and Employee State Insurance Act to offer better workplace to their employees and staff.

Task 2

Review option for technology


The review options for technology to improve HR efficiency are -

Build open communication- As commented by Guerci and Pedrini (2014), for the improvement of performance reviews, it is important to have a transparent communication between the manager and the employee. By using different HR software the communication needs to be made easy in context to the goals, company objectives. As stated by Kelly et al. (2013), transparent communication helps managers and employees to meet the goals of the company effectively.

Focus more on collaboration- The various HR technologies helps to connect the Managers and the employees effectively. As stated by Phinet al. (2014), feedbacks are considered important for the effectiveness and development of the organization.

Identify technology options for effectiveness of recruitment

As stated by Hu and Wang (2014), technology is very important in today's modern world and it plays an effective role in the recruitment process for every organisation. Technology is effective for recruitment in several ways-

Attracting and Sourcing Candidates- as stated by Gilbert et al. (2015), sourcing and attracting the candidates are done through the Recruitment Software. Many online portals are present in today's world, where the candidates post their online profile. The talent rediscovery is done by screening resumes and finding matches for the company.

Creating an open req. - As stated by Kaylet al. (2017), open req. are generally created by the candidates using various sites.

Short listing Candidates- As commented by Alalwan and Weistroffer (2012), shortlisting candidates are done by A1 technology for recruiting. The A1 technology is considered the best technology for screening the resumes.

Intelligence Software- As stated by Zhang et al. (2012), ATS’s intelligent screening software evaluates the candidates based on their performance installed in the software.

Online interview- As commented by Fordham et al. (2013), interviews is also done online using different software in today's modern world. Automated scheduling interviews are generated by automated scheduling software.

Determine future HR needs


Correct staffing- staffing required for hiring effective and efficient people for the required job. Management needs to train their employees whenever needed. As stated by Gorlovet al. (2015), Human Resource Planning is a vital step to determine HR needs. It can be initiated through a job analysis in which the job description is entailed properly.

Recruitment policies- as commented by Santos et al. (2014), recruitment can be done through various online portals, sites, and even newspapers. Recruitment in an organisation can be done either internally or externally. Internal recruitment is done within the company. External recruiting can be generated through newspapers, employment sites or internship programmes.



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