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Significance of training in organizations


Significance of training in organizations

 1. The human resource department plays a very significant role in the development of the organizations. It is the human resource department that is responsible for making sure that the employees are made suitable for the works that are assigned to them. It is the human resource department that is responsible for offering training to the employees. When the employees are recruited of the first time or even when they have gained years of experience they might be sent for training depending on the decisions made by the human resource department. There have been instances where the credibility of the training provided to the employees has been questioned. But after much analysis it can be said that the training provided to the employees (Hall and O'Dwyer, 2017).

The training provided to the employees has significant impact on the development on the employees. It is the training of the employees that has been helping the employees to understand how certain factors and features have been working for the company. With the help of the training the employees are able to understand how they should work or operate certain features of their tasks. For instance a complex machine has been introduced in an industry. It is really difficult for the employees to know how to operate the machines. Since every machine consists of different complex functions and operations, it is important that the operators know how to operate them. Without having knowledge about the way the different components of the machines work, it is impossible for the operators to work with the machines (Fragoulis, and Voula, 2011). Similarly without having knowledge about the machines, it is impossible to repair or rectify any kind of fault present in the machines. It is the training that helps the operators and the mechanics to have the suitable knowledge for repair or rectification of the machines.

Therefore it is evident that training helps people to know about the different important components ways of operations of machines. It is not just the operators of machines and the mechanics but every aspect needs training. Training helps people to have a preliminary knowledge about the different ways and aspect of their duties. It is not just technical things that need training for operation. Training also helps people in managing and management activities. People in management tasks also need training. It is their training that helps them to know how to manage people and make sure that the people perform their respective tasks properly. Training helps people to hone their skills and learn new things. The most important feature about training is that it helps people to gain knowledge about the tasks they are assigned to perform. As a result the people who are assigned the different tasks have some preliminary and primary knowledge about the different tasks that they are about to perform and the jobs that they would have to perform. Training helps people to have practical knowledge about the things that they have learnt theoretically. Since having practical knowledge about different things helps to perform tasks easily and this practical knowledge is imparted among people with the help of training, therefore it can be said that training actually helps people to enhance their skills and improve the performance of the employees. With the improvement in the skills of the employees it becomes possible for the employees to work in such a way that it turns out to be profitable for the organizations (Crawford, 2018). With the help of the skills earned through training the employees would be able develop better working and execution skills. In this way the employees would be able to contribute to the better performance of the companies.

Training programs also serve the job of assessing the performance of the employees. Training programs within organization helps to have a better understanding of the performance of the employees. Since the employees might have to perform certain tasks while getting trained, their weaknesses and strengths can be assessed on how they perform while getting trained. According to their performance in the training period, the employees can be assigned different tasks and duties. Moreover the training sessions serve as important doubt clearing sessions for the employees. Therefore, even if the employees face certain problems in their line of work, the problems might be resolved while being in the training session.

Training also helps to develop a sense of loyalty towards the company among the employees. The training provided to the employees helps to influence the employees to be dedicated and loyal towards the companies. Training helps to develop self confidence and self dependence among the employees. All these features among the employees help the companies to perform better. With the better performance of the employees, the performance of the companies and organizations also improves. The overall performance of the company is directly proportional to the performance of the individual employees (Parker and Bradley, 2010). As a result the overall performance of the companies improves with the implementation of training programs in the companies.

To summarize it can be said that the training programs used by different companies and organizations have been beneficial for the development of the employees and profitable for the organizations.

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