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Customer satisfaction plays, a key role in enhancing the organizational performance and growth. Approaching proper customer satisfaction can help the organization to gain more numbers of customers, with gaining the advantage of customer retention. In terms of the aviation industry, customer satisfaction enhances the base of organizational market position and growth. The organizations need to approach and implement proper customer services, in order to gain advantage of strong customer satisfaction. Gaining strong customer satisfaction by an organization can help them to intensify their revenue generation, through high selling and repeat customer purchase.

This course study demonstrates the customer satisfaction of Ryanair airlines. This discourse highlights the factors influencing the organizational customer satisfaction and analyses different approaches, which can enhance the factors of customer satisfaction. This study evaluates the determinants of customer satisfaction, in terms of both business and in the aviation industry, with reference to the low-cost strategy. Critical explanation of customer satisfaction, in the Ryanair airlines is discussed in this study.

Task 1


1.1. Research project Outlines

Customer satisfaction, in terms of an organization refers to, meeting the needs, demands and wants of the concerned customers, in order to satisfy them. In the viewpoint of Baker (2014, p.21), implementation of demands and needs of the customers in the organizational product or services, can help them to gain the advantage of repeat customers, which can help them to increase their sale and thus to gain high customer satisfaction.


The aim of this research project is to gain a concrete concept on the customer satisfaction and their determinants.



This research project, on the customer satisfaction of Ryanair, has set objectives, in order to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of customer satisfaction on the organizational growth and customer retention.

Concerned objectives of this research project are:

       To measure the importance of customer satisfaction, in an organization

       To evaluate the factors, influencing customer satisfaction

       To analyze the customer satisfaction influence on organizational growth and brand reputation

       To demonstrate how low-cost strategy implementation, enhance customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction, in the opinion of David (2013, p.71), can be influenced through several internal and external organizational factors or varies on the choice of customers. In order to gain an advantage of strong customer satisfaction, the service quality and customer service of the organization needs to be strong.

1.2. Factors influencing project selection

As with the increasing numbers of competitors in the marketplace, customer has the offerings on choice on choosing different organization, in terms of their service use. As Mithas et al. (2013, p.7), has commented that, competition in the marketplace of aviation industry have evidenced to low market growth of the organization. As the numbers of competitors increase in the marketplace, the customers, in terms of the organizational services, can gain different offerings and opportunities.

In terms of Ryanair Airlines, the stiff competition and new entrants in the aviation industry can threaten the functioning of them. Thus, it is necessary for Ryanair, to implement and approach strategies, which can meet the demands and needs of customers. In the view of Adhitama et al. (2017, p.129), in order to gain satisfactory and fervent customer satisfaction, organizations need to identify the needs and demands of their targeted customers. However, as argued by Keiningham et al. (2014, p.421), customer’s behaviour, can act as the influential determinant of the needs and demands, which can be varied from one customer to another.

In the correct condition of using, appropriate customer satisfaction in the competitive marketplace, the research projects on the customer satisfaction have been selected. In addition to that, this concerned and particular project in the customer satisfaction of Ryanair Airlines has been selected, in order to demonstrate the effectiveness of low-cost strategy, for gaining satisfaction of customer and have competitive advantage.

1.3. Critical reflection on customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction can be considered as the perception of the customers towards the services or products, of a particular organization. In terms of the Ryanair Airlines, the customer satisfaction of the customer, can base on the airlines services, ticket prices, bagging and other services. As Palmer et al. (2016, p.483), has commented that, customer orientation and analysis plays a crucial role in identification of the needs, demands and wants of customers.

On the other hand, several determinants can influence an organizational customer satisfaction, such as:


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