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Chapter 1: Methodology

Research methodology creates a comprehensive view which provides a various range of research methodologies and paradigms. The research methodology introduction assists a student in relating the concepts and its categories considering the subjected area and thesis. The concept of research methodology helps in improving the literacy of undisciplined method for research in the future. 

The assignment aims at emphasising on the research methodology for preparing a research thesis. The research thesis is based on peer to peer sharing and cloud storage. In the first section of the assignment, a literature review is highlighted for understanding the concept and arising issues in research methodology. In the second part, the issues are analysed for finding the solution of the selected methodology.

1.1 Research issues and literature review

1.1.1 Statement of research problem

As per the research thesis of, there are many scopes of findings, working and designing the thesis on this research topic. A changing development and usage of internet and wireless connectivity has enhanced the procedure of cloud computing and peer to peer sharing of any information in bulk at once to the receiver (Gonzalez, 2017). The research of Peer to peer sharing has gained a random attention in last 17 years in the sectors of industry, academy, and administration. Cloud computing provides an automatic storage and network facilities, However, it organises the network which uses a standard protocols known as TCP (Transmission Control Protocol). The peer to peer protocol allows transferring the bulk of files at once by allowing the internet nodes to communicate with other and send the files to receivers in a single step. A continuous gossiping (Receivers) exchange the chunks of files via nodes that are interconnected with one another in a topology.

Preserving and aiding for the security of transferring data creates a problem in the research thesis. The encryption of data is a new issue in cloud computing. Another issues arise in the case of cloud computing and peer to peer sharing is a location that is restricted in some places for transferring of sensitive data to the external borders.

1.2 Types of Methodology




Research is the contribution that refers to the existing knowledge and applying some little research for its advancement. Research is of two types firstly of qualitative type and secondly of quantitative.

Qualitative method- The qualitative type of research is based on the perspective, motives, and desire of the persons. In this method, a descriptive interview or thematic are made for investing the behavior of human considering the base of research.

Quantitative method - it identifies the base of the research in measurement term that emphasises the statistical data and analyses the research topic by preparing journal reviews, metrics, and surveys and by evaluating existing data in mathematical technique.

1.2.1 Comparing and contrast the types of research methodology




Qualitative research - it is based on the type of research that is exploratory in nature. The method is applied for understanding the reason for research and acquiring the insight, issues, and solutions of the thesis. 

The qualitative method helps in uncovering the thoughts and perspective of human considering trends on a research topic. A qualitative method would provide a clear concept of cloud computing and P2P sharing which is a general misconception of being similar process by a distinct name (Ingham-Broomfield, 2015). The sample size of this method is specifically small and unstructured, where a participant is a group, interviewers, journal reviews and observers. The secondary types of qualitative method are based on the research over journal articles.

Quantitative method- the problem related to the thesis could be determined by calculating the statistical data. This method is used for quantifying the perspective, opinion, and behaviour of observer considering the P2P sharing and cloud computing (Denzin & Giardina, 2018).  Survey process in the quantitative method is done in by online survey, telephone and mobile data gathering, observing systematically and online votes. A secondary type of quantitative method is based on statistical data or thematic research.

1.2.2 Describe the application of the types of research methodology

The research thesis of P2P and cloud sharing requires a vast size of data which could be evaluated by both qualitative and quantitative method. A large data collected for researched topic requires to be analysed in qualitative methods. It should be converted to the quantitative method for finding its effectiveness in the thesis. Therefore, a hybrid methodology, which is a combination of qualitative and quantitative methodology, is being used in the research of P2P and cloud sharing thesis. The solution for an issue of encryption and illegal hacking of data could be solved by the application of both methods. The research will not be restricted to interview or survey the statistical review can also be done for making the research more in-depth and elaborative. The trends of encrypting data and damaging the data security process illegally could be analysed by the hybrid method evaluation. 



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