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Relationship between Gender Education and Life Time Income


1. Introduction

The purpose of this research is to study the differences in gender education, that is, how different is the education imparted to men and to women. This difference might impact the income earned by the two in their lifetimes. There has been an inequality in the education level of the two genders and almost everyone agrees to that. Moreover, it can be stated that a relationship specifically needs to be highlighted or drawn in between lifetime income and gender education in an effective manner. This proposal will begin with the objectives of the project, followed by the scope of it. Under its scope, the application of project will be analysed, along with its importance. A summary of the literature review has also been listed. The methodology of the research has been discussed in depth. There are limitations in this research; the research plan and the conclusion, all of this has been noted down in the end.

2. Project Objective

The purpose of this research is to study the differences in gender education, that is, how different is the education imparted to men and to women. Sarabi-Asiabar et al.,(2015) stated that this difference might impact the income earned by the two in their lifetimes. In the course of this research, these objectives need to be fulfilled:


1. To evaluate and describe effectiveness of education in case of modern time  

2. To examine the difference in education between men and women

3. To establish a relation between education and earning potential

These are some specific objectives that this research wants to obtain by the course of the research.

4. To determine a relation between the difference in education and in the earning potential of the two in their lifetimes

3. Project Scope

The scope of the research is to identify all the area where the researcher can expand their study. Apart from that it can also be stated that it allow the scope of project allow to make an extensive research in this topic. This project aims to provide them with the fact that the two genders are earning differently because the education given to them is different (Shoorideh et al., 2015). This is causing many problems for the females. Apart from that it can also be stated that specifically the scope of the research covers all the application that are related with the literature review. The research wants to fill the research gaps, as has been talked about later. The scope cannot be limited by geography or demography. The findings from this research can be applicable to the entire population as a whole.

4. Literature Review

Van Deursen et al., (2015) said that the education of an individual is one of the basic rights, irrespective of that person’s social standing, gender, age or ethnicity. It has generally been agreed that the education of an individual is very important because of various reasons. One of them is that it increases the earning potential of a person. Oakley (2016) had measured a research, wanting to relate the money earned by a person to his/her educational levels. He conducted a primary research and found out that there was a clear divergence in income with respect to the educational qualification of the person On the other hand it can be stated that all the people who actually holds an effectively higher degree normally occupy higher position in their working fields and also earn higher salary. The conclusion is that the higher salary is because of the better technical and managerial skills which the educated people in comparison to the non-educated ones. These skills present in them help them learn more, not just the education itself.

Litosseliti (2017) discussed that a research on gender difference in various countries. Therefore, it can be stated that the rate o literacy in case of developing is also low in some cases and most of the cases the reason behind this is various kind of social problem. The literacy rate in developed countries is also low and it might be mostly due to the social problems. The literacy rate in developed countries is also low and it might be mostly due to the social problems. The difference in genders is not necessarily limited to education. It also involves various other things like the rights and duties of women. It is the reason behind every kind of feminist movement in modern time. It is a fact that with the help of all these movement it is possible to highlight the equity without differentiating men and women. These movements aim to bring the women at an equal level with the men in the social context. Gender difference and a variation in education because of this difference are highly likely in the society.

In the modern age the level of education of a person and how much they end of earning are very often compared and related to each other. This relationship can however only exist when it comes to individuals who get a salary, not business men. Therefore the discussion is mainly focused on the relation between the education and money earned by a salaried person. Kosciw  et al., (2015)  had analysed the relationship between the education and the earning potential. They had found a strong correlation between the two, especially in the developed countries. On the basis of the findings it can be stated that education is only the asset that eventually overshadow everything and it is irreplaceable because it enhance the quality of the individuals.

As per the view of Smart (2016) also mentioned that a research is various nations and found similarly that people holding a higher educational qualification are earning more On the other hand it can be stated that education has positive impact and it also helps the individual to collect or acquire knowledge in every sector. Apart from that it is also true that quality education helps to acquire both the soft skills and technical skills that help them to perform in different sector,        

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