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The impact of growth in the knowledge and skills of an individual may lead the person to grow in a specified direction of their professional life. However, in this course I as a student gained several relevant information regarding two main subjects. These subjects are marked as Oral communication along with interpersonal skills. In addition to it, the assignment aims to focus on the reflection that I experienced within the course. There are evaluations made on the usefulness of the course subjects along with their link for my future development. Moreover, the utilization of both oral communication and the different interpersonal skills are analysed with respect to the subjects taught within the classroom.  

Description of events and level of experience gained


In the course of learning, I mainly gained interest for meeting the two main subjects of oral communication and interpersonal skills. Moreover, between the two events within the course subject, the impact led by the set of interpersonal skills was highly effective for my professional growth as a well. As marked by Wesley, Jackson & Lee (2017), there lays different theory for an interpersonal skills among them the theory of Listening skills acts as the base of an individual’s growth in their career. However, from the Listening skill theory, I have identified the very fact of corer differences marked between the listening and hearing processes. In order to make us more clear about the same sounding words “listening” and “hearing”, my professor explained the activity of hearing as an involuntary physiological process, whereas, listening is a deliberate, psychological process. I further analysed the need for listening in daily life on an individual. The result that I gained relates to a two-way communication that is possible through an active skill of listening.

However, on the other hand, another event within the course subject was marked for the oral communication. During my class hours, my professor always focused on the way she spoke to us. I generated the reason for such a concern after I came to know the type of oral communication the professor was involved within the classroom. In the class discussions, there were data marked for the different type of public situations that requires to a specified way of communication. These situations involved the following:

       Work presentation

       Sport pep talk

       Lift pitch

       Work briefing


       Wedding speech

       Impromptu speech

Therefore, from the all the situations, I identified the type of situation my professor was dealing with while she communicated with us in the classroom. It was marked for Work presentation, as teaching us was her work and the manner she informed us with the lectures was marked as her way of presentation (Mercer & Matthews 2017). This was a bit difficult task for me to get in the first attempt. However, I gradually hold the grip of the topics being taught in the course hours.

Interpretation and evaluating events


Present Knowledge

During the class hours, I used to analyse the methods being utilized by the professor to teach us. Thus, by doing so, I was able to generate new facts related to the two main events every day. As for instance, at present the knowledge, I gained for both Oral communication and Interpersonal skills are enough to differentiate the important aspects of a situation from a least important one. In case of Oral communication, presently I am able to market who my target audience are as per the face situation, whereas, in terms of interpersonal skills, the theory of listening skills is applied by me to cope with the distractions and to keep my audience attracted towards things that I share with them (Ameen 2017). In case of Interpersonal skills, I presently know about the applied strategies that may get implemented as per the faced situation. That is for attending skills with positive nonverbal actions the factors to be considered were the posture of involvement, appropriate motion of body, eye contact, psychological attentions along with presence of non-distracting atmosphere (Nazron, Lim & Nga 2017).

However, in case  of oral communication, I recently acquired knowledge regarding the way of planning that is required before one speaks in front of their target audience. Factors that are now considered by me before speaking is to identify what actually I require to say. Moreover, the best way that can be utilized for saying the matter so that my audience gains more interest and authenticity in the overall discussion. In addition to the discussion, another factor that I came up with was the three time planning illustrations that were developed by me during the course. These illustrations further involved factors as the following:


       Actual talk

       Preparation and planning

However, as a student I marked that majority of time must be spent on preparation and planning of the matters that are required to be discussed in front of the audience (Di, Goh & Lewis 2017). My professor marked all the facts that I discussed during the course study. Thus, by taking care of my interpersonal skills and type of oral communication I conduct, my target audience for the concerned incident is satisfied.      

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