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1. Evaluation of the effectiveness of the usefulness and experiences of the learning outcomes


The learning process helps to enrich the knowledge by evaluating different aspects of social networking in the business. I feel the learning experiences have helped to improve the understanding of the research process. It also helps to evaluate different aspects of the social networking in the business, the advantages, and the limitations of it. I think the learning process is beneficial to learn the systematic processes involved in a research plan and the analysis of the data reports from the different articles and other sources. According to me, this would be helpful in the future study based on this aspect by understanding the general layout of the future activity.

The value of the learning experience is having its vital impact in the future development of knowledge in the same topic.  In my opinion, these learning experiences have helped to learn about the positive and negative impacts of the social networking in the business. Hence it can be considered that it might be proven as a future scope for the learner by inventing some ideas to overcome the effects of disadvantages. Along with that I also feel that the learning values have helped to make me learned about some new areas of the different aspects of social networking and business.

2. Explain the usefulness of the learning experiences


The research study in business management course helps me to enhance my learning about the utilization of the social networking. The research is helping to enrich my present course by putting an emphasis on my learning of the advantages and disadvantages of the social networking.

The present management programme will help me to make a better decision in the future. The management programme is would also help me to learn more about the business management. I feel the continuation of this research activity in this academic programme would be beneficial for me to make better future in the corporation organization and also for the establishment of a self-help group. The different outcomes of the study are beneficial to draw a future potential of my respective area which can help me to choose a better carrier in future.

3.  Describe the different objects of the learning process

In the research study, I have been attempted a different analysis of the use of social networking in the small and large scale business. In one assignment I had taken the McLaren industry and in the other one, I had selected Amazon online shopping company to evaluate the different impacts of social networking in the business.

In order to make a proper evaluation on the advantages and disadvantages of the social networking in the business I had gone through different business articles. Along with that I have studied the particular organization’s website and published authentic Journals where the discussion on the positive and negative effects have been made and also the recent daily reports on the current trend of the social networking users. I had attempted the primary and secondary data collection for my research. This has helped me to learn about different inputs and outcomes of social networking by practical experiences.    

4.  Evaluation of the learning outcomes

In order to make the business learning process I have studied about all the research methods. This is beneficial for me to understand the application of different research methods in different background. Based on my learning I have understood that the very much applicable research method in the business study is descriptive and action research method. Business research is a continuous process, which involves the evaluation of the effectiveness of the different business strategies. This will be beneficial to draw an effective decision on the effective strategy. Along with that it also helps to detect that whether the strategy is working effectively to bring a positive economic growth in the business or not. I have also evaluated from the action research that the large organization does not share the exact business strategy during the research. This can be considered as a limitation of the research. All these aspects or results of the study would be beneficial to enrich my knowledge about business studies. 

5.  Describe the different learning process

The aim of doing the business research study is to make a better understanding about the role of social networking in the business. In the first assignment I had aimed to find the outcomes based on my hypothesis that social networking is having both the positive and negative impact on the small and large scale business. The findings of my study have shown that the new organization like McLaren group can able to establish their brand by the use of social networking. This can help to reach the large number of people’s drawing room in a minimum time period which is an advantage of the social networking. The disadvantages I could say the negative feedback from the loyal customer which may influence the others and results in a diminished rate of loyal customers in the business.

The other study had been done based on the impact of social networking on the Amazon group Australia. The evaluation of that study has shown that large organizations like Amazon put a lot emphasis on managing their customers by making attractive strategic planning. 

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