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Evaluation of the Effectiveness and Usefulness of the Learning Experience

The project begins with the understanding of how education and equality walks hand in hand thus impacting upon lifetime income of individuals. The reason I have chosen such topic to comprehend how education is imparted upon gender roles and how individual income for lifetime is driven by it. My prime observation in the entire research process is surrounded by gender discrimination and social as well as economic acceptance of gender roles. Continuous learning helps an individual develop his or her intellectual strength. Kolb (2014) has rightly stated that learning perspective entirely depends upon day to day experiments. IT refers to one’s insight upon a specific field to gain profound knowledge. Aim of learning should always depend upon gaining knowledge that can be channelized to implementation in practical lifestyle or actions. This paper, hence attempts to reflect my personal learning process questing prolonged answers on its relevance, practicality, future insight, career programming and application. This paper is, thus structured as a self reflection of my learning method and outcome. I would, first, try to judge myself either as a student or as a learner. Now there is a succinct difference between a student and a learner. A student is a granted member of an organization who is entitled to learn certain subjects on a specific manner. On the other hand, a learner is not sealed under any organizational attachment. A learner can be individual who depends upon the potential resource associated to him or her. However, it can be argued that a student is always a learner but a learner is not always an identified student. I, therefore, consider myself a broadened learner. In due course of my study I have been able to conduct different research methods, which have made me, understand innumerable situations better. 

Taylor (2017) has effectively designed the definition of learning experience as an interactive process through the intervention of course and program. As a matter of fact, it has to be a cumulative learning that has its effect for long run. In my views my learning experience in terms of gender education and lifetime education has ignited my grey matter through major interest in real life actions. In my own views, the most important task done by me during this program was the data collection. During the data collection process I learned to develop my communication skills as I had to communicate with people I did not know. I had to be confident while retrieving data from the data sources. In my view my learning experience was devised by the data collection sources- both primary and secondary. While writing literature review of the research paper I had to go through several academic papers to link them with my research analysis and literature review. It helped me learn how to sort out the most relevant works pertaining to my topic. For instance, there are many eminent writers concentrating their papers on gender relations; however, in this case I found Kosciw et al., (2015) more relevant and sternly associated with my topic. The reason being very particular about the association of money with education on a positive note, the writers have snatched my attention. I have also found the paper interesting because of its thorough mention of examples. In my opinion, learning experience ought to be precise and directive. One of major understandings of this paper is its provocation towards being selective. Hence, my first learning experience was to become selective in the search process.

While identifying the value of my experience, I would always like to put forth the topic of gender relation. In the twenty first century gender relation has become a majorly talked about topic. It is associated with various fields: starting from social science, literature, polity and science. Gender relationship and gender equality has become a modern phenomenon. The reason behind such is its ongoing disparities from every level of the society. Hence, I have chosen this topic so as to find a proper way out to the problem. I have studied about gender differences in various countries. This is how I have learned the social and political structure of those countries irrespective of religion, race and creed.     

Usefulness of Learning Process:


Study related to the present research has bestowed upon my personal development to certain intellectual spheres. While pursuing further studies I can use this learning process to critically judge social as well as economic issues. Since I plan to pursue Post Graduation, it will help me narrow down my choice of field to work on. Learning can never be useless. Learning from real life experience is much more authentic than learning from the theories. The learning process would help me lead a potential team in my professional workplace. The reason behind such is that I have learned to develop my communication skills. Because of such rigid understanding of my learning method, I would like to use them in designing a team where gender equality shall be taken care of. My leadership mode would be meliorated due to such profound study of human being. My learning experience has been influenced by the development of research question. In order to develop research question, I had to be strictly precise. Since the research questions were highly important to form the platform of the research paper, I had to put forth the result and process of the research. Since I have been proactively involved in the research project my inbuilt knowledge was highly influenced. In this case, my course will be highly relevant to determine my career. As a business aspirant I can always make full use of my learning experience.

The prime objective of this project was to develop a comprehensive idea pertaining to the status of gender discrimination in education and its long-term impact upon personal income. This has helped develop the entire idea of procreation nature in the economy. In the business study, I shall be highly motivated to act unprecedented. This has been highly important to find out how my programs related to my course can be benefited by the research I have conducted in recent times.

Considering my future career, it can be stated that my realization of educating myself on a proper note will definitely help me develop a better self. Because of such integrity of individual and collective approach, my educational importance shall be encouraged. My career as an entrepreneur or as a business activist shall be motivated by such idea. This has to be taken into account that any business idea regarding start up needs to be settled through market research. Since I have already started working on the market, in future my marketing idea will be considered as an experienced one.

The research has helped me develop a world view upon my life. I have easily connected the basic changes in the actual consideration due to its different understanding of people. How do I look at my life? It has actually determined to focus on the concept of equality. This has made me a better human being in terms considering the talent. Earlier I used to be a person holding cliché concepts associated with gender roles on education. I had very vague idea on the society that in the twenty first century, the world has become impartial on gender roles in education. However, I was proved wrong as I was able to communicate with the people. I have clearly realized that in most of the cases the education system has been segregated into two different forces- the dominant force and the dominated force. Male inevitable belongs to the dominant force and his female counterpart is the part of the dominated force. Now the most affected gender is the third gender that is often deprived of their right to take part in education and economic independence. The situation is even worse in the third world countries where gender consideration is practiced in a conventional manner. There are countries where females are not welcomed to work thus creating a void space for them in terms of income. There are countries where education is not provided to the people who fall under the domain of third gender. They are mostly rejected thus leading to unemployment of them. They unconsciously or forcibly choose to get into some other works that are often illegal in the eyes of law. Now coming to the point of participation in education, it can be stated that education in many countries is not accessible to the majority of the people living there. Due to extensive political tension or social structure and cultural taboos, education is limited for the majority of the people belonging to the “other” genders than the masculine ones. As a result it leads to certain drop in the graph of higher education. It leads to unemployment or partly employment or pseudo-employment. This is how it has been highly important to find out the solution to this. Such instances have highly moved me as I have realized that gender equality from a social point of view is significantly important to create economic viability. It ensures development of a country.

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