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In this system, the organizations used to create their own server in a local area basis and used to share a file in that local network area. The centralized local memory based system was in use as the data storage system. In such cased security, concerns were rising regarding the authenticity of the data privacy system, security towards the private data and vulnerability of the system. However, this advanced PII based IT system faces security and privacy issues. There are several cases that the hackers have hacked the server used for data transfer and has breached the private data. This study will make a discussion on the support portal system and the implication of the privacy policy. On the other hand, this study also gives importance towards the security issues and the measures for the portal. This Discussion will provide a recommendation in order to make the private data in the portal more secure.

Personal and ethical implications for the privacy of individual clients who have adopted the My-Support approach of an NGO and their behavioral changes

My support approach in the NGO gives importance towards the Personal Identifiable Information (PII) system. In this, my support approach the systems shed light over distinguishing personal information for different users of the portal. On the other hand, the system also sheds light over the power of the user to make changes in the security system, and the information provided by the user. On the other hand, in order to keep the information safe, the user can use the digital identity for a better security system. On the other hand, the automation system of PII enables the collection of data of the users in order to assist in managing different services. In the support approach, the privacy policy is based on the PII basic information such as name, email, phone number, and address. The privacy system in the support approach can be dependent on the two approaches such as stand-alone and paired with a different identifier.

Stand-Alone process:

The aim of the PII system is to promote privacy of different users. On the other hand, it gives importance towards the identification of the different users in order to provide personalized solution towards the users. In this standalone process, the privacy system gives importance towards the hybrid model of the security system, where different personal information is used to differentiate each user (Darwish et al. 2017).

        In order to differentiate each user, this system gives importance towards the Driver’s license as the number of the driving license promotes a different number for a different person. These different numbers are used in order to differentiate each user. However, in such case, the system meets a failure, as it is not essential that a user might have a driver license. However, other users that have the driving license can use this information for better privacy system and differentiation among the users.

       On the other hand, In order to promote a better privacy policy, the PII system uses the passport number in order to make differentiate each user. Depending on the citizenship identity, the passport number for a citizen becomes different which promotes better privacy. In every country passport is used as the most reliable source of authentic data as the development of passport and generation of passport number goes through a number of the verification system. This unique number of the passport promotes a better privacy of the users. Though there is also a gap in the privacy concern such as it is not essential that the user is carrying a passport. In such a case, the user cannot use the passport number for the better privacy of the user account and is facilitated with the customized service.

       In any case the users can use the alien registration number and social security number in order make the system more private and unique for better differentiation. In this case, the users might not have these types of unique numbers and the facilities, which can affect the performance of the system to differentiate the personal information of each user.

       In many cases, it is seen that the system uses the financial account number. There is hardly any person without any financial account or bank account with the unique account id number. This information on the users acts as the vital data for differentiating the users and provide customized service towards the users. However, there is also an issue regarding providing the unique financial number in order to make the system more private. Many of the users deny implementing the financial id number or the account number of the bank as there is the possibility of data breach and hacking of bank account. This can result in a huge financial loss of the user. 



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