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The company "UBER" technologies are a taxicab, food delivery, sharing of the ride and a company of transportation network. The headquarter of "UBER" is situated in San Francisco, California, that operates in more than 633 cities throughout the world (Ottman et al. 2017, p1-5). The report is based on the description of the host country and the explanation of the valuable aspects of the company throughout the network. Besides these, the report depicts the activities of the team and the marketing strategies of the company. The report emphasizes the fact that company is well accessible through the websites and mobile applications and is a very beneficial transportation for common mass worldwide.

First Part: Context Details

A. Explanation of the host country




According to the geographical view, the United Kingdom consists of England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Island of Northwestern Europe. The region is highlighted with green in the map. The region is mainly surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea to the Eastern region of the country. It is among the world's 12th longest coastline. The country is a constitutional Monarchical state along with largest empire in the history. It ranks 16th in the world democracy.

 b. London


The capital of England and United Kingdom is London and belongs to the 21st century popular city, which gives us the ideas of the Roman times. It is situated across the Thames River and provides the entire view of the city. The city is the most populated among of the European country. The populated city of London has largest industries and trades in various fields.

B. Explanation of the host company

a. Activity and Values

Activities and values form an integral part of the company as it revolves around marketing strategies, aims and goals (Ottman, 2017, p.445) .The Company Uberin technologies inc. is famous for it is a taxicab, food delivery and ridesharing and it is a transportation networking company. The company provides a platform for the customers for the transportation services and it is easily reliable medium. The service can be accessed through the mobile application and the websites. The focus of the company is to provide its valuable services to the common mass by using mobile application. The company with its innovative techniques wants to build the trust and attention of the community (Tham, 2016, p.393). With the help of this transportation services now people can book their cab and ridesharing instantly. This is the focus to create the attention of the public and to expand its demand in near future.

b. The Team

Success of a company depends on teamwork, cooperation and coordination (Lasserre, 445). Uberin is one of the demanding transportation application and used worldwide. The company was founded in March 2009 and flourishing rapidly .The host company is UK and London and its headquarter is situated in San Francisco.The founder  of the company is “Travis Kalanick Garrett Camp.The CEO of the company is  “Dara Khosrowshahi” and TO is “Thuan Pham.The product of the company is mobile application and website. Its services are hiring of vehicles through its online mobile application and websites. The total number of employees working is nearly more than 12,000 (Uber.com, 2018).

c. Marketing Strategy

Uberin is promoting its products to provide valuable services to the common mass by using its innovative techniques through mobile application. The main strategy of the company is to reach the customers, enhance sales volume, and bring in new innovative offers and they take action instantly for the customer's request and needs. The marketing strategies mainly emphasizes on the services because the cab service is not famous for some reasons (Zeriti et al. 2014, p.44). In most of the developing countries, people face difficulties regarding public transports due to limited knowledge of the cab booking (Truong, 2014, p.15). Therefore, the company provides its various innovative facilities to grab the attention of the public. In additional to that it provides instant booking facilities at reasonable price and in proper time (Frösén et al. 2016, p.62). They also introduce its application and reach the millions of public and has become popular throughout the country.

C. Material conditions


a. Money and Budget


One of the vital points to highlights the growth of the company is based on money and budget (Foxall, 2015, p.45). As per the journal, Uber In reached to the 40 million customers per month and by May, its share of United States in the market of riding was 77% [Refer to Appendix 1]. In addition to that, the monthly earning of the Uber Driver's is $14/trip and left drivers earn somehow the same or more.

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