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This is a Automotive sales company which is one of the leading manufacturer and distributer of quality replacement parts of different vehicles such as Audi A3, Lexus IS, Mercedes Benz E class, Infiniti Q50 and many more. It also offers an expanding line of OEM replacement parts of dodge vehicles. It is one of the largest companies all over the world.

Process of gathering team and making them work by using techniques   of design documentation, administrative records, financial & risk management

Liu & Wilkinson, (2014) has commented that to make a project successful teamwork is very important in the automotive sales organization. When all the people work together in a team, different types of creativity are developed which help in growth of the company. Also, collaboration on a project develops the interest of learning which solitary work usually lacks. Working in a team also builds strong relationship and trust with the coworkers. Risk management is a very important factor in this sales company because without this the company cannot define its objectives and goals for future.

Yang et al. (2014) has stated that all the team members should learn to take risk in their work. Design documentation is another factor, which all the team should learn while working. Generally, the customers and the buyers want documents. It is essential for the workers to keep the administrative records of all the products. Improvement of the efficiency and productivity administration records must be maintained properly. In this organisation, manager must have the relevant data to win in the market.

Description of team’s job participation using SMART & GAP ANALYSIS

Main objectives of this project are to understand the involvement of the stakeholders for the betterment of the bid project. Identification and development of the strength of the team is to be checked. Team members should work united and everyone should understand the main objective.

Different roles and responsibilities are involved in this bid programme. Albrecht & Spang, (2014) has mentioned that the roles of the human resource management are to recruit the eligible person for this job. Financial department is responsible to evaluate the proper cost of this project. The managers of this project are supposed to submit the complete bid structure among all the stakeholders and clients. The team members should clearly answer all the queries as fully as possible.

Plans for implementation on team performance & Setting key performance indicators for GM, SM,FM, Automotive engineer, after sales & workshop manager.

Improvement of team performance needs proper commitment, leadership and conviction. First step is to change the researching qualities of high performing team. All the team members should understand clearly the objective of this bid programme (Turkulainen et al. 2013).

The key performance indicators that have been set for different team members are as follows:

The general manager should look out for the customer’s satisfaction. Without this, the bid programme will not be  successful. The general manager of the company should make sure that the quality of their services and products must be standard. The performance of general manager depends on how they manage the overall programme in a systematic way (Lappe & Spang, 2014).

The KPI of the Sales manager depends on the way the sales team is doing the things that is need to be done to make it successful. The KPI of the sales manager are lead response time, contract rate, customer’s response.

The KPI for the finance manager is the way they will keep the financial records of all the products the company are going to launch in the bid programme. Financial manager will keep the records of accomplishment of all the process, billing, transaction and collection involve in the bid process.

Automotive engineers will make and modify the design of the luxuries cars that the company is going to launch in the programme. Kpi of the automotive engineers is to make sure that the products displayed in a proper way. All the parts of the vehicles should be in good condition (Bowers & Khorakian, 2014).

Problem solving strategies

If there is any problem among the team members then the manager should find the root cause of the issue. When a conflict will arise between the team members then the manager should find the specific way to solve that problem. If the views of the team member in the bid programme become different then the manager should effectively evaluate and listen to both the parties and accordingly take decision in favour of the truth (Sánchez, 2015). The manager should listen carefully and identify the points of the agreement and disagreement. Suppose, if a problem arises in the finance department related to the capital of the project then the director of the company should investigate the overall department and check all the papers and documents properly, after that the director should take the correct decision after consulting with the other managers also. However if a conflict or a problem arises between two automotive engineers about making the designs and layout of the cars then the head of the department or the manager should listen to both the engineers and check their  designs. The manager must choose the layout, which will be more profitable and sophisticated.

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