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In order to discuss Amazon, it can be said that the company is an online retail-shopping sector. The case study would evaluate the best-fitted marketing and organizational skills for the company, along with the communication skills, event management capability and other through the detailed study of the marketing strategies, budget, and team activity of the mentioned company. Besides these, the study focuses on digital marketing strategy development, skills development event management, newsletter managing skills development and the difficulties regarding these strategic implements.

First part: context details

Host country description

As per the geological position, Australia situated in the southern hemisphere in Oceania of the Earth. The country is 6th in volume among the other countries of the world. The inhabitants of the country are 23 million in numbers. The currency of Australia is the 12th largest national economy by nominal GDP rate. Since the year 2000, the mentioned online company has been running second in human development index in the global context.

Company description

Amazon is one of the leading online retailers around the world. After the discussion of the yearly report of 2017, it can be said that the company has net sales of worth £ 178 billion along with the global gross merchandise of worth £ 320 billion which is 61% of net online retail sales revenue in that year. The online company was originated in the year of 1994 on 5th of July and incorporated from 1996 on 28th of May. The company has a headquarters in Seattle, Washington, US. Total operating income of the company is worth of £ 4.106 billion as per the report of 2017. Amazon has different websites for their business for the separate countries as US, Canada, China, India, Germany, Italy, Spain, and others.  The company was started their journey as a bookseller, but later the company concentrated on other products as well. In recent timers, the company also supplies electronic readers as Kindle e-readers, fire tablets. www.amazon (2018)

Second part: detail study of task

Marketing study

In order to set a perfect marketing strategy, Amazon.com would concentrate on numerous channels to offer their customers the best experience as much as possible. The above-mentioned company was using fluid web design for their customers where the pods or blocks can be moved to another page much quicker. However, in order to identify the importance of the blocks the company needs many data to collect. The organization also established metrics culture to analyze the customer's actual requirement. Apart from these two strategies, the company would focus on their offerings of a various range of products to their customers, applied a customer friendly interface, implement an easy scaling process of small to large for the customers, using universal mentality and behavioral structure within their working process. Besides all these, the company would use the existing communication resources of the company and exploited negotiated products of the company for their customers.

Digital marketing strategy

In recent time, digital marketing is one of the best possible options that are used to connect the maximum number of people in a short period. A company like Amazon specifically uses digital marketing because the base of the business is online service. Therefore, the organization uses different digital marketing strategy in order to make a different advertisement and to provide lucrative offers. Amazon.com is always a believer in the thriving and engaging style of community in their working process. To support that view it can be said that the company is utilizing the social media like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter at a maximum rate for social interaction with their customers. 

Drawbacks and solutions

After discussing the above-mentioned point, it can be said that the Amazon Company has to face some difficulties to run their business through online medium. The main flaw of the company is the experimentation regarding branding of their own products. Transportation of brand from a mere label is the first challenge for the company as the consumers are not be fooled by the branding a useless product. In this context, it can be said that the company would focus on proper branding and live up to the image to capture the market and the consumers as a whole. Narrow base for the subscribers is another problem of the mentioned online company. In order to fight against this problem Amazon.com would focus on their numerous private labels to offer a premium product to their consumers.

Loyalty is another biggest drawback of the mentioned company. The online structure of the company makes difficult for the consumers to be habituated with the products. The own label credibility scope is low in this company. Different competitive market in various part of the world is another flaw of the company. The difference is mainly occurred for the different private label ranges of different countries. In order to cope up this challenge the company would focus on the uniform privacy label for every part of the world regarding their products for attracting more number of consumers. Besides all these, the company has some other flaws as well, as the company has a problem in returning product and refunding policies. In order to develop the business process, the company would on their better service in product returning and refunding policies to their customers.

Third part: professional prosperity

Marketing efficiency

In order to enrich the business process, Amazon.com would concentrate on their marketing efficiency policy development. In this context, it can be said that the company explores the voice-first website establishment to help the customers in their product purchasing. Statistics show that the development of this process by Amazon (70.6%) is more than the Google home (23.8%), and others. This voice process defines the product quality to the consumers to gain their trust. Apart from this, the company would focus on developing the security of their consumers by providing them a locker system. In this context, it can be said that the mentioned company would develop their use of social media to promote and market their products to the customers in a large share.

In my opinion, the online retail industry as Amazon would like to develop their marketing skills to mitigate the challenges of the upgrading competitors. In addition, the developed marketing strategy also creates strong and effective branding. 

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