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1  Project Description

1.1      Project Description and Background                                                           

To develop a higher sustainable future career, people aim to identify the differentiation of different cultures. This may help the people to generate psychologically improved thinking tendency. According to Possamai et al. (2016, p.315), in the increasing, the knowledge and awareness of the aboriginal people of Australia and neighbourhood islands of Australia have identified the priority to become aware of the languages. This is because, Australia has been assumed to be a great diversified region because people of different cultures, as well as languages, have been found in Australia (Lee, 2014, p.71). With respect to the beliefs and values, cultures, customs as well as spoken languages, there are different types of individuals in Australia. According to Mather (2017, p.17), these aboriginal people of Australia have faced the issues related to language and discriminations.

The following study has encountered that very less number of communities of Australia have been trying to develop social interactions and comprehension with the cultures as well as the language of the aboriginal people of Australia. It has been found that approximately 120 languages are spoken in Australia by the groups of aboriginal people. Very little numbers of those languages have been reclaimed and revived in an active manner. Rests of the languages as well as the different cultures have not been comprehended with the original communities of Australia. 

   1.2    Justification





It has been also identified by the project manager that this research has not intended for generating profit for the organisation (Miraz et al. 2016, p.435). For justification of the respective project can be made by mapping the outputs of this project. With help of these outputs, the project manager can become able to observe the positive outcomes which have been measured as the benefits of the respective project (Jessner et al. 2016, p.161).

2     Stakeholders

the school students and the lecturers are expected to be taken an active participation for the celebration programme to make the Aboriginal and Indigenous people aware about the different perspectives of cultural diversities and policies about made by the New South Wales government more about the cultural relationship (naidoc.org.au, 2018). Along with that, the administration of the school and NAIDOC committee was supposed to play the leading role to make a successful celebration of National Aborigines and Islanders day (epubs.scu.edu.au, 2018). The other two organizations may show a neutral participation in the programme. 

3      REQUIREMENTS MANAGEMENT3.1.1 Traditional Owner/s of the land on which CQ University campuses are locatedAs stated by Sierens and Van Avermaet (2014, p.211), it has been said by the hierarchy of the project development that, in this project of improving the awareness of aboriginals’ languages and cultures it has the requirements of more than a single key stakeholder.3.1.2 Opening statement styleHowever, it has been asked to the senior suppliers, that is to the School of Engineering and Technology (SET) Indigenization Committee and the Domino printer Science, whether they can be the key stakeholders in the respective project. Therefore, the manager of the respective project has selected the students, lecturers as the users and National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee (NAIDOC) and administration board of the school as the sponsors.3.1.3 Requirements gathering for each eventThe concerned suppliers need to gather the information and the issues related to the project. As per the words of Louth (2014, p.270), developing in diversity the hierarchies need to assemble the events for completion of the project.  3.1.4 Requirements traceabilityAs stated by Macaro and Wingate (2015, p.430), it can be said that for planning a project it has been needed for successful completion of the project to consider more than a single stakeholder for decision-making procedures. From the words of Softas-Nall et al. (2015, p.15), it can be said this also helps the management to commence the journey of the project with accurate implementation of the project.3.1.5 Requirements prioritization process As per the statements of Atkinson and Kelly-Holmes (2016, p.201), it has been found that these discourses also existed in the aboriginal people of Australia and of the people from Neighbourhood islands of Australia. According to Lawrence (2014, p.220), the struggle of those languages and the cultures of the aboriginal people with the national culture may lead to discontinuing of diversification in the culture of Australia.




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