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Project Management Plan


2.0 Introduction

The project clearly highlights the managerial skills required by the project management body in order to achieve the goals of the organisation. The Project Management Body plays a significant role in creating a proper plan for a project, which is very much essential for the development of the project. A project cannot run without proper planning. Hence, this project will particularly give enough stress in finding the roles and responsibilities of an efficient manager.  The efficient project plan and its successful implementation has been highlighted in this segment.

2.1 Project Manager and Team Details

The project has outlined in the Project Management Plan (PMP), where the project manager is responsible for the various types of job roles and performance of the team (Kerzner & Kerzner, 2017). Every team members of the project work on PMP by documenting, maintaining and updating the plan structures. Team meetings are organised on every weekend to ensure the proper exchange of ideas among all members of the team. This helps all the members to keep updated on several progress of the team (Kusters, 2016). Their views are also given enough respect, even if their reviews get rejected, then proper justification is given.

2.2 Project Deliverables

Project Management Deliverables

The project deliverables include the following Project Management Deliverables

2.3 Application Deliverables

A fully customised application for finance has been created in order to achieve the best output from all the employees (Fleming & Koppelman, 2016). This application will particularly help in keeping a clean track of all the expenses, which is incurred for the project.

3.2 Role Definitions

The definitions of the above roles are further analysed henceforth:

Project Sponsor

One who offers strategic business direction and leadership to a project is termed as the sponsor of the project (Schwalbe, 2015). The major roles of a project sponsor are to remove any barriers to a project, approve budget limit and to edit the changes in a project. Mark Twain is the project sponsor of this upcoming project who will lead the whole project.

Project Manager

The sole person has the responsibility to handle and tackle exact needs of the client by taking a proper decision at the right time in order to meet the deliverables on time (Heagney, 2016). Mike Clinton, the manager is will take the responsibility to filter the proper and right decision taken by an employee thereby reducing the risk in a significant way which also helps the employee to deliver the project with a high performance.

Business Analyst

A vital role performed by the business analyst of a project where a business analyst analyses the needs and necessities of the client and then provides solutions to the same (Kerzner, 2018). Shaun Mars, the business analyst of this project will be responsible for pointing out the risk involved in a project.

Systems Analyst

The role of a systems analyst is to design the workflow of the information systems in such a way so that the employees do not find any difficulty in accessing the project (Yavin et al. 2014). Tomson Pol, the systems Analyst will identify the requirements needed in order to expand their

Developer/ Programmer

Patrick D'Souza, the developer or a programmer usually gets involved in coding and decoding of several languages like C, Java, and others. Patrick D'Souza will build the software application and will take care of all the maintenance of the software, which is required for the project.

Research Specialist

This is a key role in getting success in the project where a research specialist needs to collect the data and results from other competitors so that they can help the whole team by providing relevant product details (Acemoglu, Ozdaglar & Tahbaz-Salehi, 2015). Shane Johnson, the research specialist will hunt for the key and relevant tips and techniques and will help the whole team in guiding the same.


John Mackenry, the tester will test the program, thereby ensuring the works, which have been already developed by the developer, are working fine or not (Duijm, 2015). If any problem is found, then the testing team will immediately inform the developer team to get that fixed.


Marium Dialoty, the documenter will create a document of the entire process which may include a text document, a design document, status reports or even a build document.

Marketing Specialist

Taris Beowan, the marketing specialist will bring in innovative ideas in a project in order to advertise their products and services.


The consultant Chris Adam, who is an expertise to the project team, can give solutions to the whole team (Hulett, 2016). The consultants will also impart new techniques and experiences to the whole team.

4.0 Managerial process

The most common techniques, which are used in presenting PMP typically, include the following:

a)      Critical Path Method (CPM)

CPM helps the team to understand the criticality of several tasks or certain activities by gauging the height at which it is placed (Montagna, 2016). These critical paths are calculated by considering the date constraints, duration, and dependencies between the activities, which are already predefined in the planning.

b)     Project Evaluation Review Technique (PERT)

It is one of the project control technique, which helps in monitoring time. Time is much costly when it comes to managing a project (Capponi & Chen, 2015). PERT allows creating three different estimates in a project which includes the following:

a)      The highest probable amount of time

b)      The least possible time each job can take

c)      The longest possible time each job can take if things do not work correctly.

c)      KANBAN

This tool helps in reducing over-burdening of the project team (Jung et al. 2015). This tool helps the whole team to work all together in a more efficient and effective excessively. KANBAN tool is further used to optimise the projects.

d)     Task Dependencies

These are most common and found in complex big projects. It is of much importance to reflect upon task relationships in order to apply appropriate tools for managing them correctly.

4.1 Management Objectives and Priorities

The PERT Three-Estimate Approach is one of the most efficient or one of the best tools and techniques for each of the components of the PMP (Siami-Irdemoosa, Dindarloo & Sharifzadeh, 2015). A figure of the PERT three-estimate approach is given below where “m” is the most likely estimate, “o” is the optimistic estimate, and “p” is the pessimistic estimate.

This formula has been used for placing the weights on most likely estimates and then equal weights can be induced on other two estimates. MS Project gives the option to calculate for each activity with this above formula. As opined by Harrison & Lock (2017), this PERT method is critically used as the PERT charts help project teams in visualising the order of milestones, phases, and tasks within the given project. This is one of the basic reasons for using this PERT method. Illustration of the project schedule makes it easier in identifying tasks as one of two types and constitutes the process of utilising this particular information on the same:

     Sequential or Dependent tasks

     Concurrent or Non-dependent tasks

This helps the managers to coordinate work among several departments and teams more effectively.

4.2 Dependencies, Constraints, and Assumptions

       It has been pre-assumed that application will depend on the coding taken from various other software and technologies.

       It has been pre-assumed that adequate connection for accessing the internet at the premises of installation will be provided by the client once the phase of implementation is achieved and proper testing will be performed.

       All members of the Project Team will be devoting enough working hours every week for the whole tenure of the project, which ensures that the project is on time.

       A project has quite a number of dependencies also which are the SRS document that cannot start until and unless the PMP document gets completed.

       The tests documents are unable to start until and unless the prototype has started.

       The application should not be delivered to their client unless it gets completed.

       The project needs to be finished within a stipulated period and should also come under the project budget.

4.3 Risk Management

Throughout the project, several procedures need to be followed according to the given plan, however, if any of the plans are not properly followed then arises the risk, which may even lead to breakage of the project during midway. If a new threat arises after starting the project then it needs to solve (Zecheru & Olaru, 2016). Hence, there is always a team of risk management, which is always there to give support if there is any type of crisis in the project. This does not slow the progress of the project, it rather creates a boost for the whole team to fight and helps to sustain in the end.

6.0 Package Schedule and Budget

The main objective of the project was to furnish the whole job within three weeks from the starting date. According to this plan, the schedules are planned. Therefore, it is a tight schedule for the whole team in the upcoming year. This project will get a huge success if the total budget can be bound within $ 150,000. Hence, it’s a heavy challenge for the managers in order to furnish this project in the stipulated period of time. There are ten vital roles, which have been equally divided among all the team members. It is also highly expected from all the individuals to equally contribute to finish the job on time as well as to give a high performance.

Any expenses, which will be incurred by the project, should be divided equally among all the members of the team. If any member of the team invests any extra amount from his/her own pocket, it needs to be immediately informed to the project manager which need to be reimbursed on the following week, but these budget should not exceed from particular limit. it may lead to misuse of money. Sometimes, the employees may be seen to make an expense, which is of personal use, however, they still try to reimburse it (sinnaps.com, 2018). These things need to be properly taken care by the project manager only; else, the whole project may suffer a huge loss. On the other hand, the manager should also be honest who should not try to cheat the client at any cost.

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