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Portfolio 1


Article 1

Vranjes, I., Baillien, E., Vandebosch, H., Erreygers, S., & De Witte, H. (2018). When workplace bullying goes online: construction and validation of the Inventory of Cyberbullying Acts at Work (ICA-W). European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, 27(1), 28-39. Retrieved on 7th March, 2018. Retrieved from: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Ivana_Vranjes/publication/319037321_When_workplace_bullying_goes_online_construction_and_validation_of_the_Inventoryof_Cyberbullying_Acts_at_Work_ICA-W/links/598c26c70f7e9b07d222ee71/When-workplace-bullying-goes-online-construction-and-validation-of-the-Inventoryof-Cyberbullying-Acts-at-Work-ICA-W.pdf

Annotation: In the modern world the growing competition among the employees has given rise to several conflicts at the workplaces. The main purpose of this journal is to present a perfect Cyberbullying Act at Work (ICA-W), in order to minimize the conflicts in the companies.

The Authors are able to find out a proper way to minimize the conflicts at the workplace by developing an Inventory of Cyberbullying Act at Work (ICA-W).

The main theme of this journal was to measure the negative impact of the workplace conflict on the individuals as well as the organisations. The knowledge and the information allowed the Author to find out a proper Act to control the conflict, that is ICA-W.

The Study 1 and 2 allow the Authors to determine the work-related act, worker-related act, and intrusion. The combination of the Study 1 and 2 has allowed the Authors to conclude the ICA-W through Study 3.

The usefulness of this study is that the Authors have applied robust and non-parametric techniques for analysing the issue that has allowed them to conclude the proper treatment for the issue. The limitation of this study is that this research has been conducted on the public sectors.

Recommendation: The ICA-W is a perfect policy to eliminate the conflict issues but it needs to be adopted by all the companies. The research was made on the basis of Public Sectors but the impact of the conflict on the Private Sectors is more severe. Therefore, a proper Measure for the elimination of the conflicts in the Private Sectors is needed to be determined. 

Article 2

Einarsen, K., Mykletun, R. J., Einarsen, S. V., Skogstad, A., & Salin, D. (2017). Ethical Infrastructure and Successful Handling of Workplace Bullying. Nordic Journal of Working Life Studies, 7(1), 37. Retrieved on 21st March, 2018. Retrieved from: https://helda.helsinki.fi/dhanken/bitstream/handle/123456789/168082/81398_158024_1_SM.pdf?sequence=1&isAllowed=y

Annotation: This Journal has evaluated the significance of Ethical Infrastructure in the proper handling of the workplace conflict issues.

The Authors are able to determine the relation between the formal and informal systems in Ethical Infrastructure against the workplace conflict in order to identify its existence in the organisation.

The main theme of the research is to investigate if the formal policies are related to the informal policies as the conflict minimizing environment. The main finding of this research is the determination of formal and informal policies in order to understand the successful handling if the workplace conflicts.

The research has been conducted through evaluating the independent and the dependent indicators like Policies, Recurrent Communication, Coaching the Conflict Management, Conflict Management Climate and Successful handling of the conflicts.

The journal has evaluated the proper measure for handling the conflict issues at the workplaces. This journal also has the limitation as it includes the HR Managers to have proper knowledge and information on the formal and informal policies to handle the conflict in the workplace. However, the companies do not provide proper training to the HRM to handle the conflict thus, the handling technique could fail as the result of inappropriate information and knowledge.

Recommendation: In order to resolve the conflict the companies must initiate a training program for both the managers and the employees. The employees need to have the information regarding the negative impact of the conflict on them. On another hand, the managers need to have the knowledge about formal and informal techniques to handle the conflicts.

 Portfolio- 2: Reflective Writing


I was working in a private sector where I have faced certain problems of leadership. I was the managing head of a project and told subordinates to work for the project. A conflict was raised because of the different viewpoints in leadership and management. My viewpoint was different from the management regarding the project. Management was interested to complete the project by any means, whereas I was also concerned about the procedures as well as final outcome of the project.

Under such circumstances, I have followed the ethics regarding the project work. I have put emphasis on the quality of the final outcome of the project along with the procedures. I have determined the suitable and effective procedure for the project that math both the time and quality according to the requirement of the management. During the process, I stood firm with the ethical practices without compromising the quality in order to finish the project.

I have understood how to work with a group. Learned to communicate with the group in an effective manner and motivated me and others for the particular situation giving respect to the human differences. Under pressure, I have learned to follow the ethics and made a clear decision about the project. Building trust inside the team is essential; I have trusted my subordinates and gain their trust about my points. I have given them efficient resources to complete that particular project. As a leader, it is about to make right decisions at the time and now making decision for the team without thinking twice is easier than before. My responsibilities as a leader are as follows; accepting the changes, motivate the subordinates, controlling emotion, in front of others, being persuasive etc. Now I have enough knowledge about these things. The main thing about being a leader I have learned it is not about self. As a leader, I need to accept

In future, I will communicate with my subordinates about the project to know about their views with all due respect and will make decision accordingly, because it is all about teamwork. As I have faced many problems as a team leader I will try to organize the job in proper style so that my subordinate does not get any scope to make a complaint about my work ethics. Along with team members I will always respect my authority’s decision for the project. Leading the team does not mean I will give the orders to others rather it is about working further with them.

There are some positive and negative aspects I have seen. After that, I have changed my way of communication with the subordinates as well as my authority. It has helped me to develop my decision making skill. On the other hand, such conflict between the management and the leadership put negative impact on the organizational atmosphere. This also influences the employees regarding their involvement in the project or organizational objectives. Emotion makes work atmosphere more difficult than it is and I have decided I will not take anyone's side in future.

Portfolio 3: Respond to the ethical scenario: Ghost Writing


The scenario focuses on ghost writing whereby paying other writers the assignments of the students who are studying in the university is done. If I fall in this situation then at first I will try to communicate with my friend about the situation and try to clarify the outcomes of this issue by telling him the possible impact of it on the career of the student. Clear clarification that by doing this the student will not be able to clarify their own work thereby not knowing the difficulties faced while proceeding with the job. The students further will not be able to know the area of information that could have been gathered by doing that particular project (Krier, 2014, p. 10). Therefore, my first decision will be to communicate with my friend about the possible cons and pros of this concept. This can change the behaviour of the student and without losing the friend the situation could be handled easily. This is done on the basis of a code of ethics of ACS that includes being honest.

However, if the situation could not be resolved then, in that case, complaining about the misdeed of the ghost writing to the lecturer could be opted. In that situation again the focus on friend could be shifted towards the writers who are doing assignments on their own. Complaining to the lecturer could help in founding the career of the students on the longer-term basis. The student does not understand the outcome now but if the lecturer can use steps like, oral assignments then the students will not be able to take help from the ghost writers thereby enhancing the efficiency of the students in successful completion of the project (Centivany, 2015, p. 25). This is done on the basis of the code of ethics of ACS which includes professionalism and professional development.

The elements which should be considered on the basis of a student’s action from the Professional code of ethics:

        Honesty - While representing skills, a student should be honest. The student who finds the ghost writing to be unethical should communicate with his friend with honesty.

       Competence- The student should make his friend understand to do his work with competence and diligence.

       Professional Development- Eliminating the unethical deeds will enhance professional development.

       Professionalism - The student should inform the professor about the unethical deed. This leads to professionalism.

Portfolio 4: Successful Completion of COIT20249

Part A: Justification

1. Effective Verbal and Listening Communication Skill


The proper verbal and listening communication is essential in today's world in order to understand and perform. According to Pagels et al. (2015, p. 1575), the effective Verbal and Listening Skills develops the students' performances and make them eligible to stay ahead in any organisation. One instance of the Effective Verbal and Listening Communication Skill in COIT20249 can be seen among the students who were each assigned a task to research and made to present in class. These sessions had talked about various situations related to workplace conflict, cross-cultural and ethical practices. While one spoke the others listened and hence, has been an interplay of both reading and communication skills. The Leaders have been using an effective Verbal and Listening Skill in order to be an influential speaker for motivating the employees. The proper communication skills have enabled the Leaders to solve the employees' quarries. 

2. The effectiveness of Reading Skills in Developing Academic Document


In order to develop an Academic Document, the importance of proper Reading Skills is beyond imaginations. It is difficult for the individuals to understand the topic if they do not acquire proper Reading Skills. For an instance, in order to develop an academic document, it is important to have proper knowledge and information on the topic. There are mainly two ways to gather right knowledge and information that is either listening or reading. During the COIT20249 programs, the students, in order to develop academic content, resorted to the research of academic journals which required intense reading and analysis skills. In many cases, the students were asked to present their views and the recorded data that they had collected, and that required intense reading and research skills.

3. Importance of Teamwork and Interpersonal Skills


In the modern, the teamwork plays an important role in achieving all the objectives. As stated by Tondeur et al. (2016, p. 115), the teamwork is a combined force of a group that accelerate the performance, development, and knowledge that are required to achieve the target. The interpersonal skill has also been a major factor of influence for COIT20249 as it initiates the personal development of the individual. For an instance, while learning the COIT20249 Professional Skill a group of five people was given a project for the development of customer service of an organisation they worked together and solved the issue within one week. The achievement was so fast due to the teamwork; the students divided the responsibilities of each department among themselves and plan a proper strategy together. For another instance, in case of interpersonal skills, each one of the students was provided with different duties. 

4. Evaluating the Ethical Behaviour, Social, Privacy, and Legal Aspects


One of most important teachings of COIT20249 includes the development of Ethical Behaviour. The Social, Legal and the Privacy aspects have also been highlighted during the term of COIT20249. For an instance, the COIT20249 had provided the students with an assessment of the topic of developing a start-up business. This includes the reference of Portfolio 3 where the students learned about unethical practices of ghost-writing and other academic misconduct and were also provided a scenario where the students were provided a hypothetical situation of academic misconduct and were asked about the ways they would respond to such situations. The students learned to differentiate the rights and the wrongs that enhanced their Ethical Behaviour.

5. The Importance of Diversity and Intercultural Competency Skill


The COIT20249 proudly promotes the Diversity and Intercultural Competency Skill among its student. As per Inoue et al. (2018, p. 10), in a world of globalisation, the growth and development of the people depend on their Diversity that is their ability to understand the people from different cultures. Today's organisations have employees from all around the world with different cultures and background. For an instance, COIT20249 kept ten students from different cultures and background together for a week to work on this particular assignment. Each of the units that were interlinked had to be discussed with the students of different cultural backgrounds. This required the development of intercultural competence as well as intense communication skills to work together. 

6. The Importance of Communication and Collaboration Technology


The adoption of proper communication technique has always stood as a challenge in the path of development for any organisation. However, the COIT20249 has helped in enhancing the communication and collaboration technology among its students. For an instance, the students have learned the importance and the use of Microsoft's SharePoint in order to influence the communication and collaboration technology. The Microsoft's SharePoint will help the organisation to share, documents, notices, images with the employees that will enhance their communication process and collaboration. According to Odağ, Wallin & Kedzior (2016, p. 130), the communication and collaboration technologies have allowed the organisations to improve their reputation among the customers as well as the employees.

7. Importance of ICT in Enhancing the Organisational Process


The Information and Communication Technology has played an essential part in improving the information and knowledge of the staffs, maintaining a good communication among the employees and in the advancement of the technologies in the organisation. As per Zagorsky (2017, p. 190), the ICT has facilities the organisation to work to their strengths, threats, weaknesses, and opportunities. The COIT20249 has allowed its students to enhance their knowledge of ICT technologies. The student has been able to evaluate the factors of ICT in order to enhance the communication process of the organisation. The students have evaluated ICT as the means to train the staffs of the organisation and a mechanism to improve their communication skills with colleagues and business partners. The application of the ICT by the students has also allowed them to make the organisation technologically advanced and has allowed the organisation to stay updated with the recent world. For an instance, the COIT20249 has provided their student with an assignment with the topic Application of ICT Technology in an organisation. The students have evaluated the importance of the ICT and its application process through the assignment. They have chosen the Microsoft's SharePoint as one of the most effective means of communication.

Part B-Feedback

The number 6 of the ULO in Portfolio 4, that is, learning the ability to demonstrate an understanding of common work practices and values operating in the Australian workplaces, has been really interesting topic to understand. It can be stated, that this ability would turn up as the most possessed professional skill, after graduating as an ICT professional.

After starting up as a professional life in an organization, it is common to face negative experience. The above-mentioned skill would help an ICT professional to get adjusted to the new environment. According to Einarsen et al. (2016, p. 2), the objective of the person should always be to solve any issue without leaving a bitter taste. The pre-existing knowledge of the common work-practices and values in Australian organization would give confidence to step forward with a positive attitude. This would certainly help to balance a professional life and keep a perfect balance between his or her work and personality.

The earlier perspective regarding the organizational atmosphere has gone through revolutionary changes. Previously, the level of understanding was at a personal level, which was limited and retrogressive. This is not the case right now. A whole lot of new ideas have been imbibed during the term, and these ideas have modified the attitude greatly. For example, when the freshly graduated professional joins some organizations, they can face many issues, whether it is regarding the disciplines or attitude problems towards the colleagues who might be coming from various countries and varied cultures. As per Baillien et al. (2014, p. 511), if it is possible to understand the existence of different cultures across the world, any behavioural misunderstanding could be avoided. Having an idea of workplace ethics and rules would guard the freshly graduated professional to fall in any legal misconduct also (Glambek, Skogstad & EINARSEN, 2015, p. 161). Adjusting one in a new workplace and having a good bond with the co-workers cannot always be a smooth happening. Difference of opinion can shut down the future communication among them. And this could slow down the growth of career of an individual because, in an organization, the administration expects professionals to work as a team. A bumpy relationship with the colleagues can make someone appear as non-cooperative. However, all these can be addressed with the knowledge of the new ULO.

There is another ULO belonging to Portfolio 3 that makes a learner understand the depth of an academic misconduct. Nowadays, unfortunately, ghost writing has become a serious issue destructing the objective of learning. It is very important for the ACT professionals to understand that they must create their individual assessment themselves. Otherwise, they would lack the professional criteria of creativity, while appearing for a good job. The note on Ghost writing was enriching as it once again emphasized on the need of hard work. An individual can pass out with the help of a ghost writer, but it would be difficult for the professional to retain a job, as the person has not acquired the requirements of a true ACT professional.

The skills learned about teamwork are what I liked best about this unit. Now it is understood that cooperative mindset can take an individual a long way in his or her career because a positive atmosphere can bring the best out of oneself.



Baillien, E., Bollen, K., Euwema, M., & De Witte, H. (2014). Conflicts and conflict management styles as precursors of workplace bullying: A two-wave longitudinal study. European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology23(4), 511-524. Retrieved on: 12th Jan 2018, from: https://lirias.kuleuven.be/bitstream/123456789/406166/1/11HRP39.pdf

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