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Planning and Environment


Planning and Environment

Key Information



Global warming threats

The greenhouse gasses emission is the major problem in the urban areas. In Sydney, about eighty percent of the greenhouse gasses are emitted from the major industries. Thus, reducing greenhouse gasses and adapting the climatic changes will help in reducing the carbon footprints in the urban areas. This field includes the biology, geography and study of earth science.

Governmental policies

The local government in Sydney plays a major role in global warming. Local and international advocacy groups form the climate action network of Australia (CANA) in 1998. The CANA aims to understand the mutual and cooperative civil society for effectively meeting the challenges posed by the climatic changes. They give high priority to the healthy environment and development that meets the present need without compromising with the ability of future generations. WWF Australia is a global conservation network, which focuses on the protection of the biodiversity and the environment.

Financial Implications

As Energy Efficiency Master Plan, adopting energy efficiency technologies can save up to a cost of $200 million annually. It will not only help to reduce the carbon emission but also increase the sustainability of the resources. The government is working with the commercial building owners through the Better Business Partnership policies. It has helped to reduce the emission rate by forty-five percent and has saved up to $25 million electricity cost. The government aims to invest $30 million from the budget in the solar power project.


The government must focus on defining their actions towards the increasing threats towards global warming. The governmental strategies will result in 70 percent reduction of the greenhouse gases emission level by 2030 and zero percent by 2050.


The world climate is constantly changing due to the increase in the greenhouse gasses emission. Rising temperature, new patterns of precipitation and other environmental changes are already affecting the ecology and the natural environment. Irga et al. (2017, p.167) mentioned that the climatic changes are transforming the ecosystem on a large scale in an extraordinary pace. The climatic changes are occurring at a global scale but the impact of it occurs locally and varies from place to place and mostly in the urban areas. Thus, there is a need to change the existing practices for reducing the pace of the environment changes. Human actions are the primary causes to the climatic changes. Lin (2017, p.39) mentioned that the climatic changes affect the environment and the ecology. It causes an adverse effect on the species and their ecosystem. Thus, it has become necessary to change the human practices, which are affecting the natural ecosystem. Relatively rapid rise in Earth's temperature has been documented over the years at both the surface and oceans. If the greenhouse gases emission rates increase on the current track then the earth will be warmer by 15.5 degree Fahrenheit in 2100. In 1990, it was recorded to be 1.3 degree Fahrenheit. Thus, it is important to use the renewable sources of energy, which will avoid the overuse of the natural resources and will help in sustainable growth. Karamichas (2015, p.29) stated that the greenhouse gasses make a huge impact on the climatic change. Joss et al. (2013, p.56) mentioned that the increase in the carbon dioxide and methane content into the atmosphere are the major threats to the environment. It affects the natural environment and makes a adverse effect on human health and other species. About eighty-five percent of the greenhouse emission is from the industries sector and fifteen percent from the domestic sector. Talbot at al. (2014, p.6345) proposed that harmful gasses and chemical are released to the environment without proper treatment. This untreated gasses and chemicals pollute the natural environment, which causes adverse effect to the human health and ecology. Thus, planting more number of trees will help in reducing the carbon content is present in the atmosphere. Holz et al. (2015, p.447) proposed that higher amount of carbon dioxide increases the plant growth. However, plants also need other important nutrients as if nitrogen and phosphorus are also required for growth and survival. Thus, without adequate nutrients the plant growth is restricted. As per reports, the carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere has increased by fifty percent in the recent years. Increased carbon dioxide levels have resulted in ocean acidification by thirty percent. 

The part of the world's total population living in the cities is expected to surpass 60% by the year 2020. Thus, the management and planning of the urban areas are very important. Urban biodiversity is very essential for the residents as recreational areas and the presence of appreciated property prices in the neighborhood. Rather than important to the residents, the urban green areas also have intrinsic ecological values. The urban town planning must support a rich habitat and offer a high species diversity that may even include the endangered and threatened species. The solar power project will provide renewable energy to the public and private sectors for commercial use. Another salient feature of this project is that the power plant will be able to power five thousand homes in addition. Wang (2017, p.257) mentioned that National Energy productivity Plan, initiated by the federal government ensures to improve Sydney's energy production by forty percent between the year 2015 to 2030. This plan will reduce the energy cost, greenhouse emission and will improve the competitiveness.



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